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Author Topic: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)  (Read 4759 times)

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Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« on: December 21, 2010, 10:00:19 PM »
Sydney, 20 years old about to be 21 in about a week, with gorgeous long brown hair that goes past her shoulders, along with some beautiful baby blue eyes. She is about 5'2 and 100 lbs. She is very short in stature. It had been a very very long day at school starting at 8am and not ending until 5:30 pm. She was at the local bar sitting at the bar talking to the bartender as he served people. She was not 21 yet but she knew most of the people at the bar so she was cool. She had a pepsi in front of her drinking that. She was wearing a cute pair of denim jeans and a button down long sleeve red shirt with a pair of flip flops.

About 2 weeks prior to this Sydney had broken up with her boyfriend, Jordan. They had been dating for about 2 1/2 years so it was definitely hard but she was luckily enough to have so many good friends around her. She was sitting at the bar texting on her phone while at the same time trying to enjoy the atomsphere.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2010, 11:30:59 PM »
Mike, 32 years old is in town on business.  His 215 lb fills out his 6'2" very nicely.  He has been in town only a week, and has at least 6 more to go, and he is already getting restless.  One of his associates told him of this bar that happens to be only a block from his hotel.  It has been a long week of meetings and more meetings, so he is ready to unwind a bit.  He may be very successful at his business, but he also knows how to enjoy himself.  So he changes into something a bit more relaxing and heads out.

He walks in, looks around for a seat. He sees a beautiful girl sitting at the bar, so without hesitation he makes his way and before sitting down, says..."Hi mind if I have a seat?"  He then turns to the bartender and orders a Jack and Coke.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 06:09:46 AM »
Sydney looks over at this guy that just walked in and nods. "Yeah sure sit down." Even though he was all dressed down Sydney felt like he was the businessman type. It did not matter to her but it was still cool. She looks at Ryan, the bartender, and blushes. Ryan is always teasing her about everything in her life. He is, and probably will always be, one of her closest and most dearest friends. He is a good guy and always has her back. She looks at Mike wondering what a guy like him would be coming into this small little town for.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2010, 10:17:45 AM »
Mike mutters a quick "Thanks", and sits down.  "Man, I am so glad this week is over!  It's nice to finally be able to sit down and relax a bit."  He reaches in his pocket and rifles through a wad of cash. "Here buddy" he says, and hands the bartender a $100 bill..."this is for my drinks tonight.  And go ahead and throw in this young lady's as well."

He turns around, extends his hand and says..."By the way, my name is Mike.  What's yours?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2010, 06:29:25 PM »
She looks at him in complete and utter shock as he takes a $100 bill out of his pocket like it is nothing. "Of course Sir. Thank you so very much for you genorousity. It is very much appreciated." The bartender says as he gets the man a drink.

She smiles as she extends her hand. "It is nice to meet you Mike. My name is Sydney. It is nice to meet you." She says politely.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #5 on: December 22, 2010, 09:23:25 PM »
"The pleasure is all mine Sydney" he says.  "It is so nice to see a friendly face after the week I've been through! I love what I do, but I swear I don't know if I can take another month of the stuffed shirts trying to tell me how to handle my business. "Enough about me" Mike says.  He gently places his hand on Sydney's and says, "Let's talk about something better than me...let's talk about you!  What is a beautiful girl like yourself doing all alone on a Friday night?  Are all the guys around here stupid or gay?  Not that there is anything wrong with either I guess, but I don't see how you aren't out with your friends painting the town.  Heavens knows that's where I want to be!" he says with a laugh.

Mike picks up his glass and takes a sip. "So Sydney, what IS your story?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #6 on: December 23, 2010, 06:19:08 AM »
She laughs as she smiles at him thinking how cute and sweet he is. She shrugs her shoulders. "Well all of my ladies are home on christmas break and I'm here cuz this is where I'm originally from. Plus I'm still a little young to be going out to bars and drinking it up. I'm here just to hang out and see Ryan. He is that cool bar tender that served you. We've been friends for like ever."

"Well I guess my story is that I'm 20 and started my sophomore year of college and am going to be a teacher. Just chilling and taking it easy for a few weeks. Other than that I lead a boring life. What about you..what is your story?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2010, 08:45:09 PM »
Mike can't help but to look into Sydney's beautiful eyes as she tells about herself.  He finds himself almost hypnotized by them.  He can tell that she has something on her mind as she talks...almost as if she is a thousand miles away.  "There must be more to her" he thinks to himself. "The eyes never lie.

He smiles at her as she continues on about her life, and nods his head with interest.  "I think it's awesome that you want to become a teacher.  I consider teaching to be a highly overlooked profession.  I think teachers are among the most important people in the lives of a young person, because they can have a great influence on them.  I salute you for that decision!"

"As for me, there really isn't much to my story.  I graduated from college and got lucky in my job search.  I worked for a Business Brokerage firm for the first year out of school, and then after some successful transactions, I opened my own firm.  I worked hard and now am proud papa of one of the most successful firms on the east coast.  Oh, I'm sorry if I sound like a big mouth braggart.  I'm  just very proud of my work and sometimes get carried away.  That's why I'm here...I'm brokering a deal between to very large pharmaceutical companies.  And that's why I'm here having a drink too!" he says with a laugh.

"Pardon me if I seem a bit forward, but would you like to share whats on your mind? I'm a really good judge of people, and I just think you have something you're wanting to share with someone.  And I'm also a good fire away if you wish Sydney!"

Suddenly a thought of regret crosses Mikes mind..."Damn, I hope I didn't  put the cart before the horse again!" he thinks.   Mike looks deep in her eyes fully preparing himself for the door to be slammed on this conversation.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #8 on: December 23, 2010, 09:00:11 PM »
She smiles as she looks into his gorgeous eyes. She laughs thinking to herself. "Most of the time I would think that bragging like Mike just did is very cocky and egotistical but he seemed different. He seemed sweet, caring, and loveable." She smiled thinking how cute it was that he was so proud of his accomplishments.

"Oh um wow you have got your own firm at such a young age. That is such a wonderful accomplishment for you at such a young age. I really do commend you for that. Honestly I do not think that you are being a big mouth or anything at all. I just think that you are being proud of your accomplishments." She said sweetly smiling at him.

"Yeah I guess things are a little off. I just got out of a 2 1/2 year relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We broke up about 3 months ago but it is still something that is hard on me. I fell head over heels in love with him very quickly. I'm kind of a hopeless romantic so when things abruptly ended I was definitely distraught about it. I'm sorry I don't need to be talking to some stranger about this. I'm sure you have more important people to talk to then some young stupid 20 year old girl." She says laughing as she shrugs.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #9 on: December 24, 2010, 05:53:19 PM »
Mike could see the pain in her eyes as she told about her breakup.  He could sense from the cracking of her voice that it was eating away at her, and that she was still hurting, and though he had just met her, he felt the pain.  "Why would anyone hurt her like this?" he thought to himself. 

With a scowl on his face, he looks at Sydney and asks.."What kind of knucklehead would hurt a wonderful girl like you?  Did this idiot know what he had?"  Before she could get the answer across her lips, Mike blurted out, "See, it's morons like that that make it hard on the genuinely nice guys out here.  I tell you, I'd like beat some sense into that piece of work for hurting you, and then I'd like to whip him again for making all other guys look bad!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew that he had done the wrong thing.  "Sydney, please forget that I even said that. That only made me look like one of 'those' guys myself.  I'm not really that way, but it is just a crime for someone as nice as you to be hurt so much." 

"Damn, I did it again" he says to himself, half way blurting it out as well. 

"You must think I'm some kind of freak by now, so maybe I had better shut up while I still can." he tell Sydney.  Mike gently places his hand on hers and says,  "But please,don't sell yourself short Sydney.  There is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic..there are far two few of them in this world I tell you.  I've learned the hard way that you can't let someone else's stupidity get in the way.  I was in much the same situation about 2 years ago, and after too much time of blaming myself, I realized that I was being very stupid myself.  I let my ex fiance ruin almost 2 whole years of my life, and though I just met you, I can't let you go through that.  Take it for what you will, but if you follow that advice, you'll make it through this."

"So, should I just show myself the door now?" Mike asks with a smile...only half-way joking?

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #10 on: December 24, 2010, 07:25:53 PM »
She shrugs as he looks at her asking all of these questions and going off trying to teach her something about life when she is still so young. "I don't know. I guess he just fell out of love with me. I honestly can sit here and tell you that I thought that he was the one. I thought that we were going to get married and live happily ever after as odd as that sounds but clearly I was mistaken. I know I know fairy tales never really do happen in real life. They are just in the movies." She shrugged like it did not bother her but really it bothered here that he had left her so abruptly and suddenly.

"Don't apologize. It is fine. I completely understand what you are trying to say and no I do not think that you are one of those guys. From what I have seen so far you seem like a really sweet, kind, loving man. If I make ask what happened to abruptly end your relationship with your ex-fiancee." She looked at him wondering why a girl would leave him. He is so cute and sweet and charming.

She shook her head. "No no not at all. Stay please. It seems that I like your presence. As weird as that may seem right now it is completely and utterly true.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #11 on: December 25, 2010, 12:36:11 AM »
For some unexplainable reason, Mike was relieved to know that he had not scared Sydney away.  At first he thought that it was just nature running it's course, because he is after all a guy. But he now knew it was something deeper. He felt some sort of attraction to her when he first saw her from the doorway. Sure, she is a beautiful girl.  A beautiful young girl at that..but no, there  is something else about her.

When she asked about his ex, he looked at her and could tell that she was genuinely interested.  "Why can't more women be like her?" he asked himself as he prepared to answer.  "Well, there really isn't much to say about that relationship.  It was in some ways like yours.  I put my heart and soul into the relationship, and it was perfect.  Or at least I thought so.  But the reality of the situation would soon hit me with a major uppercut.  I was out of town finalizing a deal, and for a change it went smoothly, and I was going to get back a day early.  I decided that I was going to surprise her.  I had planned on showing up and having her pack her bags for a trip to Puerto Rico...a romantic getaway for the perfect couple.  But imagine my surprise, when I walked in on my "soul mate" and one of my good friends and business associates.  Right there in the my bed, in my house.  Two of the people I thought would never betray me, suddenly turned into a double dose of Judas. And I later on found out that they had been doing this behind my back for a long while. To say I was pissed would be an understatement.  I was literally heart broken.  All my dreams and plans for the perfect life were shot down just like that.  That day,  I lost the only true love I had ever known, and a good friend to boot.  I let that eat away at me for almost 2 years...2 year lost, wasted away.  But one day I woke up and decided that I wasn't going to ruin my life any more.  I finally got smart, and did something I had never done before...I actually forgave the two who had ruined me.  I decided that they weren't worth a lifetime of hostility and anger.  And as soon as I did that, my already successful business became even more successful, and I was happy again.  I  still think they are both a waste of humanity, but they belong together.

Oh wow, there I go again, running on an on.  But I can tell that you were having many of those same feelings,  and I don't want you to have to suffer like that." Mike takes hold of her hand, surprising even himself, and says..."You are better than he is.  You deserve the best..nothing less.  And the sooner you forget about that dumb ass, the sooner you'll be happy again.  And be able to enjoy wonderful guys like me!"  Mike smiles at her, looking deep into her eyes, trying to figure out what it is about her.  He can't be falling for a girl more than 10 years younger than himself.  "Can I?"

He tries to put the thought out of his mind, but he can't.  He can't help but wonder what is drawing him to her.  Sure she's beautiful...the most beautiful woman he has ever seen,but it is something else.  Something he can't put his finger on. 

He lets go of her hand, mutters a quick "sorry", and lets go of it, embarrassed at the way he's behaving.  "Sorry to bore you with my sob story Sydney.  Like I said,sometimes I tend to get carried away."

Mike takes his gaze away from  her eyes, ashamed of himself and the way he's acting. "Sorry".

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #12 on: December 25, 2010, 07:28:33 AM »
As Mike told the story of his ex-fiancee and how things how gone sour she looked into his eyes. She wondered if he was still in pain over what had happened those 2 years ago. He would still have every right to be in pain if he was. He seemed like such a sweet, caring, down to earth guy. Someone that any girl would be lucky to have as a boyfriend or a fiancee or even as a husband. Especially with the surprising her with a romantic getaway. Those were the kinds of things that Sydney would have loved for her ex-boyfriend to do for her. But he was not exactly that type of guy so I guess that is why things never worked out.

"Thank you for sharing that story and you are not at all running on and on again. I bet that was something that felt good to say to someone because it sounds like you really haven't talked to anyone about it since the break-up so I'm glad that I could have possibly been that person." She smiles as she holds his hand. She was definitely starting to fall for this guy that was over 10 years older than her. She knew her parents would flip out but Mike seemed nice and right now she really didn't care about anything else.

"Don't be sorry."

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #13 on: December 26, 2010, 02:40:42 PM »
As Sydney is talking, Mike is beginning to feel much more comfortable with this whole situation.  But more importantly, he can see that she seems to be feeling it as well.  He thinks that he hasn't had these kinds of feelings for a long long time.  But this time he is feeling like he never has's much different.  He focuses his attention to her eyes again, and grabs hold of her other hand.  "Well, here goes nothing" he says to himself.

"Sydney, forgive me if this sounds a little bit assumptive on my part, but there is something I'd like to ask you.  How would you like to go to dinner with me?  I would love to take you out on the town and treat you like a queen for the night...the way you should be treated."  Mike continues to gaze deep into her beautiful blue eyes, admiring her beauty.  She had it all as far as he is concerned. She is not only beautiful, but she is is smart and has direction in her life. What else could he ask for?

"So Sydney,would you be my princess tonight?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #14 on: December 26, 2010, 11:24:00 PM »
As he talked about treating her like a princess she smiles thinking how absolutely sweet and adorable this guy is. She has not really had the kinds of feelings that are flowing through her right now in a very very long time. It really did feel good to talk to a sweet, honest, caring person, which was very rare for her.

"I'd love to go to dinner with you but not tonight. It is like 10 at night and I have work in the morning. Ugh." She groaned as she looked at him. She really really wanted to go out to dinner with him and get to know him a little bit better. She hope that he didn't get the impression that she didn't wanna go. "It is not that I don't want to go it is that it is really late and i'm working a 12 hour day tomorrow and blah." She said as she continue to go on and on and on blabbering away.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2010, 06:16:52 PM »
When Mike heard the words "not tonight", he felt as if someone had hit him in the stomach.  But still, he didn't get the feeling that she was simply brushing him off.  No, he could tell by the tone of her voice and the tint of disappointment in her eyes as well.  He was disappointed as well.  He thought to himself that there was no way that he was going to give up without at least a hint of a fight.  He can feel something special building here and decided that he can't quit...not now.

Struggling with his thoughts, trying to say the right thing, he scooted closer to Sydney, gently took hold of both hands, and looked directly into her big,  beautiful eyes.  "Sydney," he said, I know this doesn't make much sense.  It's baffled me as well.  But  there is something about, there is something about us.  I can't explain it, but it's there Sydney.  Sometimes things happen that we can't explain. 

I understand you have work tomorrow, but I also understand that there is something special happening here.  I can't quite figure it out, but it's there.  Why don't you call in sick tomorrow Sydney?  I can tell that you aren't exactly crazy about your job anyway.  So what do you say?  Take the day off."

Mike looks deep  into her eyes, thinking about how to hand any objections she might have, anxiously awaiting her answer.  He has to do his best to keep this going the way it is...for both of them.  Sydney must feel the same way.  She can read between the lines like no ever has with him.  How else would she know that she is the only one he has talked to about his breakup? 

The silence is tearing him up inside.  "Does she not feel the same?  Have I made a big mistake? Am I not what she is looking for?  Have I just mistaken her niceness for something else??  Mike now begins to wonder if he has made a huge fool of himself. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2010, 08:27:31 PM »
She looked at him and shook her head as she laughed at him. She thought to herself. "Damn you. You are so freaking cute and adorable and sweet. You are making it really really hard for me to say no to you." She felt that there was something special there between them two but she knew that she had to go to work tomorrow. It was just something that she thought that she had to do.

She looked at him and looked into his gorgeous eyes. "I do agree with you. I felt like there is this special kind of chemistry between us something that I can not even begin to explain. I know that it can not even begin to be put into words. I don't even understand or know why I could feel the way I do about a guy who is 10 years older than me but I do."

"I don't know if I can call in sick tomorrow though because I've already called off two days last week and I'm not exactly on their happy list at the current moment in time. You know I really really want to talk to you and get to know you better but I'm worried that if I do call off sick I won't have a job. I really do need a job."

She smiles as she looks at him thinking how she has never ever felt this way about a guy before. He is able to read through her and know how she really feels like no one has ever been able to. She really really likes that about him. It is is something that she wants to continue but she doesn't think that she can do it knowing her job may be on the line.

She looks at him wondering how he will try to talk her out of this and how he will word everything. He is so very very good with his words. It is very subtle.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #17 on: December 28, 2010, 05:12:16 PM »
As she smiled and laughed, he could barely concentrate on what she was saying.  She was even more beautiful when she smiled...if that was even possible.  "At least she's feeling something too...I'm not dreaming" he thought to himself.

With a smile crossing his face, Mike began..."I'm so glad that you feel the same way Sydney.  I was beginning to wonder if I was just imagining things.

I can understand you not wanting to call off work...I'm the same way.  But do you know what?  Sometimes you need to think about yourself, make yourself happy.  I'm pretty certain you aren't happy there, or you wouldn't have called off twice last week.  I've been in that situation before myself Sydney. Why waste your time worrying about having a job that you hate anyway?  Worry about Sydney for a're worth it."

Mike looks at her, flashes a big smile, winks and says..."What do ya say?  What do you have to lose?"  Now in a move that's bold even for Mike, he puts his hand to her chin, drawing her face up so she's looking in his eyes.  Their eyes meet, he strokes her cheek and softly says..."What about it?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #18 on: December 28, 2010, 06:28:56 PM »
As he winked and flashed a smile at her she almost melted. She thought to herself. "Ahh this guy  is making me melt. I never ever thought that I could feel this way about a guy in such a short period of time. But I like him."

She smiled back, Sydney told him how she really felt. "Of course I felt the same way and no you are not at all imaging things. I definitely feel something is going on between us" She whispers under her breath "and I like it."

"How do you know that I called because I wanted to and not because I was sick." She tells him trying to see if he is the kind of guy she can trick. She wasn't really sick. She just hated her job but she wanted to see what kind of response he would give back to her. She smiled as he told her to take care of herself. She liked the way he made her feel about herself. It felt good.

She flashes a big smile back at him. As he looks at her directly in the eyes with his hands on her face she shivered. She was not in fear at all but instead she liked and enjoyed his touch. She doesn't need to say a word she just nodded and smiled.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #19 on: December 28, 2010, 07:44:43 PM »
Mike couldn't help but to smile as he heard Sydney confirm what was going on between them.  He didn't know why "it" was happening so quickly, but frankly he didn't care. 

Answering her question, he smiles and says with a laugh..."Sydney, I was born at night, but not last night! I could tell by the tone in your voice that you hated your job.  Besides, when you talked about missing work, I could tell it wouldn't break your heart.  Why worry about something that only makes you miserable?  You deserve nothing but the best and that isn't the best.  Plus the cute little snarl and roll of the eyes gave you away!" Mike says with a mischievous smile.

Mike reaches his hand out and starts to teasingly rub her arm.  "So tell me, am I right?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #20 on: December 28, 2010, 07:56:26 PM »
She looked at him as she laughed. "I've never heard of a snarl being cute. Hmm that sounds like a very special comment. " She laughs as she teases him. He looks so sweet and cute just sitting there as he gave her all of these sweet and adorable comments.

"No you are not right. I don't hate my job. I highly dislike my job but I would not go as far to say that I hate it." She grinned evily. She was not sure if he was one of those guys that always has to be right. She figures if he is then teasing him would be fun. "Why not lets try it and see if I can get him" She thinks to herself. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #21 on: December 28, 2010, 09:59:46 PM »
By the sly little grin of hers, Mike knew she was up to something...and he liked it. He decides to play along with her and see what happens.

Trying to keep from smiling as he spoke, he says, "Tomato tomahto, hate, dislike...not much difference if you ask me!  But if you say you don't hate it, I can buy into that.  I can see that you're conscience may be getting the best of you, but how can you say no?"  He is trying his best not to break out laughing as he pours it on so thick.  "Maybe you've got something better waiting for you at your highly disliked job?" he says with a confused look on his face.

"I really do want to have the time with you tonight, but if you really feel obligated to go to work...I guess I can handle it" he says while flashing his big brown eyes at her while trying his best to make them look so sad. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #22 on: December 28, 2010, 10:23:57 PM »
She shook her head laughing. She knew he was playing this little game along with her. She liked this game and how well and how easy it was to flirt with each other.

"Hate is having a HUGE HUGE dislike for something and dislike is just not liking it much. You don't think that is true do you? That I have something better there at my highly disliked job. I'm underpaid and get treated like absolute crap by both the customers and my co-workers. I mean I need some kind of money at this point. Trying to find my own place so this money kind of helps out ya know." She says as she kind of lets him in a little bit more. She really doesn't like her job but she knows that she needs a job.

"I want to have the time with you tonight..but I'm not sure if I should call off." She groans. "I know what your doing with those puppy dog eyes mister. I know that look too well. I'm the one that mastered it.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #23 on: December 29, 2010, 12:26:26 AM »
Mike was really enjoying this little game with her.  He had never met anyone who would play along without getting mad.  Another reason to be so taken with her.  She was indeed the perfect one for him..he knew it.

"Well, in my book HUGE HUGE dislike is nearly the same as high dislike!" he says with an impish grin. "Not much difference at all.  And I'm relieved  that there is nothing at that terrible place that would keep us apart."

Mike now gets a serious look on his face.  It makes him feel bad to know that Sydney really doesn't like her job.  To know that anyone could treat her bad really makes him mad.  He knows that she really needs the job, but he also knows it doesn't need to be that one. The thoughts that are crossing his mind right now don't make a whole lot of sense, but nothing else has this evening either.  He could easily pass them off, but then he thinks of what he could miss out on if he does.  That is what got him to the place he is today..taking chances.  Doing the things that others thought were insane.  Taking chances, following his gut instinct..those are the things that made him the success he is today.  "Yes, I have to do it" he said to himself.

His demeanor now completely different, he intently looks into Sydney's baby blues.  "Sydney, I've been thinking about something here, and I want to share it with you and see what you think.  It really makes me mad to know that you have to put up with so much crap at your job.  I don't like the thoughts of anyone being treated without respect...especially you.  I understand you have your reasons for putting up with it...but honey, believe me, you don't have to.

I have an idea Sydney....."

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #24 on: December 29, 2010, 12:39:08 AM »
Sydney was having a lot of fun playing this little game with Mike. He was the ONLY guy that she ever even looked at or flirted with that would keep this little game going. Most guys would just leave but Mike was different. Granted he was older but he was the most mature and selfless guy that she had ever met or talked to in her entire life.

"Well mister huge dislike and HUGE HUGE dislike are very different. You see first dislike there is only one huge instead of two huges. Duh. " She says laughing as she sticks out her tongue. Her sense never ever made any sense to either herself or to anybody else for that matter.

"I'm used to be treated like dirt at this place. I've worked there for 4 years now so it is kind of just normal for me. I know I know that sounds really bad but it is just one of those things that you are able to get used to. I have my few customers who are so absolutely amazing but they come in once or twice a week. They are the highlight of my week so I guess that isn't so good but life goes on. I put up with it because I don't have another choice. I'm not going to put a sob story on for you because that is not at all my attitude. I don't make people feel bad for me so if I were to explain to you my reasons I would be going against that."

She looked at him as she cocked her head to the side. "Oh..and what's that?"