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Author Topic: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)  (Read 4606 times)

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Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« on: December 21, 2010, 10:00:19 PM »
Sydney, 20 years old about to be 21 in about a week, with gorgeous long brown hair that goes past her shoulders, along with some beautiful baby blue eyes. She is about 5'2 and 100 lbs. She is very short in stature. It had been a very very long day at school starting at 8am and not ending until 5:30 pm. She was at the local bar sitting at the bar talking to the bartender as he served people. She was not 21 yet but she knew most of the people at the bar so she was cool. She had a pepsi in front of her drinking that. She was wearing a cute pair of denim jeans and a button down long sleeve red shirt with a pair of flip flops.

About 2 weeks prior to this Sydney had broken up with her boyfriend, Jordan. They had been dating for about 2 1/2 years so it was definitely hard but she was luckily enough to have so many good friends around her. She was sitting at the bar texting on her phone while at the same time trying to enjoy the atomsphere.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2010, 11:30:59 PM »
Mike, 32 years old is in town on business.  His 215 lb fills out his 6'2" very nicely.  He has been in town only a week, and has at least 6 more to go, and he is already getting restless.  One of his associates told him of this bar that happens to be only a block from his hotel.  It has been a long week of meetings and more meetings, so he is ready to unwind a bit.  He may be very successful at his business, but he also knows how to enjoy himself.  So he changes into something a bit more relaxing and heads out.

He walks in, looks around for a seat. He sees a beautiful girl sitting at the bar, so without hesitation he makes his way and before sitting down, says..."Hi mind if I have a seat?"  He then turns to the bartender and orders a Jack and Coke.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 06:09:46 AM »
Sydney looks over at this guy that just walked in and nods. "Yeah sure sit down." Even though he was all dressed down Sydney felt like he was the businessman type. It did not matter to her but it was still cool. She looks at Ryan, the bartender, and blushes. Ryan is always teasing her about everything in her life. He is, and probably will always be, one of her closest and most dearest friends. He is a good guy and always has her back. She looks at Mike wondering what a guy like him would be coming into this small little town for.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2010, 10:17:45 AM »
Mike mutters a quick "Thanks", and sits down.  "Man, I am so glad this week is over!  It's nice to finally be able to sit down and relax a bit."  He reaches in his pocket and rifles through a wad of cash. "Here buddy" he says, and hands the bartender a $100 bill..."this is for my drinks tonight.  And go ahead and throw in this young lady's as well."

He turns around, extends his hand and says..."By the way, my name is Mike.  What's yours?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2010, 06:29:25 PM »
She looks at him in complete and utter shock as he takes a $100 bill out of his pocket like it is nothing. "Of course Sir. Thank you so very much for you genorousity. It is very much appreciated." The bartender says as he gets the man a drink.

She smiles as she extends her hand. "It is nice to meet you Mike. My name is Sydney. It is nice to meet you." She says politely.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #5 on: December 22, 2010, 09:23:25 PM »
"The pleasure is all mine Sydney" he says.  "It is so nice to see a friendly face after the week I've been through! I love what I do, but I swear I don't know if I can take another month of the stuffed shirts trying to tell me how to handle my business. "Enough about me" Mike says.  He gently places his hand on Sydney's and says, "Let's talk about something better than me...let's talk about you!  What is a beautiful girl like yourself doing all alone on a Friday night?  Are all the guys around here stupid or gay?  Not that there is anything wrong with either I guess, but I don't see how you aren't out with your friends painting the town.  Heavens knows that's where I want to be!" he says with a laugh.

Mike picks up his glass and takes a sip. "So Sydney, what IS your story?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #6 on: December 23, 2010, 06:19:08 AM »
She laughs as she smiles at him thinking how cute and sweet he is. She shrugs her shoulders. "Well all of my ladies are home on christmas break and I'm here cuz this is where I'm originally from. Plus I'm still a little young to be going out to bars and drinking it up. I'm here just to hang out and see Ryan. He is that cool bar tender that served you. We've been friends for like ever."

"Well I guess my story is that I'm 20 and started my sophomore year of college and am going to be a teacher. Just chilling and taking it easy for a few weeks. Other than that I lead a boring life. What about you..what is your story?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2010, 08:45:09 PM »
Mike can't help but to look into Sydney's beautiful eyes as she tells about herself.  He finds himself almost hypnotized by them.  He can tell that she has something on her mind as she talks...almost as if she is a thousand miles away.  "There must be more to her" he thinks to himself. "The eyes never lie.

He smiles at her as she continues on about her life, and nods his head with interest.  "I think it's awesome that you want to become a teacher.  I consider teaching to be a highly overlooked profession.  I think teachers are among the most important people in the lives of a young person, because they can have a great influence on them.  I salute you for that decision!"

"As for me, there really isn't much to my story.  I graduated from college and got lucky in my job search.  I worked for a Business Brokerage firm for the first year out of school, and then after some successful transactions, I opened my own firm.  I worked hard and now am proud papa of one of the most successful firms on the east coast.  Oh, I'm sorry if I sound like a big mouth braggart.  I'm  just very proud of my work and sometimes get carried away.  That's why I'm here...I'm brokering a deal between to very large pharmaceutical companies.  And that's why I'm here having a drink too!" he says with a laugh.

"Pardon me if I seem a bit forward, but would you like to share whats on your mind? I'm a really good judge of people, and I just think you have something you're wanting to share with someone.  And I'm also a good fire away if you wish Sydney!"

Suddenly a thought of regret crosses Mikes mind..."Damn, I hope I didn't  put the cart before the horse again!" he thinks.   Mike looks deep in her eyes fully preparing himself for the door to be slammed on this conversation.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #8 on: December 23, 2010, 09:00:11 PM »
She smiles as she looks into his gorgeous eyes. She laughs thinking to herself. "Most of the time I would think that bragging like Mike just did is very cocky and egotistical but he seemed different. He seemed sweet, caring, and loveable." She smiled thinking how cute it was that he was so proud of his accomplishments.

"Oh um wow you have got your own firm at such a young age. That is such a wonderful accomplishment for you at such a young age. I really do commend you for that. Honestly I do not think that you are being a big mouth or anything at all. I just think that you are being proud of your accomplishments." She said sweetly smiling at him.

"Yeah I guess things are a little off. I just got out of a 2 1/2 year relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We broke up about 3 months ago but it is still something that is hard on me. I fell head over heels in love with him very quickly. I'm kind of a hopeless romantic so when things abruptly ended I was definitely distraught about it. I'm sorry I don't need to be talking to some stranger about this. I'm sure you have more important people to talk to then some young stupid 20 year old girl." She says laughing as she shrugs.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #9 on: December 24, 2010, 05:53:19 PM »
Mike could see the pain in her eyes as she told about her breakup.  He could sense from the cracking of her voice that it was eating away at her, and that she was still hurting, and though he had just met her, he felt the pain.  "Why would anyone hurt her like this?" he thought to himself. 

With a scowl on his face, he looks at Sydney and asks.."What kind of knucklehead would hurt a wonderful girl like you?  Did this idiot know what he had?"  Before she could get the answer across her lips, Mike blurted out, "See, it's morons like that that make it hard on the genuinely nice guys out here.  I tell you, I'd like beat some sense into that piece of work for hurting you, and then I'd like to whip him again for making all other guys look bad!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew that he had done the wrong thing.  "Sydney, please forget that I even said that. That only made me look like one of 'those' guys myself.  I'm not really that way, but it is just a crime for someone as nice as you to be hurt so much." 

"Damn, I did it again" he says to himself, half way blurting it out as well. 

"You must think I'm some kind of freak by now, so maybe I had better shut up while I still can." he tell Sydney.  Mike gently places his hand on hers and says,  "But please,don't sell yourself short Sydney.  There is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic..there are far two few of them in this world I tell you.  I've learned the hard way that you can't let someone else's stupidity get in the way.  I was in much the same situation about 2 years ago, and after too much time of blaming myself, I realized that I was being very stupid myself.  I let my ex fiance ruin almost 2 whole years of my life, and though I just met you, I can't let you go through that.  Take it for what you will, but if you follow that advice, you'll make it through this."

"So, should I just show myself the door now?" Mike asks with a smile...only half-way joking?

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #10 on: December 24, 2010, 07:25:53 PM »
She shrugs as he looks at her asking all of these questions and going off trying to teach her something about life when she is still so young. "I don't know. I guess he just fell out of love with me. I honestly can sit here and tell you that I thought that he was the one. I thought that we were going to get married and live happily ever after as odd as that sounds but clearly I was mistaken. I know I know fairy tales never really do happen in real life. They are just in the movies." She shrugged like it did not bother her but really it bothered here that he had left her so abruptly and suddenly.

"Don't apologize. It is fine. I completely understand what you are trying to say and no I do not think that you are one of those guys. From what I have seen so far you seem like a really sweet, kind, loving man. If I make ask what happened to abruptly end your relationship with your ex-fiancee." She looked at him wondering why a girl would leave him. He is so cute and sweet and charming.

She shook her head. "No no not at all. Stay please. It seems that I like your presence. As weird as that may seem right now it is completely and utterly true.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #11 on: December 25, 2010, 12:36:11 AM »
For some unexplainable reason, Mike was relieved to know that he had not scared Sydney away.  At first he thought that it was just nature running it's course, because he is after all a guy. But he now knew it was something deeper. He felt some sort of attraction to her when he first saw her from the doorway. Sure, she is a beautiful girl.  A beautiful young girl at that..but no, there  is something else about her.

When she asked about his ex, he looked at her and could tell that she was genuinely interested.  "Why can't more women be like her?" he asked himself as he prepared to answer.  "Well, there really isn't much to say about that relationship.  It was in some ways like yours.  I put my heart and soul into the relationship, and it was perfect.  Or at least I thought so.  But the reality of the situation would soon hit me with a major uppercut.  I was out of town finalizing a deal, and for a change it went smoothly, and I was going to get back a day early.  I decided that I was going to surprise her.  I had planned on showing up and having her pack her bags for a trip to Puerto Rico...a romantic getaway for the perfect couple.  But imagine my surprise, when I walked in on my "soul mate" and one of my good friends and business associates.  Right there in the my bed, in my house.  Two of the people I thought would never betray me, suddenly turned into a double dose of Judas. And I later on found out that they had been doing this behind my back for a long while. To say I was pissed would be an understatement.  I was literally heart broken.  All my dreams and plans for the perfect life were shot down just like that.  That day,  I lost the only true love I had ever known, and a good friend to boot.  I let that eat away at me for almost 2 years...2 year lost, wasted away.  But one day I woke up and decided that I wasn't going to ruin my life any more.  I finally got smart, and did something I had never done before...I actually forgave the two who had ruined me.  I decided that they weren't worth a lifetime of hostility and anger.  And as soon as I did that, my already successful business became even more successful, and I was happy again.  I  still think they are both a waste of humanity, but they belong together.

Oh wow, there I go again, running on an on.  But I can tell that you were having many of those same feelings,  and I don't want you to have to suffer like that." Mike takes hold of her hand, surprising even himself, and says..."You are better than he is.  You deserve the best..nothing less.  And the sooner you forget about that dumb ass, the sooner you'll be happy again.  And be able to enjoy wonderful guys like me!"  Mike smiles at her, looking deep into her eyes, trying to figure out what it is about her.  He can't be falling for a girl more than 10 years younger than himself.  "Can I?"

He tries to put the thought out of his mind, but he can't.  He can't help but wonder what is drawing him to her.  Sure she's beautiful...the most beautiful woman he has ever seen,but it is something else.  Something he can't put his finger on. 

He lets go of her hand, mutters a quick "sorry", and lets go of it, embarrassed at the way he's behaving.  "Sorry to bore you with my sob story Sydney.  Like I said,sometimes I tend to get carried away."

Mike takes his gaze away from  her eyes, ashamed of himself and the way he's acting. "Sorry".

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #12 on: December 25, 2010, 07:28:33 AM »
As Mike told the story of his ex-fiancee and how things how gone sour she looked into his eyes. She wondered if he was still in pain over what had happened those 2 years ago. He would still have every right to be in pain if he was. He seemed like such a sweet, caring, down to earth guy. Someone that any girl would be lucky to have as a boyfriend or a fiancee or even as a husband. Especially with the surprising her with a romantic getaway. Those were the kinds of things that Sydney would have loved for her ex-boyfriend to do for her. But he was not exactly that type of guy so I guess that is why things never worked out.

"Thank you for sharing that story and you are not at all running on and on again. I bet that was something that felt good to say to someone because it sounds like you really haven't talked to anyone about it since the break-up so I'm glad that I could have possibly been that person." She smiles as she holds his hand. She was definitely starting to fall for this guy that was over 10 years older than her. She knew her parents would flip out but Mike seemed nice and right now she really didn't care about anything else.

"Don't be sorry."

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #13 on: December 26, 2010, 02:40:42 PM »
As Sydney is talking, Mike is beginning to feel much more comfortable with this whole situation.  But more importantly, he can see that she seems to be feeling it as well.  He thinks that he hasn't had these kinds of feelings for a long long time.  But this time he is feeling like he never has's much different.  He focuses his attention to her eyes again, and grabs hold of her other hand.  "Well, here goes nothing" he says to himself.

"Sydney, forgive me if this sounds a little bit assumptive on my part, but there is something I'd like to ask you.  How would you like to go to dinner with me?  I would love to take you out on the town and treat you like a queen for the night...the way you should be treated."  Mike continues to gaze deep into her beautiful blue eyes, admiring her beauty.  She had it all as far as he is concerned. She is not only beautiful, but she is is smart and has direction in her life. What else could he ask for?

"So Sydney,would you be my princess tonight?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #14 on: December 26, 2010, 11:24:00 PM »
As he talked about treating her like a princess she smiles thinking how absolutely sweet and adorable this guy is. She has not really had the kinds of feelings that are flowing through her right now in a very very long time. It really did feel good to talk to a sweet, honest, caring person, which was very rare for her.

"I'd love to go to dinner with you but not tonight. It is like 10 at night and I have work in the morning. Ugh." She groaned as she looked at him. She really really wanted to go out to dinner with him and get to know him a little bit better. She hope that he didn't get the impression that she didn't wanna go. "It is not that I don't want to go it is that it is really late and i'm working a 12 hour day tomorrow and blah." She said as she continue to go on and on and on blabbering away.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2010, 06:16:52 PM »
When Mike heard the words "not tonight", he felt as if someone had hit him in the stomach.  But still, he didn't get the feeling that she was simply brushing him off.  No, he could tell by the tone of her voice and the tint of disappointment in her eyes as well.  He was disappointed as well.  He thought to himself that there was no way that he was going to give up without at least a hint of a fight.  He can feel something special building here and decided that he can't quit...not now.

Struggling with his thoughts, trying to say the right thing, he scooted closer to Sydney, gently took hold of both hands, and looked directly into her big,  beautiful eyes.  "Sydney," he said, I know this doesn't make much sense.  It's baffled me as well.  But  there is something about, there is something about us.  I can't explain it, but it's there Sydney.  Sometimes things happen that we can't explain. 

I understand you have work tomorrow, but I also understand that there is something special happening here.  I can't quite figure it out, but it's there.  Why don't you call in sick tomorrow Sydney?  I can tell that you aren't exactly crazy about your job anyway.  So what do you say?  Take the day off."

Mike looks deep  into her eyes, thinking about how to hand any objections she might have, anxiously awaiting her answer.  He has to do his best to keep this going the way it is...for both of them.  Sydney must feel the same way.  She can read between the lines like no ever has with him.  How else would she know that she is the only one he has talked to about his breakup? 

The silence is tearing him up inside.  "Does she not feel the same?  Have I made a big mistake? Am I not what she is looking for?  Have I just mistaken her niceness for something else??  Mike now begins to wonder if he has made a huge fool of himself. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2010, 08:27:31 PM »
She looked at him and shook her head as she laughed at him. She thought to herself. "Damn you. You are so freaking cute and adorable and sweet. You are making it really really hard for me to say no to you." She felt that there was something special there between them two but she knew that she had to go to work tomorrow. It was just something that she thought that she had to do.

She looked at him and looked into his gorgeous eyes. "I do agree with you. I felt like there is this special kind of chemistry between us something that I can not even begin to explain. I know that it can not even begin to be put into words. I don't even understand or know why I could feel the way I do about a guy who is 10 years older than me but I do."

"I don't know if I can call in sick tomorrow though because I've already called off two days last week and I'm not exactly on their happy list at the current moment in time. You know I really really want to talk to you and get to know you better but I'm worried that if I do call off sick I won't have a job. I really do need a job."

She smiles as she looks at him thinking how she has never ever felt this way about a guy before. He is able to read through her and know how she really feels like no one has ever been able to. She really really likes that about him. It is is something that she wants to continue but she doesn't think that she can do it knowing her job may be on the line.

She looks at him wondering how he will try to talk her out of this and how he will word everything. He is so very very good with his words. It is very subtle.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #17 on: December 28, 2010, 05:12:16 PM »
As she smiled and laughed, he could barely concentrate on what she was saying.  She was even more beautiful when she smiled...if that was even possible.  "At least she's feeling something too...I'm not dreaming" he thought to himself.

With a smile crossing his face, Mike began..."I'm so glad that you feel the same way Sydney.  I was beginning to wonder if I was just imagining things.

I can understand you not wanting to call off work...I'm the same way.  But do you know what?  Sometimes you need to think about yourself, make yourself happy.  I'm pretty certain you aren't happy there, or you wouldn't have called off twice last week.  I've been in that situation before myself Sydney. Why waste your time worrying about having a job that you hate anyway?  Worry about Sydney for a're worth it."

Mike looks at her, flashes a big smile, winks and says..."What do ya say?  What do you have to lose?"  Now in a move that's bold even for Mike, he puts his hand to her chin, drawing her face up so she's looking in his eyes.  Their eyes meet, he strokes her cheek and softly says..."What about it?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #18 on: December 28, 2010, 06:28:56 PM »
As he winked and flashed a smile at her she almost melted. She thought to herself. "Ahh this guy  is making me melt. I never ever thought that I could feel this way about a guy in such a short period of time. But I like him."

She smiled back, Sydney told him how she really felt. "Of course I felt the same way and no you are not at all imaging things. I definitely feel something is going on between us" She whispers under her breath "and I like it."

"How do you know that I called because I wanted to and not because I was sick." She tells him trying to see if he is the kind of guy she can trick. She wasn't really sick. She just hated her job but she wanted to see what kind of response he would give back to her. She smiled as he told her to take care of herself. She liked the way he made her feel about herself. It felt good.

She flashes a big smile back at him. As he looks at her directly in the eyes with his hands on her face she shivered. She was not in fear at all but instead she liked and enjoyed his touch. She doesn't need to say a word she just nodded and smiled.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #19 on: December 28, 2010, 07:44:43 PM »
Mike couldn't help but to smile as he heard Sydney confirm what was going on between them.  He didn't know why "it" was happening so quickly, but frankly he didn't care. 

Answering her question, he smiles and says with a laugh..."Sydney, I was born at night, but not last night! I could tell by the tone in your voice that you hated your job.  Besides, when you talked about missing work, I could tell it wouldn't break your heart.  Why worry about something that only makes you miserable?  You deserve nothing but the best and that isn't the best.  Plus the cute little snarl and roll of the eyes gave you away!" Mike says with a mischievous smile.

Mike reaches his hand out and starts to teasingly rub her arm.  "So tell me, am I right?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #20 on: December 28, 2010, 07:56:26 PM »
She looked at him as she laughed. "I've never heard of a snarl being cute. Hmm that sounds like a very special comment. " She laughs as she teases him. He looks so sweet and cute just sitting there as he gave her all of these sweet and adorable comments.

"No you are not right. I don't hate my job. I highly dislike my job but I would not go as far to say that I hate it." She grinned evily. She was not sure if he was one of those guys that always has to be right. She figures if he is then teasing him would be fun. "Why not lets try it and see if I can get him" She thinks to herself. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #21 on: December 28, 2010, 09:59:46 PM »
By the sly little grin of hers, Mike knew she was up to something...and he liked it. He decides to play along with her and see what happens.

Trying to keep from smiling as he spoke, he says, "Tomato tomahto, hate, dislike...not much difference if you ask me!  But if you say you don't hate it, I can buy into that.  I can see that you're conscience may be getting the best of you, but how can you say no?"  He is trying his best not to break out laughing as he pours it on so thick.  "Maybe you've got something better waiting for you at your highly disliked job?" he says with a confused look on his face.

"I really do want to have the time with you tonight, but if you really feel obligated to go to work...I guess I can handle it" he says while flashing his big brown eyes at her while trying his best to make them look so sad. 

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #22 on: December 28, 2010, 10:23:57 PM »
She shook her head laughing. She knew he was playing this little game along with her. She liked this game and how well and how easy it was to flirt with each other.

"Hate is having a HUGE HUGE dislike for something and dislike is just not liking it much. You don't think that is true do you? That I have something better there at my highly disliked job. I'm underpaid and get treated like absolute crap by both the customers and my co-workers. I mean I need some kind of money at this point. Trying to find my own place so this money kind of helps out ya know." She says as she kind of lets him in a little bit more. She really doesn't like her job but she knows that she needs a job.

"I want to have the time with you tonight..but I'm not sure if I should call off." She groans. "I know what your doing with those puppy dog eyes mister. I know that look too well. I'm the one that mastered it.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #23 on: December 29, 2010, 12:26:26 AM »
Mike was really enjoying this little game with her.  He had never met anyone who would play along without getting mad.  Another reason to be so taken with her.  She was indeed the perfect one for him..he knew it.

"Well, in my book HUGE HUGE dislike is nearly the same as high dislike!" he says with an impish grin. "Not much difference at all.  And I'm relieved  that there is nothing at that terrible place that would keep us apart."

Mike now gets a serious look on his face.  It makes him feel bad to know that Sydney really doesn't like her job.  To know that anyone could treat her bad really makes him mad.  He knows that she really needs the job, but he also knows it doesn't need to be that one. The thoughts that are crossing his mind right now don't make a whole lot of sense, but nothing else has this evening either.  He could easily pass them off, but then he thinks of what he could miss out on if he does.  That is what got him to the place he is today..taking chances.  Doing the things that others thought were insane.  Taking chances, following his gut instinct..those are the things that made him the success he is today.  "Yes, I have to do it" he said to himself.

His demeanor now completely different, he intently looks into Sydney's baby blues.  "Sydney, I've been thinking about something here, and I want to share it with you and see what you think.  It really makes me mad to know that you have to put up with so much crap at your job.  I don't like the thoughts of anyone being treated without respect...especially you.  I understand you have your reasons for putting up with it...but honey, believe me, you don't have to.

I have an idea Sydney....."

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
« Reply #24 on: December 29, 2010, 12:39:08 AM »
Sydney was having a lot of fun playing this little game with Mike. He was the ONLY guy that she ever even looked at or flirted with that would keep this little game going. Most guys would just leave but Mike was different. Granted he was older but he was the most mature and selfless guy that she had ever met or talked to in her entire life.

"Well mister huge dislike and HUGE HUGE dislike are very different. You see first dislike there is only one huge instead of two huges. Duh. " She says laughing as she sticks out her tongue. Her sense never ever made any sense to either herself or to anybody else for that matter.

"I'm used to be treated like dirt at this place. I've worked there for 4 years now so it is kind of just normal for me. I know I know that sounds really bad but it is just one of those things that you are able to get used to. I have my few customers who are so absolutely amazing but they come in once or twice a week. They are the highlight of my week so I guess that isn't so good but life goes on. I put up with it because I don't have another choice. I'm not going to put a sob story on for you because that is not at all my attitude. I don't make people feel bad for me so if I were to explain to you my reasons I would be going against that."

She looked at him as she cocked her head to the side. "Oh..and what's that?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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As Mike sat and listened to how things were at her job, he knew he had to do something. He could tell that in spite of their little game going on, she was not happy there.  She was too young to feel so bad about a crappy job like that.  As she told him what the conditions were like there, he couldn't help but feel bad.  He could tell by the look in her eyes that she really did hate it.  That's when he knew he was going to take a chance.

He could tell by the look in here eyes and on her face that she new he was up to something, but couldn't quite figure it out.  Another indication that there was indeed "something" between them. 

He took a deep breath, and went for it.  "Sydney, all joking aside, I can tell you aren't happy with that job.  And it's just that, a job.  What would you say to me, if I said you could work for me?  Before you say anything, just hear me out, ok?  I can not only offer you a job, with good pay, but I can offer you a jump start on a career.  I can help you find things inside of you that you didn't even know you had.  And you can't get that at just a j-o-b.  Yeah, I'm doing this partly because of the way you make me feel, can't deny that.  But it is so much deeper than that Sydney.  I can tell that you want a lot out of life.  I can see that you aren't appreciated now, and that it hurts you, even if it's just a little bit.  It still hurts.  But more importantly, I can see that you have so much to offer.  You shouldn't waste yourself away there, no matter if it is only while you're in school.  I consider myself to be a good judge of people, of their character, their desire.  And I can see "it" in you.  And that's just what I look for in those I chose to work with. 

Besides, all new employees get special one on one instruction with the boss.  And by the way, that's me!" Mike smiles at her and says, "So what do you say?"  Mike looks at her, sitting there quietly, not knowing what to think.  He reaches out, gently strokes her cheek..."Give it a shot?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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As Mike talked to her and told her about the new job that he was offering her, all she could do was sit there with her mouth wide open in shock. For just a few minutes she sat there in stunned silence. She had no idea what kind of things she could even begin to say to him that would even compare. He seemed like such a good good guy and she wanted to show him that she appreciated it.

All she could think of doing was giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and so that is what she did.

She took a deep breath and let it out. "Hey um I'm sorry for that. I wanted to thank you for even considering doing something amazing like that. I can not ever say thank you enough. We have only really known each other for *looks at watch* 2 1/2 hours now and here you are trying to offer me a job. Yeah I will admit that I do not exactly have the most well paid and well respected job in the country. But at the end of the day I try to tell myself that all of this crap I'm going through will be worth it because of the paycheck. Though it is never really big enough it gets me by. Of course I want the most out of my life and I work hard day in and day out. I just haven't found a job that helps me out that way yet. I'm only in college so I shouldn't really make a big deal out of it but I do because I'm a weirdo." She laughs at herself.

"Hmm one on one instruction really makes me think about this job thing with you. Let's just so I wouldn't be complaining too much if I had to spend a few hours each day in your presence. " She says blushing as she hides her face in his shirt. She is very very shy and to say something like that to a guy that she liked was a big step. She nods letting him know she would be interested.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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Mike felt like a teenager again when she completely caught him off guard and kissed his cheek.  Yes, it was only a kiss on the cheek,but he could  feel his face turning red.  He was floored by this unexpected surprise.

When Sydney starts talking, he wonders if he has made a mistake.  He doesn't think he made a mistake in offering her a job, because he honestly feels she would do very well with him.  He was wondering if he may have scared her off.  He continues to listen, trying to assess the situation. He gazes in her eyes, hoping against all hope  that this will work out.  He gazes into her big blue eyes as she talks, trying to figure out what she is feeling inside.  Is it the same thing he is?

But then, when she embarrassed herself, just as he did, and hid her face in his shirt, he knew that she felt the same as he did.  He again felt like a teenager as she touched him and hid her face.  He hadn't felt this way since...well, since ever. But he liked it.

He looked at her with a look of relief on his face, and started to tell her about his idea for her new job. " I've been looking to move my business to this area. In fact, that's why I've been in town this week.  But if I do, I'll need someone to help me out in the office and learn the business.  You could continue with school if you wanted, or you could work full time.  Either way would be fine with me.  I'll teach you no matter the case.  It may be a bit hectic at times, and you may have quite a bit of responsibility.  But I promise you that  you won't feel bad at the end of the day. You won't feel under appreciated at any time.  And you can go home or where ever *wink* at the end of the day and feel good.  And you'll be rewarded for your efforts.  Not to mention that you'll be working for an amazing boss!"

Mike continues..."I know this is a lot to put on you, and you can take all  the time you want to decide.  But in the meantime, that awesome boss would like to take the time to personally interview you." Mike reaches out, takes hold of her had..."So, are you ready to interview?  You would of course have to call off from you other job tomorrow, but it would be well worth your time" he says with a smile and wink.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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Sydney looked at him as she tried to read him. She wondered if maybe there could be something more between them than just this conversation?

She was really surprised, amazed, and honored that such a good, sweet, good-looking guy would offer her a job after just knowing her for a few hours. It also showed to her that he had a lot of respect for people and was a good reader of people. She tries to look into his large beautiful eyes to see if she could see where his head was at. She wondered if he liked her as much as she liked him. She was never a really good judge of that so she shrugged her shoulders.

She always had the tendency to somehow, in some shape or form, embarass herself. She had never ever felt this way around a guy..not even with her ex-boyfriend who she was with for 3 years.

She smiled as she listened to him describe the job and what kinds of things this would entail. She had to admit that she was a little bit scared if she did decide to say yes to the job. She was always not thinking that she had the ability to do important and hard things. She was trying really really hard to not let this show to him because she thought that if it did that maybe it would scared him away. That was the last thing that she wanted to do right now. She loved the fact that this job could be something that would make her feel really good about herself and her abilities.

She wouldn't decide at this exact point in time if she would accept the job or not. She needed to take some time. She loved this cute little banter game that they kept having back and forth. "First of all yes I would like to interview with you and second of all why would I have to request off work tomorrow? Hmm..?" She asked smiling.

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As they sit talking, Mike gets a kick out of watching Sydney as she blushes.  He now knows that she too must feel something is blossoming between the two of them.  Two people who met less than 3 hours ago,but had a definite bond already.  He can't help but smile as he comes to understand that she probably feels the same way.

"I'm glad that you want to take some time to think about this Sydney.  It's a huge decision, so you do need time to think.  Take all the time you need."

Now he looks at her, with an obviously over dramatic serious look on his face.  "Now about you calling off work tomorrow.  That is only because the extremely nice boss is so anxious to interview you in depth.  He is very certain that he want's you on board,  but he does have a very strict protocol  he follows, especially when it involves a stunningly beautiful addition to the company as yourself" he says without missing a beat.  "Plus, he is very likely to offer some immediate one on one tutoring.  He's funny that way" Mike says, flashing a big smile and offering a wink of the eye.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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As he begins to talk about himself being this amazing super cool boss she just shakes her head as she laughs at him. Even though she has not known him very long she can tell that he is not at all a cocky person but that he instead plays it off as if he is. She smiles knowing that her feelings for him run deeper than she could have ever thought possible.

"I'm definitely going to take the time to make the best decision that I can possibly. Thank you for being so understanding about everything."

She notices her very serious dramatic face and she just smiles thinking how absolutely adorable he is. "Well I only work from 12-6 tomorrow so technically I wouldn't have to call off and I could still do that interview. A very strict protocol huh? And what exactly is this "strict" protocol as you call it. She loves the banter and flirting that they give back and forth. Normally she is not the type that normally keeps this banter going but he is so good at it and she is enjoy so she keeps it going.

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Mike nods in agreement as she tells him she'll take her time in making a decision.  '"I'm glad you  feel that way Sydney. It shows me that you do want to make the right decisions.  That quality will be very useful to you in the business world someday.  It may be old fashioned to some, but that is why I'm where I am today.  I  think about all my decisions and not only how they may affect me, but all others involved as well. "

Mike can see that she is playing along with his little sham...and he loves it! "Why not keep it going" he thinks to himself.  "See how it works out."

He once again brings the serious look to his face, and says..."Well, let's just say that it's a very personal interview.  This guy does have a strict protocol, but it's very unorthodox to say the least.  Why he's even been known to conduct this interview over the course of 2 or 3 days!  He loves to throw in surprises, just to see how people react.  You just never know what you'll get...much like in the business world.  He must make sure that anyone who works with him can handle things like that.  There is certainly no structure in his interviews, that's for certain.!"

Mike flashes a quick smile and continues. "So I would suggest you go ahead and call off tomorrow.  I think it would be VERY beneficial." he says with a wink.  "VERY beneficial!"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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She nods as she smiles at him. "Yeah well I think it is one of those decisions that you can't not hope into lightly. I want the decision to be made correctly and I feel like I need time in order to make sure the decision that I make is the right one for me. I have always been like that my entire life. " She nods.

She loves this little back and forth game that they continue to play and she does not want it to end.

She laughs as he tells her about the "interview". She looks at him thinking how cute and adorable he is. "Oh really now..2 or 3 days. Hmm I don't know if I can get 2 or 3 days off of work for this interview. Hm this guy kind of sounds a little bit how shall we say it "special." She says as she gives him a cute little wink. "Well no structure..Hmm I don't know if this will work since I am the kind of girl that needs to have lots of structure."

She nods. "Oh you would suggest I call off of work huh. Hmmm that is quite a propsotion, Mike. Beneficial. Your lucky you are so cute or else I would have been gone hours ago." She says as she blushes.

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When she laughs, Mike can't help but feel good.  She is so beautiful,but when she smiles, he thinks she just goes off the charts.  But for the first time  in his life, it seems to be so much more than that.  She actually makes him feel good about everything.  It seems like nothing else matter now.  If he didn't feel these things himself, he would think it was a scene from a movie, or a chapter in a romance novel.  But it was much more  than that, much more personal and real.

Mike can't help but look at her when she talks, or when she doesn't talk for that matter.  Her eyes, her smile, the way her nose crinkles when she laughs, hell, even the laugh itself drives him crazy.  He catches himself staring, and quickly glances at his watch, hoping she hasn't noticed his eyes.

"Sydney, I don't know if you can afford NOT to take the time off for this interview.  You don't look like the type who would not at least give your all to find out what it's all about.  And in the 10+ more years I've been around that you, I've learned that structure is waaaaay over rated" he says while putting emphasis in his voice and gesturing with his arms.  "When there's too much structure, you tend to lose yourself sometimes.  And I would certainly hate to lose you."  He reaches over and playfully kisses her cheek.

"Wow, did I really do that?" Mike says, half way out loud, half way under his breath. He surprised himself even.  But it felt so right on the inside. He gazes into her eyes, anxiously awaiting her reply.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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Sydney looks at Mike as she smiles at him. Gosh he is so cute and sweet and absolutely amazing. She looks at him wondering to herself how exactly someone could have dumped him and left him. She tries to grasp her idea around the idea but she can not understand it at all. She loves the way he is able to flirt back and forth with her and how he always makes her smile.

She sighs as she looks at him wanting to say yes at this current moment. She trusts this guy and she does not think that he would ever do something that would hurt her. She smiles as she grabs her phone out of her purse and begins to send a text message to your boss. "Hey it's Sydney I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to make it into week tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. I should be in on Monday. Thanks. Have a good weekend" And she clicks send.

She looked at him and nodded. "Yes you are very right. I'm the kind of girl that has to give me all at all times. I always try as hard as I can. I always put my heart and everything out there so maybe that is why I got hurt like I did. But I know nothing else and honestly I do not regret it at all. I'm trying to get away from the structure but it is hard I will admit. SO that is why I just texted my boss and told her that I need to request tomorrow and the next two days off. I'm putting it all on the line."

As he kissed her on the cheek she smiled as she heard him say wow did I really do that. "Yes you did just do that and thanks." She smiles as she drinks some of her drink smiling wide.

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Mike is just so amazed that things are going so well at this point.  He looks at her as she's talking, admiring her with each word. From head to toe,she has to be the most perfect woman he has ever seen.  "What kind of idiot would ever spend 3 years with her, and then drop her?"  he asks himself.  "How anyone could be so stupid is beyond me."  If there was ever a perfect woman for Mike, this was her.  He knew it.

"Thanks so much for that Sydney.  I'm so glad you decided to do something to help yourself for a change. Now, it looks like you awesome boss in waiting, has some work to do" he says with a wink.  "So, now for the first question of the interview process...where in the world can we go and get a bite to eat at this hour?  I know it seems like we've only been talking a little bit, but we have missed dinner!  Time does fly when you're having fun, but my belly is feeling a bit neglected at this point.  So, do you know of any nice, quiet places we can go and have a bit of privacy?"

Mike takes her hand, looks at her again, and says..."Thank you Sydney.  Thank you for making me smile tonight.  It has been wonderful, you have been wonderful. You are so awesome!  Why that rat of an ex of yours would ever break up with you is beyond me.  But you know what?  I'm glad he did"  Mike then leans in and gently kisses her on the lips.

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She smiles at him thinking that she never ever thought that in a million years she would met a guy like him at a bar. He was such a sweet, caring, cute, amazing guy. "How and why in the hell would a girl dump him like that. I can not even begin to grasp the idea of something like that" She says to herself.

"Your welcome but more importantly thank you very much for the job offer. I'm doing this for me and trying to make a new change in my life after everything that has happened. Hmm first question is very hard" She says sarcastically. "Well there is a little diner just down the road that is about until 1 or 2 in the morning. It is pretty quiet there at night." She says as she looks at him.

She caresses his hand. "No thank you for making me so happy. The happiest I have been in a very very long time, Mike. You are such an amazing guy but I do not understand how some girl can dump you. But now your available and thats a good thing." She said blushing as he kissed her.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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"Hmmm, a little diner sounds like the perfect place" he says while admiring her.  "What do you say we head on down there where we can start the interview process" he says with a playful wink.

To know that she feels the same way he does is such a relief to Mike.  He sits and looks at her as she rubs his had.  As they are gazing into each others eyes, Mike feels a happiness he has never felt before.  He quietly says, "Sydney,  I would honestly do anything to make you happy.  You have made me feel like I've never felt before.  And I have to say I like it."

Mike reaches up with his hand, putting it behind her neck as he leans in.  Then as he looks into her eyes, he leans in and kisses her again, this time with a bit more feeling behind it.  He moves closer in as Sydney seems to enjoy it as much as he.  Then with a quick glance and smile,he says..."What do you say we head down to the diner?"

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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She smiles and nods at him as she stands up and grabs her purse. She sets it down on her seat as she puts her jacket on. "Yeah it is a pretty nice place. Good food and the people are pretty cool. " She smiles as she smiles at him.

As he tells her how happy she makes him, she smiles knowing that is something she didn't think she would ever be able to give to anyone but she likes that she is able to do something without even trying. "Well I love the fact that you would say something so sweet and amazing. I have a secret to tell you. " She says whispering as she leans in close. "I like ALOT"

She smiles wide as he kisses her again. She loves the way that their lips feel against one another. She looks up at him after the kiss has ended but then she buries her face in his shirt becoming shy again. "Yeah I think that sounds good to me. It is only about a 5-10 minute walk."

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As Sydney buries her face in his shirt, Mike wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer.  "And Sydney, I like you a lot as well" he says as he holds her tightly.  He holds onto her, not wanting to let her go, replaying those words again in his mind.  "She does feel the same" he says to himself.  A smile crosses his face as he looks down at her blushing face.  He bends down and kisses her again.  "Sydney, you are absolutely adorable,"

He then helps her with her jacket, and sees a look of surprise on her face.  "What is it" he asks.  Smiling he continues, "Haven't you ever had someone do that for you?  'Well,  you might as well get used to it' he says playfully.  Because I'm going to  treat you like a woman should be a Princess."  He smiles at her, takes hold of her hand, and gently kisses it.  "Shall we retire to the diner m'lady he says" before breaking out in laughter.

He thinks to himself..."That is so lame! But I don't care. As long as I'm with her,  nothing else matters."

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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She absolutely is loving the way that he talks to her and treats her. She smiles wide as he tells her that he likes her a lot too. That really meant a lot to her and she was glad that he felt the same way too. She looks up at him thinking to herself "I wonder where WE are going to go from here. I hope tonight is not just a one time thing and that I will see him again."

She has that surprise look on her face because a guy helping her out with things like that is not something she has ever had happen to her. She shakes her head. "Nope. Nobody has ever helped me but on my jacket before other than my mom and dad when I was real little. " She says laughing and giggling.

"I like the fact that you would say something so sweet and caring. I like that you think I should be treated like a Princess. I like you." She smiles as she nods. "Your so freaking cute." She hopes she is not being too forward but she grabs his hand as she wraps her hands in his hands wanting to feel safe with again but knowing she already does.

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Mike smiles again as Sydney takes his hand.  He looks at her as they make their way outside, still amazed at what has happened in just a few short hours.  Amazed that such a wonderful woman has entered his life.  Amazed that he feels the way he does, but  even more amazed that she seems to feel the same way. As they begin the walk, he stops, as the urge is so overpowering.  He knows it may be a bit unorthodox, but again, doesn't care.

He looks into her big blue eyes, and says..."Sydney, forgive me if this seems a bit out of line, but I have to tell you something."  Still holding her hands, he just blurts it out.  "Sydney, I think I'm falling in love with you."  With that said, he pulls her close to him, bends down and begins to kiss her with more passion than he has ever felt.  As their lips join, new hope now blazes throughout his body. Could it be that his dreams have finally come true?

He continues to kiss her, holding her tightly, hoping against all hope that  she doesn't run away.

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Re: Strangers But Now Something Else (BigMike and AAA111)
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She smiles as they walk out the bar together. This whole thing happening with Mike was something that she never thought would happen. Really who would think they you would meet a guy who is 10 years older than you in a bar that you are slowly starting to fall for? Sydney definitely didn't think it could happen to her but she was glad that it did.

She smiles as she gets eye contact with him and as he tells her that he is slowly falling in love with her. She loves that he can be so open and tell her something like that. No one has ever told her that they loved her so this is definitely something different. "I think I'm beginning to fall in love with you too." She says smiling as she kisses him back.

She puts her arms around him hugging him tightly.

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As they stand there, embracing each other tightly, Mike feels so at ease.  He is now truly happy, and nothing else matters at all.  He can't even hear the sounds of the city around him right now.  It's as if he and Sydney are the only two people around.  Yes, he's falling in love,and he doesn't care who knows  it.  For a couple of minutes they stand there as one.  The feel  of her body against his is heaven to him.

Finally, he pulls back and kisses her on the cheek.  He looks at her and begins to talk.  "Sydney,  what do you say we forget the diner?  i know we're both starving, but  why don't we just go back to my hotel, order some room service, and get to know each other some more.  Oh, and continue the interview also" he says with a wink.  They have great food, and after all, it is only across the street.  And don't forget, I'm an old man here...that walk might do me in!" 

Mike playfully hugs Sydney saying..."So, sound like a good plan to you?"

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She smiles as she rests in the comfort of his arms. She feels really comfortable and safe with him. She has been in 2 different relationships that she did not feel very comfortable in but they took 2 years to get out of. She wanted to be with him right now and that was the big big difference. She forgot anything else was happening around her..

She kisses his cheek as she holds his hand. She looks at her watch noticing that the time is 10:45. As he talked about the plans for the night she groaned in frustration. The plans sounded really fine and nice but she knew that she would not be able to do so. "I can't be out late tonight. No it is not the job. I'm still living at home with my mom and dad and surprisingly I have a 1:00 a.m. curfew. Plus I don't know if it is such a good idea to be alone with you." She says hoping that he does not talk that the wrong way. She looks down at the ground, which she usually does when she is mad, sad, or scared.

She laughs. "No your not old. Just mature..well kinda." She laughs.

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Ps: (I was also wondering if u would be interested in starting another to with me in addition to this one. If so we can discuss details in the requests room. Let me know :-) )

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Mike felt so happy as they stood there, hugging and holding hands.  But then, he noticed as she looked at her watch and let out a moan.  He felt as if someone had punched him in the gut.  He began to wonder if he had pushed it a little bit too much this time.  That is one of his worst attributes, and it looks as if this time it may have finally caught up with him.  "How could I have been so stupid" he thinks to himself as he braces himself for the let down. "Stupid stupid stupid!"

He looks into her eyes as she tells him about living with her parents.  He understands her plight of course, but he's still angry at himself for being so aggressive this time.  He smiles and nods in understanding.  "I understand that Sydney, I really do.  I know that with such a beautiful daughter as yourself, that your parents must worry about you all the time.  I have no choice but to follow those rules, and I think you should too. No matter how amazing things are progressing between us, I'm still a bit old-fashioned in some ways i guess, and I wouldn't dare ask you to do anything that would in anyway jeopardize your home life."

But then, he heard the words, "Plus I don't know if it's such a good idea to be alone with you", another punch in his gut.  And when she looked at the ground he couldn't help but think he had really screwed things up.  It's funny how he could take what seemed to be the most amazing thing to have ever happened in  his life, and with a few words blow it all to hell.

He really didn't know what to say now.  Deep down inside, he knew that it was probably a very bad idea to even suggest such a thing, even if his intentions we honorable.  And they were.  He suddenly felt so bad about what he had done, what he had said and suggested to Sydney.  Was there even anything he could say or do at this point to make things better?  With these thoughts running through his head, he then realized that yes, he had to say something to repair this.  If anyone was ever worth fighting for, it was Sydney.

He did feel a little bit better when she joked with him about being mature, but still, he couldn't help but feel that he had screwed things up.  He returned he laugh with his own, saying.."Thanks....I think", then gave her a big nervous smile.

He takes a deep breath, and then begins. "Sydney, I really do understand about your folks, and I'm ok with it.  But something else you said made me realize that maybe I've been a little bit over the edge here, and I want to first apologize for that."

PS....(Sure, I wold definitely be interested in starting another with you.  Just let me know. Look forward to talking about it.

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She looks at him in the eyes as she realizes that he is hurt. She can see the hurt that is in his eyes and she hates that she could do something like that to him. She doesn't want him to be hurt EVER especially because since he was such a good guy to her. She didn't want him to feel hurt, sad, or mad at himself. Nothing that happened tonight was his fault.

She grabs his hands as she holds his hands. "Thank you for understanding the living situation with my parents. Yes they are very protective of me especially my Dad. I'm his little girl so he is very protective. He wanted the curfew at 10:00 pm but I was able to talk him out of that and get it extended another 4 hours. He has always been very super protective of me. I'm his only daughter, well only child, so he makes sure that I am safe and protected. He is still very pissed and mad about my last relationship. He swears he will NEVER let that happen to me again. He will make sure the nice guy I date is okay with him." She shrugs hoping that making comments like that won't scare him away.

She knew that right after she had said "Plus I don't know if it's such a good idea to be alone with you" that she had messed up BIG TIME. She is horrible with expressing her feelings and at this current moment in time it was clearly evident. She felt like she needed to explain to him where her head was at. She really liked this guy and she felt like she had screwed up everything with just one comment.

She helds his hands in her hands as she looked deep into his eyes and shook her head. "No don't you dare apologize. I'm the one that needs to be apologize. I'm sorry for saying that comment like I did. I didn't mean it as I'm scared to be alone with you. I meant it as I don't want you to think that I'm the kind of girl that opens her legs for anyone. I'm not that kind of girl. I'm really not." She didn't want to tell him that she was the old-fashioned type of girl that was saving herself for her future husband. She was very very old-fashioned when it came to dating. She liked being treated like the princess and all that cutesy stuff. No guy ever did that for her though. She said as she looked at him. "And as far as looking down at the ground I do that because I get really nervous and I guess that is how I show it. "

She smiles as she stroked his cheek.
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Mike smiles at her as she explains her situation to him.  He does understand all she is saying.  And that is why he likes her so much.  They think so much alike, that it's almost scary.  "I appreciate all you've said Sydney. I understand where you are coming from.  I'm an old-fashioned type of guy in many ways, and I think that you're an old-fashioned girl too.  I think that's par of why we've been able to connect so well.  But Sydney, I have to apologize to you.  I really do. 

I am so sorry to have even hinted to you that the only reason I wanted you to come to my room was to seduce you.  That is far from the truth Sydney."

"Not saying I didn't think about it" he says while blushing, but that wasn't my intention at all.  I just wanted to spend some time alone with you so I could get to know the most wonderful girl I've ever met a little more.  Was it a bad idea?  Probably so given that we're talking about it now.  But you know what?  I'd probably do it again in the same circumstances.   Sydney, I like you.  Like I said, I think I'm falling in love with you.  And it makes me so happy.  And I want you to be happy.  And that's why I have to apologize to you. I was way to aggressive, and it may have appeared that I  only wanted you in my room for one reason only.  And for that, I'm so sorry.  I hope you can understand and that you'll accept my apology.

If you still want to, why don't we go down to the diner.  I so much hope you still want to, but I'll understand if you don't.  Not sure I'd want to be around me either at this point.  So what do you think?"

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As he explains to her how he feels about everything she looks up at him smiling clearly very very happy about meeting him. She puts her finger to his lips. "Shhh. Just stop okay. Please do not apologize to me because you have no need to apologize at all. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I'm just being the typical overdramatic girl. I know that you are not that guy. You are an absolutely amazing guy."

"Well of course you thought about it because it is only natural. But the difference is that you are not pushing it on me. I know that all that you wanted to do was to spend some time getting to know me a little bit better and no it was not a bad idea at all. I really appreciate you for wanting to do something like that and I feel the same way other than the hotel room thing. I like you too Mike. I like you ALOT. I'm starting to fall in love with you. Just so you know I'm the kind of girl that falls very easily for a guy. It really does not take much to get to that point. I wear my heart on my sleeve if you could not tell already. Of course I understand and I guess if you feel the need to apologize then yes I do forgive you."

She nods as she looks up at him. "Yes I would very much like to go down to the diner and get to know you a little bit better. I love being around you cutie." She smiles as she blushes.

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Now that that who awkward thing is out of the way, Mike is so relieved.  He still feels ashamed that he would make Sydney feel so uncomfortable, and he knows he must make amends.  It was such a relief to know that she still wanted to go to the diner, and he was excited about it.  He keeps thinking about her falling very easily for a guy and it does bother him a bit.  He will have to show her that he's isn't like the other guys shes known.  But how can he do it?  It's almost as if she has built up some type of wall to prevent her from being hurt again.  As unfair as it may seem, he is going to have to work harder  because of some idiot that treated her badly before.  But he doesn't mind doing it.  "I'd sure like to find that last boyfriend and beat the hell out of him for this" he says to himself, then lets out a chuckle.

"Thanks for humoring me on this and letting me apologize Sydney.  That means a lot to me.  I really don't mean to try so hard,but I guess that I just want so much for you to know that I'm nothing like that bozo who dumped you.  Even though you've not really talked about it much, I can tell that it still bothers you Sydney.  I understand that you may have your guard up, and I can't say I blame you.  But please Sydney, be patient with me, ok?  And remember, I'm not that other guy."

Mike leans in kisses her gently on the cheek..."Be patient with me?"

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She was so glad that they had put everything out on the line like they did. It would hopefully be able to give them a new start. Even though Sydney had no idea where they would end up she knew that she enjoyed his company. This thing that was happening between them was fun though she was scared because she had no idea where he would be in a week. He was after all only in town for the week. She heard him chuckle and just shook her head at him. Maybe he really was different from the rest of them. I sure hope so because I need something really good to start going on in my life.

"I'm not humoring you. Really I'm not. I honestly think that you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I know you are not like him because you are NOTHING like him at all. Of course it bothers me still. It was a 2 1/2 year relationship. My dad gets so mad at me then I can't just shut him out of my life. He doesn't understand how I can still think good things about him after everything that he did to me. " She shrugs. There is a lot that happened with Luke, her ex-boyfriend, that she never really told him before.

She nodded. "Of course I will be patient with you. I'm sorry for not being." She said to him as she put her arms around him. She whispers to herself. "I hate that I let him hit me like he did." She hopes that he didn't hear what she said. She knows if he did then the whole story will have to come out and she is gonna break down.

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As she reached in to hug him, Mike hear something that probably wasn't meant for him to hear.  To hear that some slime ball had hit her was enough to make his blood boil.  But Mike knew that right now was not the time to talk about it.  No, it has to be on her terms, not his.  Even though he just wants to find out where this idiot lives and pay him a visit, he know he can.  Not now.  The last thing this sweet girl needs is more drama in her life.  So he just holds her tighter, hoping to make her feel more at ease, a bit more secure than she's used to.

As they start walking to the diner, Mike puts his arm around Sydney's shoulder, pulling her closer.  "Sydney, you said something about how your dad gets mad at you.  I can see his point honey.  I understand that you spent 2 1/2 years of your life with this guy.  I can speak from experience that at lot can happen in that much time.  But I can see his side too.  He's known and loved you your whole life Sydney.  I've only known your for about 3 hours, and I know how I feel about you in that short amount of time.  I can only imagine the love he must have for you.  That's probably why he gets mad at you, and I know it sounds corny, but it's because he loves you.  I can understand a little bit why you still may think good things about that jerk.  That's who you are.  I don't know that you'd think bad about any body."

I stop walking and turn to you so you can see my eyes. "But Sydney, sometimes you just have to let it go.  Again, I speak from experience.  You just have to get it out of your system, or it will eat at you and eat at you and destroy who you really are.  I know.  I've been there, and believe me, it's a horrible place to be.  I won't ask you all the details, but I want you to know Sydney, that you can talk to me at anytime.  Yeah that sounds like a line, I know.  But I mean it Sydney...anytime.  About anything, anything at all.  But only when you want to.  Just think about it Sydney.  Remember, I've been there, I've kept things inside that I thought I could handle.  But none of us can do it alone."

I look down, sort of ashamed of the lecture I just gave you. "Sydney,  I don't mean to sound like a father, but I too care about you, and I just think you have things that still bother you, and I want you to know that you can trust me, you can talk to me. OK?"

Mike lovingly pulls her towards him as they start walking again.  He hopes that he hasn't done more damage than good.  But those words about him hitting her still haunt him.  And to think that she may still actually have feelings for that idiot are actually hurting him.  But again, if he doesn't do all he can for her, he knows that he will regret it the rest of his life.  But still, he wonders why it seems that the nice guys always finish last.  There he is, pouring out his soul for her, and she hints that she still has feelings for that clown.  He resolves then that he will do all he can to prove to her that he is worth it.  He knows she's worth it, and he will fight for her, no matter what it takes.  He looks over to her, and smiles.  He can tell she is thinking, but he knows she has to make the move.  If she wants to talk, she will.

"I'm sorry about the lecture Sydney" he says with a laugh and smile.  "So tell me, whats running through that pretty head of yours?"

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She puts her arms around his body as she lays her head on his shoulder. All that she wants is to feel that sort of protection with him. She barely has ever had that kind of security before so if holding on to a sweet cute guy like Mike will do that for her that she will hold him. He makes her feel so happy and really good about herself.

As he pulls her in closer she leans her head on his shoulder as they walk. As he talks to her about her dad she smiles noticing how cute and sweet this guy is. He cares about her. He truly cares about her because if he didn't he would give her this kind of speech. "I completely understand where my Dad is coming from. He HATED everything that happened to me and he couldn't really do anything about it so that hurt him. Knowing that he couldn't do a damn thing to protect his little girl was probably the hardest thing for him. He really does love me so much and I love him more than anything in this world. I'm his little girl and I hate that my daddy gets mad at me still but it is one of those things that is really hard to stop. It is hard really hard" She says .

I stop walking also and look at you. "I know that I have to let my feelings for him go. I know that I have to push away all of the good things that I saw in him because there are so many worse horrible things that I remember from him. Those are the things that piss off my dad. I hate this so much." She sees a bench and sits down on the bench and she pats the seat next to him hoping that he will sit down. She wants to open up to him and tell him almost everything about them.

"Luke was a good guy at first when we started going out. He was really sweet, charismatic, and very charming. But my Dad thought that this would end up bad but I never really listened to know but now in hindsight I should have. We moved in together after about a year of dating. Things were good at that point but when we moved in together things went horribly wrong. He worked from 8-8 everyday so he was stressed out and annoyed when he came home from work so I was kind of like a physical and verbal way to get out his frustrations. Then when he got drunk he came home and he hurt me." She says as tears fall down the side of my face still finding it hard to talk about. "My dad could never do anything because I was so naive always blaming myself. I don't know why I can not keep his face and his feelings out of my head."

She holds his hand smiling at him. "But meeting you was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. It showed me that there are truly real good guys out there. You are such a good guy but maybe you should leave and save yourself all of the drama that comes along with me. " She looks down embarassed of herself.

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Mike sits down beside you, and listens intently to every word you say.  As you talk about this Luke character, I still think of how much I'd love to meet him and give him a good ass whipping.  As I see the tears fall down your face, I can barely take it.  I reach over and gently wipe them from your face, trying my best to console you.  As you continue to talk, I can see that you truly don't know what to do.  I can tell that all you want is to feel loved, to feel safe.  And I can offer you those things I think to myself. 

It's all starting to come together a little bit to me as you keep talking.  I think that you are keeping those good times from Luke, no matter how few they may have been in your mind, because they made you feel important, and loved.  You so much want those feelings that you are willing to overlook the horrible things he did to you.  But the thing is, I don't know how I can help you see this. 

After hearing you explain things to me, I grab your hand and hold tightly.  "Sydney, I know this must be hard on your dad. But you know, your feelings are important too.  I can see that you only want someone to love you, to make you feel special.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  But there is something wrong with this whole situation.  As much as it hurts you, or as much as it may scare you Sydney, you have to let this Luke guy go.  Forget about the good things he did sweetie.  Forget about them.  I didn't do that in my life once before Sydney.  When Brandi dumped me, I couldn't help but remember the good times we had.  Because they gave me the feelings I wanted.  I overlooked the horrible things she did, because it hurt to much, so I just remembered the good times because they made me happy.  But then, one day, I realized that I could never be happy, could never get the things I wanted from life, if I kept on living in the past.  I saw that I couldn't move to the future if i was holding on to the past.  It's impossible.  I just had to make the I hold on to those things that brought joy and happiness to me so long ago, and depend on them to get me through, or do I let go, and allow new chances to come up.  Do I let them go so I can have a good future, or do I hold on to them and give up any hope of ever being happy again.  Well Sydney, I think you know what the answer to that is.  Had I kept counting on those old memories, I would have never met you.  I would have never had the chance to look into your eyes and see someone I could love.  I would still be back at the hotel thinking about what could have been, not what can be.

And Sydney, I'm not a father, but I think that's what your dad thinks.  I think that's why he seems to be so frustrated with the situation.  He can see that you aren't truly happy, that you are merely holding on to something that happened long ago.  And he knows that there is so much more out there for you if you only let go.  Thats why he gets mad and frustrated.  Not because he doesn't understand, but because he loves  you.  And you know what?  I love you too."

I touch your chin, lifting your head up so I can look into your beautiful blue eyes.  "Sydney, I love you!  I want you to be happy.  But if I can't make you be happy.  You have to do it sweetie.  It has to come from inside of you, because you want it to.  Basically, it's up to you Sydney.  If you want to hold on to the past, you can't expect a future.  Happiness wasn't meant to be a one time was meant to be a life long thing. Something to be built on each day, to be made stronger.  But if you stop being truly happy, depending on that one time, well, then you are no longer growing.  Whats the point in doing anything else?  You have your happy times to remember, so nothing else with matter.

I know that those words might sound harsh, and I am so very very sorry if they've hurt you at all. But Sydney, I think you needed to hear them.  You have so much to offer.  You're smart,'re beautiful.  But you aren't happy honey.  And that's something we need.  Please don't be mad at me.  And please, think about it, ok?  I want you to be happy...truly happy. I want be able to make you feel safe.  And I want to treat you like the princess you are.  But before I can do it, you have to be ready to accept me, and know that you can be happy again.  I promise you Sydney, if you give me the chance, I'll help you feel happy again."

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As they both side down on the bench together Sydney leans over and links his arm with her arm. She knows that they haven't even officially been out on a date or anything even regarding close to what could be considered partially a relationship but she feels safe with him. He makes her feel really good about herself and that is something that is very rare for her so when she finds it she never ever wants to let it go. She leans her head on his shoulder feeling the comfort of him.

She nods in agreement about everything that he has said about the past and everything with regard to Luke. "Yeah I know that push away all of the horrible things that he did to me and instead I think more so about the good things that we had though they were far and between. I guess I just want those lovely dovey feelings."

She smiles as he mentions her dad because her dad means the world to her. "This is so incredibly hard on my Dad. I hate that I make him mad at me about something that I am clearly able to control. I'm his little girl and I always will be and for him to not be able to help me at a time where I should have let him help me is the worst feeling in the entire world." She says as a few tears run down the side of her face. She gets super emotional about their strained relationship. "I hate that I pushed away my Dad when I needed him the most and for that reason our relationship is strained and I have absolutely no idea what to do in order to changed it. I know that I really did mess up with my Dad. I honestly don't think that our relationship will ever be the same again and that is worst feeling in the entire world." She says as more tears run down the side of her face. She has always been Daddy's little girl and this hurts.

She looks at him. "I know that I need to forget about Luke and push him out of my life forever because nothing good will ever come out of that relationship. All that ever come out of that relationship was pain and sorrow. As much as I wish that I was happy about 95% of the time I was dreading come home to see him. I shouldn't have felt that way but with how he treated me I felt that I had no other way to feel.

She looks at him after he tells her that he wants to be the guy that makes her happy. She loves and wants that so badly. "I want you to be that guy that makes me happy and proves to be that good guys finish first. Because you are truly the best guy out there. I don't know how to go on from here. I need your help. I never ever ask for help from anyone because I am incredibly independent but this is one of those times where I think it is okay to ask for help because I know that I need that help. I want to be able to move on with a wonderful, cute, sweet, amazing man..YOU. " She smiles as she nods knowing that he could truly be the person that could finally make her happy again and she knew that she had to put her heart out there again. She was 99.9% positive he wouldn't break her out. If he did then she was okay with that because then she knew she did everything that she possibly could have done.

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While they were talking, Mike could see her smile when she talked about her father.  He could tell that she really cared for him, and that she wanted to be all that she could.  Right then and there, he decided that he was going to do his best to help her become all that she ever wanted.  "If she wants to be happy, I'll make her happy" he thinks to himself.  He knew that she was making him happy. 

He reaches out and pulls her closer to him, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.  He wipes the tears away, and lifts her chin so she is looking in directly at him.  "Sydney, I give you my work that I will do all I can to make you the happiest girl in the world.  You are already the most beautiful girl in the world!"  He looks at her and smiles, and gently kisses her.  "I want to help you and your dad too Sydney.  I know you love him and you want things to be the way they used to be.  If I can help that, just let me know."

"I know it scares me to death, but at some point I'm going to have to meet your dad.  He might hate my guts, but I have to let him know how I feel about his little girl.  I know it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.  He may not accept me, but as long as he and you work things out, everything else will fall into place."

He looks at her sitting there, and he just smiles.  He reaches over,holds her tightly, and kisses her passionately.  He keeps holding on to her, enjoying the touch of her soft lips against his.  He briefly removes his lips and mutters...."Sydney........I love you."  He then continues to kiss her, holding her body close to his.

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Sydney looks up at Mike as he lifts her chin so that they are both staring at each other in the eyes. "How do I meet such an amazing, sweet, caring, gorgeous guy at a bar?" She tells herself as she smiles and kisses him lovingly on the cheek. He really does make her happy just with how he talks to her and that does not even include how amazing he is.

She holds his hand. "Well that job of making me the happiest girl in the world make be a little bit hard for you to do since I met you about 3 hours ago you have made me one of the happiest girls in the entire world. I still can not even begin to understand how some girl would be stupid enough to leave you. I mean I know for a fact I would never ever do that. You are just so sweet and amazing and I appreciate every thing that you do for me." She smiles as she kisses him lovingly on the lips.

She laughs as he talks about meeting her dad. She thinks how absolutely adorable he is. "Oh you are going to have too huh? Hmm really? What are you trying to say Mister?" She smiles as she holds on to his arm. He is so amazing and absolutely amazing. "He would love you anyways. Plus things are not exactly perfect with me and him right now. But he would really love you. You are pretty awesome." As he tells her he wants her dad to know how he feels she smiles. "Oh yeah and what would you tell him?"

She kisses him passionately back. "Mike..I you too" She smiles as she leans her head on his chest. She really just feels so incredibly safe with him and in his arms. She loves absolutely everything about him.

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So many things are going through Mikes head as he sits here, holding tightly to the girl he is falling in love with.  Her kisses are unlike any he has ever had.  The touch of her lips just make him melt.  How can you fall in love with someone in 3 hours he asks himself.  But why even question it?  If anything has ever felt good in his life, it is this. 

Mike sits back and just smiles.  He can't help it.  He looks at this woman sitting beside him, and he can't help but to feel so happy. 

He looks over to her and says..."Sydney, I have a question for you.  Did you ever, ever in your wildest dreams think that something like this was even possible?  Did you ever think that you could meet a stranger, then in about 3 hours....well, you know....start to fall in love with them?  Honestly, I never thought it would happen to me.  But what a wonderful surprise it has been!  It's like a dream come true, a real life movie.  And you know, I love it!"

But then, a serious look comes to his face. "But you know...there seems to be something missing.  I just can't quite put my finger on it...but something just doesn't see quite right"  With that said...all of a sudden, his stomach lets out such a loud, long growel, that it must have registered on the Richter Scale.  "That's it!" he says.  "That's what's missing!  Food!  Let's head to the Diner now my love...what do you say?"

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Sydney sits there with him resting in his arms, loving each and every moment that she sits and bounds with him. The way he kisses her makes her feel so good about herself. He is such an amazing kisser definitely hasn't had anyone kiss her like that before. She can not believe that she had fallen in love so quickly but it was good because she felt the best that she had felt since the break-up.

She smiles as he asks her about them. "No I never thought that I would fall in love in the course of 3 hours with a guy. I never thought it was possible but it has happened. It is the greatest feeling in the world knowing that I could fall for someone so easily and knowing that you are the guy. You are like a dream out of a movie. Sometimes I have got to pinch myself just to tell myself that this is real." She looks over at him. "This is real right? I did meet the greatest guy in the world tonight?"

She laughs as his stomache grows. "Yeah I think you are super super hungry. I'm hungry too so let's go over to the diner. It is not much more than a 15 minute walk from here." She smiles as she stands up and holds his hand as they began to walk to the diner.

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Thats another thing Mike likes about Sydney...she knows how to laugh. And she appreciates his strange sense of that takes a lot.  "Sounds good to me" he tells her.  He takes her hand, and they start their journey to the diner.  He thinks to himself that maybe he should offer to drive, but then again, it seems like things are going so well right now.  They can interact so much more this way, besides, he could always use the exercise.

"Now Sydney, I've got a serious question for you.  What do you think your dad will say about us?  I know that he's so upset about that last jerk.  I guess I'm just worried about getting a fair shot.  I can't help but think that no one will ever be good enough for his little girl.  And then through in the fact that I'm, well, more mature, I just wonder how it will go.  Even though you might think I'm great, and of course I agree with you, (WINKS at you), I'm still worried about meeting his expectations for you.  Does that make sense at all, or am I rambling on again?"

I turn to you, and catch a glimpse of you smiling.  "What's so funny about that I ask" in an exaggerated tone?  "You think it's funny that I'm scared to death of your dad?  Oh man, there I go again..assuming that you even want to tell him anything at this point.  See what I mean about rambling on and on?  Might as well put a pink bunny suit on me and call me the Energizer Bunny!"

I suddenly stop, and bend over..."Go ahead and kick me now..might slow me down a bit and stop the rambling!"  I then bust out laughing as I peek back at you and see the "what the heck have I gotten myself into" look on your face.

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As they walk to the diner she continue to look up at him noticing how adorable and cute he is. He is absolutely the sweetest and most caring guy that he has ever known. She loves talking to him and just hanging out.

She looked at him and she didn't exactly know what to say so she did not speak for a few minutes. "He is still super upset from the last boyfriend but he never liked the guy from the beginning. He said all of these things that he hated about him but you have absolutely none of those things. I think that he thinks that no one will ever be good enough for me but then again he has not met you yet." She smiles as she holds his hand. "All that he wants is for  me to find a guy that makes me happy and that treats me with absolute respect and is very honest with me. You do all three of those things so I think that you are going to be fine. No you are not at all rambling and it makes a lot of sense."

She laughs. "Yeah I think it is a little funny that you are scared of my dad but I think it is very cute at the same time. No I do want to tell him about you. I was actually planning on call him tomorrow and telling him about this wonderful guy that I met and am falling in love with. He may be concerned when I tell him I'm falling in love but as long as you are you I think you will be fine."

She shakes her head at him. "What the heck have I gotten myself into?" She says.

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Mike appreciates the fact that Sydney is trying her best to make him at ease about her dad.  He really is very nervous about it given the way things went with her last boy friend.  But as thinks back over the past few hours, he knows that he would go through any kind of meeting with him, because he is truly falling for his daughter.

"Thanks for making it seem like it's not such a big deal Sydney.  I really appreciate the fact that you're trying to help me deal with this and overcome my nerves when it comes to your dad.  I'm really most nervous that he'll judge me by the last guy, but also think he'll be able to see that, hopefully, I'm a bit different. 

When she tells him that she was planning on telling her dad tomorrow, Mike sees the chance for some fun.  He stops in his tracks, and turns towards her with an obviously exagarated look on his face.  "No  way!  You're really planning on telling him tomorrow?  I don't know if I'm ready for this or not!  I don't think I'll be able to sleep at all now...I've got to practice my approach to him.  Any suggestions for me honey?"

He tries not to laugh, but can't do it.  He breaks out  laughing like a mad man, gasping for his breath.

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Sydney smiles at him as he talks about her Dad. He looks so absolutely cute right now as he looks really concerned. She really is falling for this guy and she is falling fast but she tells herself. "At least he is a good guy and I hope that Dad will see the same. I'm sure he will though."

She smiles as she looks at him. "Your welcome and honestly babe it is not a huge deal. It will all be fine and work out. Don't you worry. You are so different and as soon as he sees you I am so sure that he will see that. You are a sweet, loving, and caring guy. You are very cute and sexy too. I kinda like you." She smiles back at him.

She laughs as he teases her. That is the one thing that she loves most about him: the fact that he can tease her. "Yes way! My dad and I are really close so I do not really like to keep things from him. Especially not something as important as you. Don't practice your approach. Just be the Mike that you showed me. Just be you and you will do wonderful.

She holds his hand.

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As she takes his hand, he's amazed at the way she makes him feel.  Amazed that she can calm his fears with her words.  Without looking at her, in a shy and embarrassed voice, he whispers..."Thank you.  I feel better now."

With a squeeze of her hand, they start walking again.  After a few moments of just enjoying the moment, he puts his arm around her again.  He loves it when she rests her head on his shoulder.  It makes him feel as if they are even closer, almost one.

"Sydney, I really meant that, what I said  about you making me feel better.  I'm really nervous about your's like I'm a teenager again.  But your words just took away most of my concerns, and I'm glad of that."  He reaches over and kisses her cheek..."Thank you."

"By the way, are we almost there?  It sounds like WW 3 in my stomach" he says with a laugh.

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She smiles up at him as he talks about how comfortable he feels now. She is really glad that she is able to at least give him that. That really does mean a lot to her especially since he had already made her feel so amazing about herself. That was one thing that was extremely good for her and she was really happy to be with him.

As they walk and he pulls her closer to him, she leans her head on top of his shoulder. She loves the comfort that he is able to give her so easily. She realizes how lucky she is to have a guy in her life like him.

"I know you are truly very nervous about everything but I promise you that everything will be just fine. I think it is really cute that you are nervous. It shows me that you truly care about me and want us to work. That you are not just in it for a "lay." I Mean I know you weren't before but now it is really true." She says as she continues to ramble on and on. That is something that she does when she is getting nervous. She doesn't know why she is nervous.

She laughs. "Yeah we are actually there." She says stopping in front of a cute little cafe called "Dino's Diner." It is very small but very cute.

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Finally they reach the diner, none too soon for Mike.  He hasn't eaten since this morning, and he's really kind of hungry.  He opens the door for Sydney, letting her enter first.  Once inside,he takes her hand, waiting to be seated.  After the waitress greets them and begins to take them to their table, her reaches over and gives her a quick peck on the cheek.

He pulls her chair out for her and sits her at the table, then sits down himself.  He looks at her, hoping to get a glimpse of her beautiful eyes again.  But this time, he notices something a little different.  She seems to be off in her own little world, almost as if she is thinking, or more likely worrying about something.  He's had that look all too often himself, so he knows there is something going on.

He looks over at her and softly says..."Sydney, what's wrong?  Have I said something wrong or something?  I can see it in  your've got something troubling you."  Gently putting his hand on hers, he says..."Sydney?"

While waiting for her to answer, Mike suddenly gets an awful feeling.  "Oh no, please tell me I didn't say something stupid again" he says to himself. 

He softly rubs her hand with his thumb..."Sydney, are you ok?"

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As they walk in to the restaraunt she looks at him smiling wide. She thinks to herself "Wow this guy is such a sweet and wonderful man..a true and classic gentleman. I mean who else would hold open a door for a girl. Not many but she was very glad that he was one of those people." She holds his hand as they sit down.

As they both sit down at their table, she is completely and utterly in her own world. She is again thinking about her ex-boyfriend and Mike. She wonders if things will ever be okay with her or even if she is the kind of girl to deserve something so good like him. Maybe she is meant to be miserable and alone forever.

She shakes her head laughing at him. "No no you didn't do or say anything wrong. I was thinking about HIM again. I hate that I'm thinking about this guy when I have the most wonderful man in the world sitting in front of me. Sometimes I really do truly wonder if I'm meant to be happy or if maybe I don't deserve the kind of love that you have given me."

She looks up at him seriously. "Plus I'm truly kind of scared of what my dad would say about you. It is just nerves. I'm just scared he won't accept you because I couldn't handle that.

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As Mike does the simple  things, he loves to see the way she looks at him.  But he just doesn't know what the big deal is.  Hasn't anyone ever held the door open for her, or pulled her chair out for her to sit? "I guess I really am old-fashioned" he thinks to himself.

When she tells him how she feels about telling her dad, about how she's worried about what he'll think, Mike feels like a helpless little boy.  He feels so bad for her.  "But why does she think he won't accept me?" he asks himself.

"Sydney, I never meant to put you in this situation.  I feel so bad that you're scared about hearing what your dad may say.  What can I do to help you?  I don't want you to hurt, and I especially don't want to be the cause of any fears of problems for you."  Mike reaches up and rubs her cheek with his thumb.  "Sweetie, can I do something for you?  Please, tell me what I can do for you.  I don't want you to hurt because of me.  No, I want you to be happy because of me."

Mike doesn't want to slow things down.  Not after they have gone so well in such a short amount of time.  But he doesn't want Sydney's life to be full of anxiety and worry just because to him either.

"What are you scared about with telling him?  Is it my age?  I really wish I could make this all better.  Maybe I'm just pushing it too hard or something, I don't know.  I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.  I'm as amazed as you are over what's happened over the past few hours.  It has all happened so fast...but if feels so good.  So right.  Maybe, when the time is right, we should just talk to him together.  Maybe if he sees that you are really happy, it will be ok."

"I'll hold your hand if you hold mine" I say with a laugh.  "Other than that, I don't know.  All I do know is that I'm falling for you Sydney.  And I like it and I won't let anything stop it.  I have to give it my all, because you are worth it to me."

I grab your hand.."So, what do we do?"

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She smiled at him loving all the little things that he does for her like opening and holding the door for her. It was just one of those things that she never really got a lot of before so now that she gets it she is going to thank him for it. "Thank you for being such a perfect gentleman. Your one of the rare ones that is still around." She giggles.

She smiles up at him as he tries to reassure her that he never meant to hurt her and she knows this for a fact. "I know you didn't and you are not putting me in any type of situation. I'm not hurting at all. I promise you that. You are not doing anything at all even close to what I could even begin to consider hurting. I don't know if you could ever really hurt someone. You are such an amazing guy and I'm lucky to have someone like you in my life." She smiles as she rubs the side of his face.

Even though things have happened really really quickly she would not change a thing but she met him and is starting to fall in love and that means more to her than anything.

She continued to shake her head at him. "No no no you are not at all making me uncomfortable. I feel 100% comfortable with you. It is a little bit of the age thing and a little bit of the whole us falling in love so quickly thing too. To me I don't care about any of that but I'm just worried about Dad. I mean I know that he will support us but I'm just scared a little of the initial reaction. " She smiles as she caresses him. Plus the last relationship made Dad put up his guard. "

She smiles wide. "I like the idea. I want to hold your hand always. It makes me feel so secure. I'm falling for you too and I refuse to stop it because I want us to get on truckin'."

"We proceed with us and um..go to Portland um..tomorrow night..Weathers nice huh?" She says trying to change the subject wondering if maybe he didn't hear the Portland part.

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Sitting here with her, listening to her giggles, seeing her beautiful smile light up the room seems to make all his fears go away.  The way her nose crinkles up when she laughs just makes him melt.  Not to mention that she is beautiful.  How could I ever be so lucky to have found her is beyond me he says to himself.  But I'm so glad it has happened.  To know that she feels the same way as she rubs his face, makes anything worth it.  Even if it means facing her father.  Yes, the thought does make his blood run cold, but for her, he would do anything.

Though he is lost in the moment, falling in love with this wonderful girl, he suddenly hears something that seems to make his hear skip three beats.  He looks over at her with a part confuse, part terrified look?  Did he just hear what she said, and does it mean what he thinks it means?

Looking over at her, doing his best to give her the deer in the headlights look, he starts to talk.  "Uuuhhh, Portland?  Tomorrow??? there a reason my hearts racing and my palms are sweating when I hear those words? Other than proof I'm falling in love?  Isn't that where your dad is" I ask with uncertainty.  "Do you think he's ready for that?  No, do you think I'm ready for that? I ask with a big smile?

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She looks at him and notices how absolutely adorable he is. He has every single quality that she could ever ask for in a man. He has extremely good looking, is amazingly sweet, treats me with absolute respect, and many many other things. It was very strange that she would meet somebody like him at a random bar but it was the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to her. He was an absolutely amazing man and she was lucky to have him in her life.

She giggles and looks at him as his face gets a little flushed and he seems to be getting a little bit scared. She was weird and she thought that it was really cute.

She laughs. "Yes um Portland and tomorrow. Hmm I have no idea whatevsoever why your hurt is racing and your palms are sweating. I just have no idea." She says feigning it pretending like she has no idea what he is talking about. "Yes my Daddy is in Portland." She giggles trying to fake him out. "Ready for what? I don't get it." She says pretending.