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Author Topic: A Dishonest Day's Work. Request/Interest check  (Read 725 times)

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Offline blackstarTopic starter

A Dishonest Day's Work. Request/Interest check
« on: December 14, 2010, 04:55:39 PM »
((Hai, this is my much-anticipated first RP here on Elliquiy, and I'm very excited to get started. Haven't done this in awhile, so bear with me!))
      This little story has a present-day setting. It begins in Las Vegas, Nevada, a seedy little bar called: The Dust off in an neighborhood seldom-seen by Sin City's usual wealthy, or gambling tourists; In fact, places like this are hard to get to, even if you know it's there. But the patrons, and the management like it better that way. The Dust Off Was exactly the type of place someone like Leon Crawford would go to find the "talent" for his next job.

   Mr. Crawford, as he is referred to on the FBI's top ten most wanted list, is a businessman with standards; So, such things are obviously reflected in his appearance. His clothes are something of a European playboy. A stylish, three-piece Italian white-silk  suit covers his tall, well-toned frame. Under the suit, the exaggerated  collar of a black cotton dress shirt  folded neatly over his lapel, accent the small gold cross necklace around his neck. Mr. Crawford has an obsession with  aesthetics, from the tip of his hat, too his meticulously polished shoes. Perfection. It is the very reason he got into this line of work.

     He walks into the bar, the beginnings of a sneer play across his, otherwise handsome, face. Mr. Crawford always dreaded coming to places like these; But, thieves, by their nature, always have dens that they return to for some reason or another. That's just the way things are. And thieves were precisely who he needed. Mr. Crawford's brown eyes always seemed a little brighter when he thought of extreme financial gain, and today was no different. He ordered a Crown Royale and ginger ale, his favorite drink and swirled it idly while trying to drown out the unrefined sounds of American classic rock and the clatter of pool sticks. He checked his watch, the diamonds in the face glaring brightly, despite the dim tavern lighting.

     "Nine A.M.?" He muttered to himself with a sigh, before taking another sip of his crown and ginger. He was an early bird, why do all off the other thieves sleep-in? he thought. Mr. Crawford, having nothing better to do with his time decided to go over his recruitment list, one more time.

Recruitment List

Demolitions expert

Master of Disguise

Infiltration Expert

Safe Cracker



     He sighs once more, folding the list and putting it in his pocket. This is a big job, he thought. He'd better have all of his bases covered. But, how would he find that kind of talent in this dump? Good thing he was lucky.

((This is open to everyone assuming you're interested, just pick an expertise and send me a message. Will start with just one other player ^^))

((P.S. )) The jobs listed are just a jumping point, be sure to think of any other skills or talents you'd like!

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Re: A Dishonest Day's Work. Request/Interest check
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2011, 10:28:08 AM »
I am aware that this is a month and a half old, so I hope you're still interested in doing it:

I'd like to play a wheelman/mechanic. Well, wheelwoman.

I like to play female characters. I have one character who is adaptable. She's 19 and damn near a master mechanic, and an excellent driver. She drives a black '67 Camaro with white racing stripes and with more than a few dollars under the hood, along with countless hours and definitely a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It is at the very edge of being street legal, and the only thing that isn't new is the block, so she doesn't have to pass smog.

Are you interested? Maybe my bump will get some more attention for your thread.

Offline blackstarTopic starter

Re: A Dishonest Day's Work. Request/Interest check
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 12:26:08 PM »
Totally interested. Sorry for the late response. But, I'm still stoked to try this one out