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Author Topic: Emma's Seeking! [MXF OR FxF needed] Updated New Plot  (Read 1294 times)

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Offline NojoomElShat12Topic starter

Emma's Seeking! [MXF OR FxF needed] Updated New Plot
« on: December 12, 2010, 09:09:40 PM »
I really want to roleplay and for some reason, I can't seem to get what I want. One of my thread just failed  :'( so I am trying something new. Please read and message me if your interested. I'd like to hear your plots and everything too so don't be afraid to message me or write me here.
Please see my On's and Off's as I will see yours too. :D

Little about me on what I like:

- I am 100% female but no offence please :P
- I am submissive and would like to have someone who is dominat or submissive
- Age is 18 but into older people
- Also, don't message me and then say "I am not interested in roleplaying" after we have discussed.
- I don't do webcam, picture sharing or whatever because I will block you or ignore you.
- I like to try group roleplays.
- If I don't respond to you back after two or three weeks without telling you that I will be offline, you need to message because sometimes my messages won't be sent.
- I am very friendly and not picky on anything unless you give me something off and creepy :P
- I will play in either my Msn mail, in threads/posts, or in pm's but post or email is better for me
- I will tell you if I need to be away from the roleplay for something personal but it's usually my school.
- I love to have OOC but it is not required if you don't like/want.
- I am semi literate
- I love long and short paragraphs but please leave me something so I can make up and write.
- If you have plot, feel free to share. If not, that'll be okay as long as we make something up
- I am into romace, action, drama, darkness, supernatural, rape (FxF), bondage (Like to try with female), fun, naughty.
- I am more into sem-literate or literate people. Please no tying "u" for "You"
- I am more into FxF but into MXF as well
- For FxF pairings, I like it to be rough and hard for example one of the mistress pulls her hair while she snucks two fingers in her mouth to gag her. Or even seductive and rough for example she tries to seduce the lady slow even though the lady telling her to fingers her harder but the mistress does it slow to hurt and seduce her. For FxM pairings, I like to be soft and romance. Nothing too rough please or babbed cocks or what not. It just turn me off and creep me, sorry.

For my characters:

- She is submissive and enjoy dominat
- She likes getting seduced and hurt in roleplay.
- She likes to get tricked without she knows by someone and result her in something pain or pleasure.
- She is usually very innocent and gentle but will change if we agreed on something.
- She likes to get teased but she flirts because in her theory, she think it make people happy.
- Will be more to list if we discussed.

For Cravings:

I am craving for these but if you don't like it, we will discuss :) Feel free to share :D

-> Poor with someone who is rich who treat my character like slave
-> A teacher with a student
-> Incest (I will disagree to do with parents or siblings but the rest of family will do agree)
-> Step siblings
-> Love to try master with slave or mistress with slave
-> Massage Lady with her patient
-> Vampires and human with special ability (Romance)
-> Werewolf with human. (Romance)
-> School nurse with student
-> Waitresses or waiter with waitress
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Offline NojoomElShat12Topic starter

Re: Emma's cravings and information! [MXF OR FxF needed]
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 06:28:55 AM »
Few plots that I like to play with anyone

I will come up with more plot once I get to see if it's good or not.

1. This is either for Master/Slave or Mistress/Slave OR a lonely poor girl with someone rich

Emma's life was very dull and hard for her little age. She had one sibling who is one year older than her and was stuck in the hospital for her incident. She loved her sister very much that she was afraid her drunk father won't afford anything for her sister's hospitality and expenses from tests. She was very worried that she will let her sister go from her to heaven if she doesn't help her but she had nothing in her mind. She only had few friends at school but they all seemed to be rich and a little rude. She was a little bit embarrassed of what is happening in her life.

But she think to herself, "what does a stupid sixteen like her would work and where? How much salary will she get and how will she survive her sister?" but apparently, she left hopeless in her dark room. She had no one to trust nor to rely on somebody. She wished her life would've been more like other teens herself but unfortunately, she was stuck between death and poor of her family and beloved sister.

Her sister was still at the hospital sleeping while her mother is there crying and praying for her daughter but her father was just relaxing with his friends, drinking and clubbing. She hated him and didn't know why her mother dated him. As she done part of her homework, her marks started to go below her average mark. She was worried she won't be finishing her high school but will be left uneducated as she started to cry.

She cried in her bed till she suddenly fell asleep with her homeworks on her bed as she woke up in the morning from the bright sun, touching her lovely hazel eyes. She dressed up and took her bag with her as she only took few loaves of bread, eating while rushing in her way to her school. All this thinking and stressing from yesterday's incident made her think to go hunt some job or beg in the street. Will she be survived or will she be tricked? We will see :)

2. This is for school nurse with the student. This will have a lot of twix to this plot so it's very fun! I like to have a young character of twenty two to thirty years old as the girl will be discussed. We can discuss the age of your character as well :)

Nina was training with volleyball with her other team mates of girls and has to compete with other school but she is not allowed to be sick. If she is very sick or have high fever, she has to check for school nurse. But Nina was afraid of some check up because she want to compete with other school as she is very competitive girl herself. But when the school nurse came in, she was being very gentle with her. From days to days, Nina started talking to her school nurse about her problems as she started to feel comfortable with her school nurse. The school nurse was young looking attractive lady tho' few students dislike her. Then once they became closer and became friends, Nina invited her over to her house when she was alone to talk and have fun while the nurse have her opporunity to try some adultery with Nina. But instead, she may seduce the girl in order to protect her job position and let the girl come to her.

Please feel free to discuss with me your changes of any of my role plays :) Thank you.
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Offline NojoomElShat12Topic starter

Re: Emma's cravings and information! [MXF OR FxF needed]
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2010, 05:02:39 AM »

Love this idea. Is it still available?


Indeed, it is :)

Offline NojoomElShat12Topic starter

Re: Emma's cravings and information! [MXF OR FxF needed]
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2010, 09:18:28 PM »
Thank you Chrystal :)

Offline confusedbilliam

Re: Emma's Seeking! [MXF OR FxF needed] Updated New Plot
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2011, 01:36:19 PM »
Are you still up for the idea about the poor girl?

Offline NojoomElShat12Topic starter

Re: Emma's Seeking! [MXF OR FxF needed] Updated New Plot
« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2011, 10:44:04 PM »
Are you still up for the idea about the poor girl?

I sure am :)
Do you have any plots or do you want to share something? ^^