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Started by Seraph, December 10, 2010, 01:45:40 AM

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This section will likely always remain small, as I work better at working on joint story ideas. I am not the best when it comes to initiating things. Any idea listed here will need something added to it from any partner.

Awakened Desires - This is just a vague concept. My character would be a female who has noticed that women are attractive, but has never given any serious though in playing for the other team. She meets a girl who she gets along with really well, and this girl starts a slow seduction, introducing her to a whole new world. This concept would feature my character as a submissive innocent being taught how to please a woman. This concept can be applied to almost any setting for flavor, be it modern or fantasy. The focal point would be on a dominant woman taking the submissive inexperienced woman and introducing her to lesbian pleasure.

Sex Toy - A girl strikes the fancy of a certain man, and she turns him down. She thinks he is handsome, and would have given him a chance except for ... some reason. Maybe he was rude, or had a wedding ring, or she used to know his girlfriend and isn't aware that they broke up. Used to getting what he wants, or unable to give up on her, he kidnaps her and takes her to his summer cabin. There, he sets out to break her and dominate her and make her want him. The catch in this story would be that there is a small amount of attraction to the man, but not enough to make her follow through of her own volition. The player for this story would need to be a very dominant male who can operate within the boundaries of my ons and offs. Failure to familiarize yourself with my offs may lead to me canceling the game if you try to use my offs.

Double the Pleasure - This idea is only half formed and was inspired by the anime Ouran High School Host Club. The inspiration was based on the Hitachiin Brothers. Twins who are extremely close but both share feelings for the same girl. This Idea is NOT asking for these characters in specific. Those characters were just the inspiration.  I would love to have a set of twin guys who were very close to each other decide to share a girlfriend. This might be done with her knowledge or it might be done secretly, with her not knowing there are two different men, until she has had them both. Depending on how it played out, she may accept them both or want only one. It could go many different ways, with them forcing her to have them both if she tried to resist. Liking them anyway, she would just be forced to accept the idea of them as a package in everything. This is something that you could put your own twist on rather easily.

Some general wants at this time are stories in general that focus on a Dominant and Submissive relationship, or to the extreme, a Master and Slave pairing, with my character as the sub or slave.

Dragons. I am not one for bestiality. Let me make that clear. A dragon on a smaller scale, like a young dragon, and a human, is a pairing I do enjoy. I do like my fantasy dragons to be able to take human form as well. I have done a RP in the past about a dragon who captures a girl to keep as a slave. She grew to enjoy and to love him and would please him in both human and dragon form.  If there was a dragon RP of this nature available, I would be interested.