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Author Topic: Delirium Seeks Delight (F seeking M)  (Read 2305 times)

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Delirium Seeks Delight (F seeking M)
« on: December 08, 2010, 08:18:49 PM »
The following are not strictly all that I'm interested in.  If you are surfing the 1x1 requests, looking for a female partner, send me an idea, and I'll be more than willing to let you know if I'm open to trying it (which, more often than not, I will be).

Please read my on/offs before you continue.  If you still have questions, please feel free to PM and ask.  Otherwise, here is a general list of ideas that have been bouncing around in my head.  The number of asterisks (*) indicates me level of interest.  1 is meh, 4 is "I will love you unto the ends of the Earth".  If you're interested, send me a message to flesh out details.  I usually lay down a basic plot, but leave everything else up in the air to give some creative license.

I have two main categories:
+General Plot-Heavy Snippets
+General Silliness - I.e., these are meant to be fairly short, for you non-committal types

These will be denoted PH and GS, respectively.

Also, please keep in mind, if you see an idea that is taken, don't be discouraged.  I am willing to do repeats if they are significantly different, so still be sure to drop me a line.
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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (M/F)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 09:44:40 PM »
+E. Fermi, Paranormal Private Eye****: TAKEN
October the 16th, about two weeks before Halloween, three young women, between the ages of 18 and 30, went missing within 24 hours of one another.  No real connections between the three, at least none that the police can see.  The local force labels it as a serial kidnapper, just some looney, but is there more to it than meets the eye?  And that's where Mr. Fermi comes in.

Meet E. Fermi, Private Investigator, and paranormal gumshoe extraordinaire.  Ghosts, psychics, witches - he's seen it all (or so he says).  With the help of his trusty partner, Dandi, he's taken on some of the strangest cases the city has had to offer.  If logic can't explain it, he'll get to the bottom of it, and these disappearances are right up his alley.  Brilliant, a little crazy, and sometimes oblivious to the things (and the ladies) right before his eyes, he has yet to fail on a case.  But when their kidnapper starts to hit close to home, is our detective about to bite off more than he can chew?

-Looking for:  Mainly, lead male character.  Maybe be required to control some NPCs
You will play Fermi - and yes, you get to choose his first name, personality.  I just wanted a story about a character whose name was E. Fermi :P

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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (M/F)
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2012, 09:45:23 PM »
+The Princess and the Pe...nis.**: TAKEN
A comedic, naughty take on the old bedtime story.  A Prince seeks a Princess to share his throne and life with.  The problem?  He's hung like a horse, with the stamina to match.  Oh, sure - princesses have claimed to have passion abounding, only to pass out after the first three hours.  After years of searching for his soul mate, he's just about to give up.  Then one stormy night, a thud rocks the castle gate.  His servants open the door to find a woman, sopping wet, seeking shelter for the evening.  What the Prince doesn't know is that she is a Princess who has yearned for passion and will go to any lengths (or girths) to find the man who can satisfy her.  Both jaded with dozens of... failures, they barely even consider one another until an accidental encounter leaves them wondering if maybe they've found the one.


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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (M/F)
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2012, 09:46:34 PM »
+Shadow Dance***:
She was a talented girl.  Studious.  Flexible.  For several years, she trained to be a dancer, and it showed in every fibre of her body, every calculated move. 

She was the ideal choice to be trained as a covert agent.

She was to be spectacular, but she had one flaw:  complete lack of confidence.  A second-guesser.  When her first mission - a low-level assassination, nearly gets herself and a crew of others killed, her superiors realize she needs a different kind of help.  They assign to her a veteran, one who's seen enough battles and enough failures to know how to make a master out of a novice.  His methods?  Unconventional at best:

"Do you want this?" he murmured, a hand tracing along her thigh.

"No, of course not!" she protested heatedly.

"Ah, but we've already discussed this.  Your mind, your social stigmas, your mores - they don't play into this.  You left those at the door.  The only thing that exists is your instinct.  Your body's reactions.  Now, I'll ask you again - does this feel good?"


"Do you want this?"

"… Yes."

-PH or GS
-(Initially) Non-con, possible BON
-Looking for:  Dom male; has worked as a mercenary of sorts
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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (M/F)
« Reply #4 on: November 16, 2012, 07:59:17 PM »
+Rose and Snow***:

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters, Rose Red and Snow White.  The girls lived in the woods, and each morning, the playful Rose would frolic amongst the trees and dance with the woodland creatures, while her quiet sister Snow would tend to the house before settling down to a novel by the fireside.  The pair had a quiet, peaceful kind of life, and though Rose often wished for more excitement in their days, they were content.

One dark and snowy night, there came a thudding knock at the door.  Though White pleaded with Rose not to answer, the impetuous elder sister opened the door to find a strange creature, like some manner of half-beast.  Barely conscious after bearing the stormy weather, he collapsed.  Immediately, the girls took him in to care for him, thus setting in motion a chain of events that changed their life.

Based on the fairytale by Charles Perrault, this story of course will take a more adult turn.  There will be greater depth to the interaction between the creature and the girls.

-Looking for:  You will play the creature, and later, the dwarf (or perhaps some other strange being?!).  And hey - if you play your cards right, there may be a threesome in it for you  ;)
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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (F seeking M)
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2013, 09:38:59 PM »
+A Game with You**:

One was a high socialite.  A woman with connections with all the right reporters, businessmen, bankers, event coordinators, what have you.  While a charitable femme, she still had plenty for use on rent for a swanky penthouse suite, overlooking all the city.  Not quite famous, but one whose name was certainly on every invite list for the next 6 months. 

The other was a simple man.  A typical 8-5 worker.  He earned a meager, but sufficient pay check.  His residence, like his life, was simple - a cozy little apartment built just for one.  He didn't like drawing attention to himself; a humble fellow, it just wasn't his style. 

When night fell, both wore masks.  One was a hero, and the other, the greatest thief the city had ever known.  For years, they played a game of cat and mouse.  For years, she was just out of his reach.

That all changes one night.  Double-crossed during a job, she slips up and is followed back to her lair.  Trapped by the hero, she is forced to reveal her identity.  Though viewed as a man for the people, the hero is sometimes... less than moral.  Seeing his chance to put the villain in her place, he agrees not to reveal her identity, on two conditions - one, she cease her wrongdoings immediately, and two, that she submit to him for one night.  The deal is sealed (so-to-speak), and they agree never to see each other again.

But something else is coming - a villain more treacherous than the city has ever seen, and one strong enough to even overpower the hero.  He'll need help, but when he reaches out to the one person who can help him, she throws their agreement back in his face.  Can he convince her to don the mask again for the greater good? 

-PH or GS, depending
-BON, at least the first time.  VAN, BON, or NC, following
-Looking for:  Someone to play the hero and possibly the greater villain (the second part is negotiable to an extent), as well as some NPCs here and there.  Perhaps Oliver Queen-esque, but not quite so rough around the edges (in fact - please try not to lift your character directly from an existing template.  Some similarities are fine, of course.)  Yes, yes, I know.  More cheesy nonsense.  Sometimes you just need to give into the cheese.

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Re: Delrium Seeks Delight (F seeking M)
« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2014, 09:36:13 PM »
+Shoot the Moon***:

He is... the Suicide King.  The King of Hearts.  A man unlucky in love, and a vagabond wanting to start anew.

She is... the Old Maid.  The Queen of Spades.  A wise woman, and a lonely soldier. 

Looking to escape his old life, he moved from the rural outskirts to the big city, soon becoming lost in the hustle and bustle.  Out of loneliness and lust, he calls upon an escort service to hire a call girl - the clean, high-end sort, but a call girl all the same.  When she arrives, he's taken with her, the confident & mysterious vixen that she is, but cannot help but find her very familiar. 

Maybe not right away, maybe not even for a few days, but eventually, it suddenly hits him like a ton of bricks - she's the quiet, mousy little secretary that works the front desk in his office. 

Does he approach her about it?  Does it hold it over her head?  Why does she do it?  Which is the real her?  This is an open-ended story of duality.  It will likely open some time around the gent calling the service and meeting his escort, and as it progresses, he must decide how he wants to approach the woman - mild-mannered woman by day, bombshell by night. 

-PH or GS
-VAN, BON, or NC
-Looking for:  Someone to play the Suicide King.  Personality, appearance, and almost the entire background are up to you.

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Re: Delirium Seeks Delight (F seeking M)
« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2014, 04:58:29 PM »
+The Smoking Gun**:

From the moment he could open his eyes, he had his nose stuck in a book.  Bookish and brilliant, only education ever held his interest.  A Rhodes scholar at 17, a PhD at 21, he was on his way up in the world.  When he comes across a discovery that will change present day society as we know it, he finds himself a target for more than just scholarly journalists.  Suddenly, he is hunted by a dark syndicate that wants nothing more than to control him and the knowledge he possess, and they're more than willing to end his existence if it means securing their goals. 

His only hope is an underground alliance of ancient academics, but smarts alone won't save him this time.  Under constant attack, they are soon forced to employ a hired-hand.  Assigned to protect him is a warrior, trained in the fiercest schools of combat.  Lethal, sharp, graceful - and female.  No puzzle has ever challenged his massive intellect - all except how to interact with a woman.  How will he survive his own bodyguard, let alone the hunt for his head?

-Looking for:  Mainly, the Scholar, but you will be required to play other minor characters, too.  Aside from a player, I'm looking for someone who is willing to be very creative and very flexible on this front.  I do not know what it is he has found.  I do not know what can be done with it.  I know nothing about the syndicate or the underground alliance.  I want someone who is going to have fun planning this with me and will put in as many twists and turns as they like. 
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