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Author Topic: Some RP Ideas that I have (M Seeking Dom F)  (Read 978 times)

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Some RP Ideas that I have (M Seeking Dom F)
« on: December 08, 2010, 07:18:43 PM »
Okay, My last Request got deleted due to being I've tried to think of any's not brilliant, but i may as well share it...

The Drive of his Life

Mark 'Felon' Raptor...that was the name the SeaCrest County Police Department gave what had to be the most Notorious Street Racer that drove through the Road's of Seacrest County. He was fast, he was dangerous, but he knew how to drive, that was for sure...however, no-one can escape every single time...One day, it seems like a Usual day in Mark's Street Racing Career, as he's driving along Three-Point Road in his Red Nissan GTR-SpecV...but then the Light's Blare up once more, and, smirking, thinking it was the usual thing, Mark speed's off...but suddenly he finds himself in a position he's never been in. On the Back foot! This mysterious Female Takes him to the limit...and in the end, He's busted...or is he? After he's caught, he is ordered by the Woman to follow her to an unknown location...she isn't wearing the usual SCPD Uniform...who is she?

So this is loosely based off of the Game 'Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit'. This is an Adult Roleplay though. The RP can either start with the Pursuit, or it can started when My Character is Busted by what he thinks is an SCPD Unit...however, it turns out to be a Rogue Femme Fetale, who has stolen an SCPD Vehicle, and, using her Brilliant Pursuit skills, goes around Taking Out the most Handsome and most Blacklisted Street Racer's she can find...and she hits the Jackpot when she Takes out the most wanted Racer in Seacrest County...She will then Force the Taken out Racer to follow her to an unknown location, and from there...well, it's up to you, the Femme Fetale, to decide what you do with Him...Just remember to check my O/O sheet to see what I enjoy having done to me the most~ ;)

Sex-Drive City

....That's what He called it anyway. He'd only moved here about a week ago...but already it had happened 3 times...the kidnapping...the restraining...the surge of unwanted pleasure that always surged through his body...the explosion that always happened when he just couldn't hold it back after what his captor had done...and then the Searching for valuables throughout his person and clothing, before the Release...HE had learnt after the 2nd time to NEVER carry anything valuable unless necessary...IT hadn't happened for two day's now, and The young Male, who moved to the city after taking a Job offer as a Forklift Driver for a large firm, was beginning to feel safer...but he knew...the looks coming his the sharpening of a knife behind a Killer's back...eventually, it would happen fact...a small, Perverted, wild part of his Brain...hoped for it to happen again...hoped that another Seductress of this City would Capture him...and Make his Wildest dreams come true, before emptying him of what little he owned for the service...He was only 19 though...and he could swear the ages of the 3 Girls that Raped and Robbed him Ranged from 21 to 37..."...Sex-Drive City...Sounds about Right..." HE muttered as he walked down the Street, Eyes peeled.

...Yeah, It's not exactly original...basic Idea, you are one of these Femme Fetale's of "Sex-Drive City" as It is known by this Newcomer...Loving the pleasure's men can give you, you decide to make this young man's dream come true, whether he's up for it or also plan to strip him of any valuables that he may have on him after you have blinded and immobilized him from the pleasure...but what happens when, after striking him gain a taste for him? irresistible taste that no other man you've raped and stolen from has ever given you?...will you ignore it and keep preying on the young men of Sex-Drive City...or will you focus on the 19-year old who made your Hormones scream like they've never screamed before?

So obviously I'm looking for a Dominant Female to play this role of a Sexual Thief...though of course, if you have alterations or other idea's, I'm open for them.

Here's my ON/OFF list for those who will want to know what makes me kick.

EDIT: As well as my Ideas, I'm up for (almost) any idea's that involve Femdom (Dominant Female's if you don't know XD). Anyone who'd be up for that, PM me. as well as that, here's a small list of possibly Pairing's I'd enjoy (I'd be the Human in every Case, though alteration's can of course be made.), along with Stars indicating how much I crave each Pairing.

Succubus x Human *****
Alien x Human *****
Demon x Human ***
Vampire x Human **
Neko x Human ****
Pokemon Gijinka (Pokemon with Humanoid characteristics) x Human (most likely a trainer LOL) **
SuperVillainess x SuperHero ***
SuperHeroine x SuperHero **
Goddess x Human ***
Elven x Human **
Witch x Human ***
Female Werewolf x Human **
Princess/Queen x Human (Knight/Cilivian)

As well as those, there are some fandom's that I do. I'll add a few for now. oh, and just to point out, in EVERY case, while I can try to play a character for you, I PREFER to play an OC and for you to play a Canon character for me...anyway, the one's I can do are:

Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy (only one's I've never played at all are V, IX, and XI)

There are probably more, but I can't think of other's at the moment. ^^;
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Offline Lightshock16Topic starter

Re: Some RP Ideas that I have (M Seeking Dom F)
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2011, 12:23:04 PM »
Just a quick notice saying that I am still looking for anyone up for my ideas (though I will say I am more interested in the Pairing's than the plots at this present time). Also quickly pointing out that anything Slashed out means I'm not interested in RPing it anymore (In this case Beyblade RP's, LOL).