Sink your teeth into these.... (Looking for dom male)

Started by Piercer, December 06, 2010, 11:59:57 PM

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Several new story lines have been thinking about. If you are interested in any of them let me know.

Gothic: A young girl find herself wondering the streets late at night, far from aware of the late night stalker following her. Finding herself on the wrong road she finds herself trapped by a very mysterious man who is out for more then just a good time.

Western: I am quite fond of westerns. A rugged gunslinger in a small town, a very intelligent young wealthy rich girl who decided to say the wrong things to the gunslinger and finds herself in a bit of a jam.

Mid-evil: A princess captured by the rival kingdom. The king, an older, but very handsome, man had plans to make the young princess his new queen to bridge the kingdoms. Yet she refuses him, and he does not take to rejection well.

Teacher/Student: A teacher finds himself torn between a young girl and a woman he plans to marry as a young student seduces him in hopes of increasing her grade. After wards she finds herself infatuated with him.

I truly hope one of these stories catches the eyes of some one. Please PM or reply here if you are. I look forward to playing with many of you.
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As I have been thinking over night and this morning. I am also perhaps looking to try an angle based on pirates. Not completely sure on how to work the story line yet, but I am sure we could build something together.
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I would like to play the Teacher/student if possible


I like the western idea. Sounds like it would be fun. What did you have in mind for the male, character wise?
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