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January 22, 2017, 06:28:10 PM

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Author Topic: Pursuit's desires..  (Read 359 times)

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Pursuit's desires..
« on: December 06, 2010, 02:32:58 AM »
Hey there! Im guessing my title caught your interest no? Well if it did read on and let your interest grow!

A little about me.
Well to sum myself up I like most types of rp-ing fetishes, except for gore and menses which means, most ideas are fine with me but I am here to post a few small ideas (NOTE: the small ideas part) to build around for plots.  I like to leave my plots small in order for me and my role playing partners to bend and twist them however they please

What to expect.
I won't lie when I say my posts are heavily dependent on my partners so if you find yourself posting a paragraph, don't be surprised to find me doing the same, maybe even less. :-\  But the most I usually post is about 4 paragraphs and only like to read no more then 6 to me it just gets a bit stale after that sixth one and the post is just being dragged out.

I love Elliquiy but as a freshman in college with an art major I am usually on somewhere from 4 pm Eastern to pretty much 6 in the morning the next day.  I have a small case of Insomia so I usually find myself on Elliquiy all night half dead.  I prefer my partners to post once a day or very actively during one day, once a few days pass I tend to get a bit impatient.

My O/O's

What I would like to try..
-I am currently craving a dominant female or slightly larger girl in the rps.  I think that was both would be fun too!

I made a small topic trying to get my cravings to step outside my normal boundaries but i didn't get any real response so I will add it to the actual searching thread.  To sum it up, I am wanting to try to dabble in a bit of the extreme and exotic fruits, tentacles, furries, futa and m-preg.  I am eager to give them a test drive so don't hesitate to ask about them when you message me.
(below is a link to a topic that says pretty much the same thing.  You can look at it to be a rebel and feel special.)
ready for a big if?
you don't like my plots don't hesitate to message me purposing an idea. I might love it, I might not but you never know until you try, like Ive said I like most fetishes and most plots (that dont include extreme gore) so if you do have a well thought out idea or plot, I will most likely love it.

**** - craving
*** -  love it
** - like it
* - Meh..


****You will be Mine
Two gods fight for supremacy but one has a weakness that will be his undoing.  The Light god's powers lie in his loyal guardians that carry out his actions on Earth.  But when the darker of the two gods discovers this, while the guardian Vedi is out patrolling he is captured and brought to the Dark God's underworld.  Once the Dark discovers how to corrupt the angelic guardian the guardians armor begins to change and morph to his new masters will.  Just how can the Dark corrupt the guardian? And what will be the extent of its torture?
(this can span from alot of things, from futa to tentacles to rape to bondage.  just refer to me O/O's for things i wont do in this rp)

****On the farm This is a whole new field Im stepping into, I was thinking of a transformation story.  A guy getting transformed into a girl and then his- well her transformation getting altered further into an anthro horsegirl

second idea that goes with this is that an anthro cat, dog, horse (any type of normal animal) gets caught by slavers and is taken to a special farm to be used for her milk and will be broken during the process.

****At the Mercy of...  In a large city that has been damned for centuries the modern day world is attacked and quickly subdued by the attack of demons.  An unlucky 18 year old is closing up his families local restraunt late at night is caught in the middle of everything.  He tries to run making it as far as the woods before realizing something was hunting him.  He turns and spins looking for the monstrocity he knew was tracking him.  He takes a quick glance back seeing nothing before spinning to catch a better look and starring at a 12 foot tall demon starring him down with a smirk on its face that couldn't mean anything good.

****Extra Curricular Activities.  Vedi is a shell, a shell of his former self, after his girlfriend broke up with him and immediately went to another guy since they had been together since freshmen year.  The high school senior barely of age finds his art lacking and slowly declining before he just comes to a complete halt in making anything without even a week of school going by.  It wouldn't be as much of a big deal if he wasn't doubting becoming an art major which everyone knew he was destined to do.  Then she notices, a young stone cold fox of a teacher that had watched this all happen as the first few days of school ticked by, the way every time the ex passed in the hallway he nearly fell out of his chair to catch a  passing longing glance.  The teacher has a plan to reignite the fire inside of the young artist and herself with some private after-school tutoring.

****The Commander's gift. (not based off of warcraft) Its war, all out between the righteous humans and the blood thirsty orcs.  Vedi finds himself injured and knocked unconscious during the biggest battle and wakes to finds himself being dragged to the orc commander as a present, a well trained human soldier is good for anything.  (this can go just about anyway, a man a slave to the orc comander who can be male, female, shemale.  Im just curious to see where it goes) Craving to play submissive role.

***Chasing the Goddess. Vedi just moved into town sporting a pair of ragged blue jeans covered in paint and a shirt to match.  He moved to this small town for no other reason then to get away from everything that was too serious, hes the kind of guy that needs things laid back and just go with the flow.   During one of his many free periods while he is in the art room working on one of his many pieces he notices a beautiful girl watching him, the girl quickly walks into another room gone without a trace.  Soon he finds himself set on edge by the girl, a girl he only catches small passing glimpses of.   Soon he finds himself running down halls of the college looking around every corner to find this girl and figure out why she was so mysterious

****Stranded After a mission on a far off planet the capsule that was returning Vedi to the ship with his other space marines a rogue asteroid flys by knocking Vedi's course off balance and causing him to lose thruster control.  The last his allies saw of him was the pod flying threw the emptiness of space constantly whizzing and spinning in random directions making him untraceable.  He awakes upside down and falls out of the pod onto a sandy beach.  The trained warrior shrugs off his armor revealing his fit lean figure underneath the titan like protection.  Aimlessly wondering threw the jungle island he falls into a pit falling and hitting a pool of water with a loud splash.  He swims up gasping for air finding himself in a cave with beautiful purple skinned people all starring at him.  Something was different about this planet, there wasn't equal rights, there wasn't law but there were females. Females that took control and were only all too happy for such a  fine specimen to fall right into their lap.

***One of us.. Vedi was just napping in the park one day when a sound that resembled a shriek met his ears.  The sound was so intense Vedi could barely gather himself up and look into the sky to find what it was. In a blink of light Vedi disappeared and the sound stopped.  Everyone looked around asking each other what had just happened but no one noticed the young mans disappearance.  He awoke to find himself strapped to a cold metal table, an orchestra of strange sounds surrounded him when the strange looking alien walked in.  He was going to be used as a test subject for all sorts of experiments ranging from genetic modification to species transformation and even body morphic properties.


I am always looking for a roleplay so if you have an idea you want to throw out to me or your really craving something dont hesitate to send me a pm.
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