Mercy Rules: A Virtual Reality Adventure [NC-H possible NC-E] (Looking for GM)

Started by Darwishi, December 05, 2010, 08:42:31 PM

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Madison Rockwell comes from a lineage of superheroes and superheroines.  Most of them have never been heard of after their greatest and most famous heroine died off so many years ago.  Not that she died of anything but natural causes, but she'd retired long before that, raised a family and lived to be 120, to see her grandbabies have babies.  Lauren Rockwell was superheroine that called herself Mercy.  An ironic name that history professors often figure she used just to lull the men into a sense of security.  She broke bones on a nightly basis, cleaning up the worst parts of New York City by sending the criminals not only to jail but to the hospital first.  Even if those criminals go out, they were too afraid of running into her again to even think about criminal activity. 

From the stories some might assume she was a buxom heroine with huge tits and a great frame.  True she was athletic, and had the body of a sports super star (but was mutant and therefore couldn't play), but her breasts were A-cups at best.  They grew all of a cup-size when she got pregnant with her first baby, Madison's Great Grandfather.  The real story behind her name came from not wanting to describe her powers while out in the tough world of being a superhero.  She'd picked it from an old nick name that her mother used to call her.  A story that makes Madison smile every time she reads it. not a superheroine at all.  She graduated college at the tender age of seventeen, and now at twenty-two she designs gadgets for the hero community.  Which is the closest she'll ever come in real life.  Fortunately there's virtual reality, a sort of second-life that Madison can escape to where she becomes Tera (named after Terabyte, an archaic unit of measurement in this day and age) so almost no one gets the reference. 

While Virtual Reality (VR) has been out for the past decade or so, MegaCorp just came out with a new technology to add onto it.  Naturally, Madison jumped at the chance to beta test the hardware and the software. It had the ability to communicate with the mind, allowing the user to feel what they experienced.   Only two people had access to that tech first.  She instantly created a persona Tera, whom she'd wanted to jump right into the superheroine role.  However, while she could design the suit of her choice and even keep her avatar looking like herself (using self-image technologies) she couldn't be a superheroine.  There were no games set up that way for an action-adventure role play.  Still the experience of feeling the wind on her face, the slight ache of her muscles when she worked out, it was intoxicating.  Granted pain levels, pleasure levels (from endorphins and such), and feeling, smelling, and tasting in general all could be toned down or up to modify the player's experience.

Now, a few years later with "all" of the bugs worked out of the system they just came out with Fantasy VR.  Basically a program that allows the player to create a world around themselves and really use the AI (named Jean) to build a fantasy world so that whatever they want goes.  Madison always had a pretty meek existence, so naturally, when the game came out she was the first to own it, again working out bugs for the developers before the official release.  Now it's bug free, and she's built a world where she's a pop-star singer Tera, with the alter-ego Mercy.  Named after her great great Grandmother.

Unlike her predecessor though, Madison didn't want the cape.  While Lauren lacked curves up top, she had one of the most amazing asses, if anyone could see past that cape.  Madison has a similar build to her great great grandmother, B-cup breasts (thank goodness) and a butt that would make a black girl jealous...or at least compare butt sizes.  Madison, and therefore Tera, is nearing the six-foot mark as was the previous Mercy.  In the game, Tera dresses in spandex numbers and impossibly short skirts with fishnets to appeal to the audience.  Once off stage she wears a skin-tight, black, wet-look lycra full-body suit, with gothic style boots, a utility belt (literally with whatever she needs) and a sleek domino mask that fits neatly over her eyes to conceal her identity.  The suit appears to have no zipper, and consists of FlexSteel to ward off bullets, blades, and most attacks. 

Madison often plays with the pain sensors turned down, but the pleasure sensors jacked all the way up, just a little higher than normal.  She's constantly on missions to find the latest criminal in-game, and always manages to take them down.  While, like the originally Mercy, she loses a fight and may get tied up, she's never been so much as groped before she managed an escape.  Namely because the AI is programmed to follow specific orders.  It would never grope or rape unless the player specifically set up that world around them.

In this Fantasy VR world there's the ability to go on multi-player missions.  Something that Mercy takes part in quite regularly.  The other characters want her on their team.  She's dark, sexy, and kicks a lot of ass.  Plus she's extremely helpful for figuring out the extremely complex puzzles and/or traps that they face.  This multi-player platform takes elements from different people's worlds and crosses them over, but only within the guidelines that the player has set up.  With Tera she's set it up so that there's no groping, and no rape of her character or any other player characters. 

Currently Madison lies face up on her bed clad in her favorite spandex, black shorts and her peach tank top.  She logged on this morning just after eating.  She'd finished her latest freelance project for a protector of the city, so now it's time to log in and lose herself in the virtual world for a few hours. 

Tera starts off with a concert in Tokyo, leading down to her manager telling her they found Lazarus, an assassin that she's currently tracking down as Mercy.  She calls off the encore she'd planned for her fans, and then escapes backstage to change.  She's enabled the ability to actually change, rather than just tell the AI to insta-change her outfits.  It allows her to feel the way the material stretches to her lengthy, athletic legs, over her firm, but curvaceous rear, and over her breasts.  Another thing she doesn't do, like the original Mercy did, is wear a sports bra or under armor under her suit.  The original appeared flat chested, and while that was the point, to keep her breasts from bouncing (even as modest as they were), it was still not something Tera wanted.  She likes looking attractive, and likes the way the men in the game stare at her while on multi-player missions.

Lazarus ducks out from a corner, a tall Asian man, just after Mercy gets changed, and shoots her manager. "Rick!" She rushes to him, though it's non-life threatening (can't be, it's a Mercy Rule) so she gets up and rushes after Lazarus whom runs, turns a corner and disappears.  She's hot on his tail, grinning as her endorphins kick up, and the rush of adrenaline surges through her veins.  She gave herself only one super power in-game, the super sonic scream like the original Mercy, plus the tough bone, muscle, and tissue structure that she'd had around her face, though looks perfectly normal.  She hardly uses it, instead she put her real-life training to use in the martial arts she uses.  Lazarus promises to be a good challenge for those skills, of course, it helps that she has a dulled sense of pain.

And...she's completely unaware of the intruder on her personal Fantasy VR experience hiding in the shadows just before the corner where Lazarus had turned. 

The inspiration for this game comes from the video below.  The girl in the story is the same as the one in the video, but with a slightly different costume.


For anyone interested I'm looking for someone to be the GM of the game and is willing to work on where the story might flow from here.  Might thoughts were that an elite hacker has come into some codes (probably left for him...or her, in a will) and is willing to exploit the weakness in the software.  There are entire worlds now in the VR world, built for specific fantasies and for groups to get together.  Some are more perverse than others, and some are more like what Madison participates in.  Mercy is seen throughout all these worlds as THE heroine that everyone would like to get their hands on.  She might not be the prettiest of them all (though she is really hot) but she's probably the most bad ass and the smartest.  As described above, everyone wants her on their team because she does kick ass and she's great at figuring out puzzles.  And to top it all off, she's pretty  nice.

At first I was thinking that the hacker would hack into her world, be the supervillain that everyone in the supervillain community wants to be.  Because in that community they make up Mercy NPC clones so they can take her out, and rape her as they please.  But they wind up customizing her to their liking, and it's never quite as real as they'd like, so they find someone with similar interests to theirs that will play Mercy or some other heroine.  At any rate, this hacker hacks into Madison's/Mercy's fantasy and breaks all the rules she's set up.  Low blows are allowed, rape is allowed, groping, orgasms, all allowed, plus he can turn up the pain register in her world making everything more painful.  He can twist the world around, so he might give himself the ability to cum in obscene amounts, aim it, and direct where it goes.  He may also prevent her from logging out or shutting the program off.  He could also change the world so that he (and other villains) can stretch a costume so he doesn't even need to strip her to rape her.  And so on and so forth.

Since she's a smart girl, I figure eventually she'll be able to log out, and then start some counter attacks with him.  He might go after her in real life, or he may stick to the Virtual Reality.  Either way they become arch nemeses, and are constantly fighting one another.  He probably would try to merge the worlds of the supervillain fantasies and the superhero(ine) fantasies.  And ultimately it'd be up to Mercy to fight back and sort of correct everything.  Now of course, not ever supervillain player would want to go along with it, so there's that but there are several that would.  Which is the angle we would be playing. 

If you want to add some stuff, or delete other stuff, or if you have your own ideas of how you might like this RP to go, feel free to post it up, or just post if you're interested.  Also, I'll be checking my PM's regularly to see if anyone is interested.