Exalted: Beyond Creation (Wyld/Fair Folk interest check)

Started by The Great Triangle, December 05, 2010, 05:03:50 PM

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The Great Triangle

With the new fair folk errata, I'm interested in running an Exalted game focusing on a small group of regular mortals who get kidnapped and dragged into the deep wyld, where they start slowly mutating into fair folk, and working on finding a way to save the wyld from itself. 

For people not familiar with Exalted, basically, I want to play a game about people who get kidnapped by faries and start slowly turning into faries themselves as they adventure in a fantasy world that obeys no rules but its own.  The game will focus on crazy vistas and be driven strongly by the narritive, focusing on the gradual transformation of the victims, and the stories that the fair folk weave to save themselves from the uncontrolled story of their own extinction.

I'm interested in finding 3-4 players interested in playing regular humans, and perhaps 1-2 players interested in playing fair folk.  (commoners or nobles)  If you're playing a mortal, no knowledge of the Exalted system is needed, though if your character is particularly remarkable, he/she might need stats.  Fair Folk will probably need stats, though their powers are extremely open within the wyld environment where they operate.  The game will be played mostly freeform, with rules used primarily for scenes of intense combat and for reality shaping magic.
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