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Author Topic: Soul Vamped [NC|Vampire|Supernatural|Seeking M]  (Read 382 times)

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Soul Vamped [NC|Vampire|Supernatural|Seeking M]
« on: December 04, 2010, 08:55:21 PM »
Soul Vamped

When Hades feared that his love would not last
That it would escape
He gave his love the pomegranate
And assured she'd return

In the near apocalyptic future, exists the race of vampires. Though Dracula was not the first. The Vampires were originally born at an Egyptian historical site, where a group of researchers unlocked a secret they shouldn't have, and were trapped in the cavernous pyramid, without water or food, and only a strange dark blood that flowed down the throat like velvet cream.

It has been one hundred years, and those original twenty researchers got out and spread the Vampiric plague. Now Vampires exist in most places, hiding in the shadows in still somewhat dulled numbers- but not truly hidden. They shroud their identities, but people know they exist. Some fear them, others accept them into society. Regardless, as the apocalypse comes near, more races are coming to be too, creatures and gifted that are unique.

One such is a young girl, who was raised by a mysterious man named Kalistratos. She has a unique personality and unspeakable value- hence her price at an auction as a personal servant and "paid companion" or "consort". Little is it known that Kalistratos, her previous keeper, was protecting her until her awakening, hiding a great secret in the incarnate Angel. When Kalistratos was murdered, she barely escaped only to be captured and put up on the market.

Now, Raziel is up for sale as a slave, best said, and is purchased by a Vampiric master (you!). Here she must do as she's told and learn to be tamed by another, while keeping Kalistratos' secret, and preparing for the oncoming War of the Skies.

| Non-Con | Master x Slave | Bondage | Action | Adventure | Futuristic | Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Supernatural | Thriller/Other |

Raziel is a young fiery woman who's soul is a sleeping Angel cast in the Cosmos to fight in the War of Skies. But until the apocalypse comes, the girl must be dormant and unsure of who she is, in the hands of a Vampiric Master.


I am looking for a Dominant Male, my character will be dominant and submissive, a good mix of both. The year is 2111, and there are aircraft, high tech stuff, and some space stations around Earth though most people still reside on Earth. Laser weapons exist, and all that jazz- I'm not really strict on technology level and improvisations. Just not anything super over-powering, remember, I'll be destroying the tech when the apocalypse hits.

Hm... Let's see, looking for one person. Preferably mark it here so I can lock the thread afterward. A male character.
As for writing, I expect two or more paragraphs per post, decent/good/adv. grammar and punctuation or writing skills in general. Just basically try, it's obvious when a writer tries. Good, creative, and innovative writers. This rp is not all about the sex, it is mainly plot-driven, though the plot does have a good bit of sex based turns in it.



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Re: Soul Vamped [NC|Vampire|Supernatural|Seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2010, 11:48:40 PM »
Hey there. I'd like to give this a whirl if you're still interested. Just hit me back so we can brain storm a few ideas if you like.