Seeking female for NC pain 1 to 1 .

Started by Jovian, November 29, 2010, 10:11:33 AM

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I've an idea for an RP, a 1 on 1 MF.  I'd play the M, who has a strange power - he can cause the pain receptors in anyone by power of thought.  He follows his target female and uses his power to bend her to his will, to make her his slave.

Now I'm rather open regarding the rest of this, whether it be modern, fantasy or sci-fi, and other details.  The M I'd play could easily be alien, demon or just a human with a abnormal power. I'd just like to RP with this power, and perhaps another power but I'm saving that for a surprise.



I would be very interested in exploring that, if you haven't found someone already?


I would also be interested if you're still looking