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Author Topic: Fantasyland: Group Tours now available(Holiday Rates!)see inside for details.  (Read 1133 times)

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Offline RS MistressTopic starter

Is a tour of Fantasyland for me?
Yes, if you have ever read a fantasy book or are interested in elves, dwarfs, adventure, romance, fairy tales, unicorns, magic, ruins, graveyards, vampires, werewolves, men who don’t wear shirts, bar fights, swords, ninjas, pirates, gold, eyeliner, leather, velvet, or the color blue.

How much does it cost for a tour of Fantasyland?
Management is happy to announce they now have several ways to get discounts. One of them is a group discount of: over five people are half off standard admission. Please ask your tour guide if you qualify for any other discounts.
(Standard admission is free)

What kind of character can I have to tour Fantasyland?
You may have your ‘tourist’ be any type of character you like with a few exceptions.
         They must be 18 or over so they are able to sign the consent forum.
         They must have some way of communicating with the tour guide. (Even if its telepathy or some such.)
         They must have a weakness or way to die. As dying is very common in Fantasyland no one is allowed in if they cannot accomplish this.

What will you find in a tour of Fantasyland?
All tourists find themselves gathering around the buss outside of the entrances of Fantasyland. Here you will meet your tour guide who will give you a guide book (cost extra), a brochure, and accompanying map. They will also tell you of all rules of Fantasyland set down by OM (official management.) OM runs Fantasyland and controls all going ons of the world.

You will note that your brochure tells you often to look at the map. You will not be given a map as OM (official management) has determined in these hard economic times to save the expense of printing them. If you are concerned about where you are, where you are going, or where you have been, you may ask your tour guide. They (in most cases) have one of the few remaining maps.

The guide book is very similar to the brochure as in it is out of print. This is both good and bad. The good news is that now you will be given one free! The bad news is that your whole group will only be given one and a used one at that. Seeing that this is a used book it gets a little testy about who holds it. It can’t be stolen or destroyed and will find someone in the group to bond with. Whoever it bonds with is the one who is able to read its pages for anyone else it turns into a high school textbook in an effort to bore the reader to death. This person is the book holder and should if at all possible not be lost or killed.

The forest thanks you for saving paper.
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Offline RomanSoldier

OOO!!! Pick me, Pick me! LOL. I would like to join. Do I need my character ready now or can that come later? What's this book thing you speak of? Let me know!

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

I will be sending an E-copy of the guide book that this RP idea is based off to the book keeper. (at least the important parts lol) I just have to finish typing it up.

Offline Xiphon III

Sounds splendid. Mind if I join up as a traditional vampire? Traditional in the sense of Extremely sensitive to sunlight(though not outright deadly), unable to cross running water, unable to enter a home without permission, and not necessarily weak against crosses, but just a strong aversion to religion, and thus a revulsion at these symbols when brandished by heavy believers in the symbols. I might do the "Counting compulsion" as well...what do you think, can I go on the tour?

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

A Vampire sounds good. Your Guide will have an interesting time dealing with your needs.  ;D I will post a character sheet soon. Just going to wait for a few more people.

And I wanted to add that even if we start people can still join as 'lost tourist' from another group. It will work similar if anyone looses interest or become too busy with RL. They can be 'lost' or die and then come back as the same character or another.

Offline Xiphon III

Thanks, glad to hear it's a decent concept.

Offline RomanSoldier

So I was thinking about having a character that is either an angel or a fallen angel. I have this idea in mind, and was wondering if we would have sort of character sheets to keep track of them or if this will be freeform. Let me know!

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

I don't have a basic character sheet, so just post a picture and or description so that we all know what they look like and add what they are good at, bad at ect. So I guess its free form; just make sure your character isn't too powerful or perfect.

I like the idea of an angel. Will s/he have wings?  ;)

Offline Xiphon III

Alright guys, I have three concepts in my head here. Which one do you all prefer? I'm thinking of playing a...relatively younger character.

vampire turned as a teen(quite old now, of course, and actually matured, unlike in some versions of vampires)

20 or so werewolf.

Some sort of shifter, probably a cat-like shifter. Maybe a panther.

Offline TiaMaria

Ooh, this looks like lots of fun! Is there room for one more on the tour?

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

We would love to have you. Any idea what kind of character you want to play?

I'm going to re-work on the idea a little and if everyone is still interested we can start soon.
« Last Edit: December 29, 2010, 06:46:11 PM by RS Mistress »

Offline TiaMaria

I've got plenty of ideas for characters.

I'm torn, so I'll throw them all out there and we'll decide which one fits the game best.

I can't decide between the middle aged thief with her magical knife

The maid with a secret

Or the kung fu master with no sense of direction

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

I think my favorite has to be the kung fu master with no sense of direction, but that is just what I think. The idea I had for this game is more a fantasy world but you can play any character you feel like.

Offline TiaMaria

In that case I'll tweak the thief a bit so she fits in better and I'll use her. She was one of the characters in a fantasy novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo in 2009.

And Xiphon III, I like the werewolf, he's cute! Would he get on with a woman who's almost old enough to be his mother?  ;)

Offline Xiphon III

Absolutely. He's quite depraved.

Offline Pandamonium

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I like tours!! If you guys are still up to it that is...oh and just so you know dragons, ninjas, and the color blue are some of my favorite things.

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

Great. I was hopeful for one more tourist. If you could give a short character description please (pic not required). RomanSoldier if you could do the same please. I will have a thread for the character sheets and rules up soon (not that there are many rules as it will be a fairly open game.)

Just to let you all know, do to problems in my RL I have had to cut out the extra guide book. We will just have one copy when we start the game. It is very possible that we may find another tour group in Fantasyland and will be able to steal theirs.

The want thread will also stay open as it is very easy to add tourist that have been lost from another tour group.

Offline Xiphon III

Okay, my guy is the standard werewolf, silver and all that, but with an extra limitation. It's just the IMAGE of a full moon that can transform him, and the image of the sun can bring him back. He's a bit f a trickster in personality. He tried carrying a picture of the sun in his pocket, but it became fur along with the rest of his clothes.

Offline RomanSoldier

I was thinking about a short, halfling ranger type... So if you picture this... Little guy that will be about what she looks like.. gear and all. so yeah, what else can I say? She is fierce and loves a good fight.. oh and beer.. she loves beer.

Offline TiaMaria

She's a middle aged woman with a serious taste for adventure and a demand for more excitement in her life. She's easily amused by other people, and also a terrible flirt when she's drunk, which doesn't take a lot, she's a lightweight. Still, she does usually remain faithful, as she is a mother of two, which usually tends to come out at the most embarrassing times. When she gets bored, she'll regularly start playing with a magic knife she stole. The knife itself seems to have a life of it's own, doing strange things whenever she plays with it.