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Author Topic: The Last Man On Earth [Survival Drama, Prefer System, Seeking DM]  (Read 744 times)

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Online TheVillainTopic starter

He called himself Jay, though that probably wasn't his name. Just the only clue he had to his past was a plaque on some sort of suspended animation tank- mostly destroyed but it looked like it was marked with a name if the only legible letter left was a J.

What exactly happened he didn't know- but the view out the window was wrong. Just- it was wrong. It was like the world had ended and nobody told him. The computers helped, though he had no idea where he got the skills to use them. According to their records 6 months ago there was some sort of war- one where weapons of mass destruction were used. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, the works. Jay had no idea if this was true or not but all signs pointed to it. He had no idea who he was but it looks like he was chosen for something because he had some skills- skills he doesn't remember that he has or not.

The records of the facility are spotty as to what exactly happened and why, and the files that would have held his personal information seem to be missing. But he has learned that one of the weapons was a programmable super-virus designed to kill only people with certain genes and some idiot set it to the y-gene. Security footage of the lower floors of the facility show scavengers breaking in occasionally- always women.

There were jokes and stories in the past, but Jay darkly quips to himself that he gets to live the fantasy.

Jay may just be the Last Man on Earth.

[Alright, had an idea that I'd like to run. Basically, the idea is a serious take on the old 'Last Man on Earth' fantasy. What if it really happened? What would it take to have happened? What would it really be like? Obviously, if the event that caused it wouldn't be considered apocalyptic then the fact itself would be. I'm thinking the vibe would include naughty scenes, and probably quite a few considering all evidence point to the possibility that he's been the only living male human being for the last 6 months, but the struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape would be more important.

I'm hoping for some sort of system like d20 modern but I am willing to be flexible with this. While it may seem like a lot of work, I do go on a slow posting schedule so there's plenty of time. Also flexible with setting details as long as the feel is pure. A more realistic one where the war happened in basic reality is good, a post-apoc Shadowrun world is good, the presence or absense of zombies, et cetera can all be up for discussion. It just has to have a heavy post-apocalyptic feel with all immediate signs pointing to "Jay" being the last male sentient being on Earth. Any thoughts/volunteers?]
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