Female needs Male For Feudal Japan RP

Started by April Bouvier, November 27, 2010, 07:36:42 PM

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April Bouvier

Hi I'm currently trying to get back into role playing again. I took a break and ended a lot of RP's I was in. Now I'm ready to make a fresh start, and  Man I have a lot of cravings for all kinds of RP's. But for Now I'll settle for one, until it bores me.

For this Rp I wish to do something set in feudal japan with demons, so something with a bit of fantasy. I have some idea's for a plot , one Involving your guy being the demon who would kidnap my female priestess ( or just a normal human and force her to be his sex slave. So you can pretty much see this I want A master slave RP, I want some rape in this with some abuse. So if your interested in making a plot with me and RP with me Please PM me and don't post here I may not see it if you do. Also I'm very flexible to meet your RP-ing needs.

be sure to read my On's and Off's and if you can my Rabbit hole.

April Bouvier


I reckon I could play a Japanese Demon trying to get himself a human sex slave. My replies might not be all that regular during the week however, and I don't use anime images for characters.