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June 20, 2018, 10:22:51 AM

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Author Topic: The introduction of Demonic Demise  (Read 643 times)

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Offline Mr CarterTopic starter

The introduction of Demonic Demise
« on: November 25, 2010, 11:56:42 PM »
There are some who claim insanity to be the absence of intelligence. In reality, insanity is merely having your eyes opened to reality. An atrophied life leads to Harano, thus proving just how normal, how sane, that person is. My life, my existence, shall not be wasted by thinking inside the box.

It was by a skilled and still hand that the quill danced eloquently across the parchment, the possessor pauses for a moment as he examines the designs of letters. A noise, muted by the thickness of the wall that it issued from, caused him to glance over his shoulder for a mere moment as the quill, as if with a mind of its own, dove into the ink before returning to the parchment.

What does it take to open the eyes of the world? All it takes is determination, persistence, and above all else guts and wisdom. If you simply have all the knowledge of the world, then you are left with a thick skull ready to explode. If all you simply have is the strength of all the mountains, then you are left with no skill or talent.

However, to be balanced…

I was born just shy of the Judgment, but otherwise, as you may be able to tell by the absence of color, I was born with the knowledge and strength of both man and beast. Some consider it handicapped, but those some simply are jealous of an existence far superior to their own single mindedness.

My family, those who not only birthed me but those that raised and taught me, did not consider me a curse. I learned from everything. I was taught to hear a butterfly, to carve through a mountain, and to outwit Chimera herself. Given my race, I had an edge over all others who sought to be perfect. Equal time was spent in the wild and civilization, physical and spiritual, sanity and madness.

One day, I disappeared.

The male had a wide sash covering from his right shoulder to his left hip, both front and back. It met with a cloth belt, which expanded down to his ankles in the form of non tight pants. Leather sandals adorned his feet. Aside from the tanned footwear, the cloth was dyed a dark crimson. With the flicker of candlelight coming from the table, one could see the thin designs of acidic green that traveled the entire attire. Pale hair was starting to grow again from a recently bald head, but aside from that no other hair could be spotted upon his person. Born an albino, his eyes showed red like fire. However…

After learning, after I soaked in every bit of information and ability that could be passed down to me, I realized that I still felt empty. Though every member of my tribe gave me all they had to offer, it turned out to just not be enough. So, I went upon a self-quest, and proceeded to become one with the essence of existence.

Time no longer held any sort of importance. As far as anyone knew, I ceased to exist. Isolated, I blinked out of all reality. Oh the glory, the beauty of my state of being couldn’t be compared to any humane or naturally created piece of art. For the first time since I could remember, I no longer felt hungry.

But I was not full.

Returning the quill back to the container of ink the man rose, stretching his arms towards the ceiling as he yawns. His height was only just above average, and compared to barbarians his body wasn’t anything that would be considered a threat. Turning, the movement enough to breeze the air against the candlelight, he headed to the wall behind him, the one which continued even now to give a muted noise. A stone, seemingly like all the others, was indented by slight pressure of his fingers, which then grasped the side of the neighboring brick, and pulled open the secret hatch.

The hallway that lay before him was long, 5 torches dotting either side of the wall from one end to the other. As he proceeded silently down the passage, towards the noise that could now be associated to crying or whining, he proceeded to make mimicry of writing as the words flowed through his mind. Back in the room now vacated, the quill lifted and returned to the parchment. A being had replaced his presence in the chair, and this being could only be seen as…a shadow.

Not even the knowledge of the earth itself was enough to sedate my craving to know. There was still more, more than should ever be kept locked away, and now it called for me like a wanton lover begging me to her bosom. Like a fledgling, I was lured to this wh*re without a second thought, without a word spoken to ease what suffering my tribe may have felt from my loss.

What I found at the end of my travel was not what was to be expected.

Yet it was not able to stop me.

Challenges lay before me; tests to see I truly deserved to know as much as I said I did. No obstacles barred my ongoing pursuit. Ever determined, the hunter stalked his pray, which was so intangible that it could never be caught. Without food nor drink, rest or recuperation, I lost myself in my urge to have it all answered. For the second time in my life, I ceased existing.

But then…I awoke.

I awoke full.

And now…

The last torch was passed and he now stood in a bare stone room. The crying and whining was replaced by whimpering and scraping. Slowly, as if pushed by a caressing breeze, the secret passage closed. After the grinding of the brick ceased, the quill scratched a few more strokes before returning to the well. Once all was still and silent, hollow emptiness returning to the room, a scream vibrated down the hallway, yet muted too much for the sound to ever leave the room.

My eyes are open, and I know the truth. Now I am insane. I hunger now for something far greater than knowledge. And it tastes…so…good.

With a sickly glow from his eyes, red with mad etches of green, he bites down upon the soul.

Offline dreamophiliac

Re: The introduction of Demonic Demise
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2010, 12:27:51 PM »
My favorite definition of insanity is this: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."