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Started by Seka, November 23, 2010, 06:07:58 AM

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Hey there! After much prodding by my good friend Dariusfallenstar I have finally decided to put together a list of some of the roleplays I'd be interested in trying. If you find that you're interested, please feel free to contact me through a pose here, a PM, or through messenger. At the bottom of each scenario or setting will be a list of characters I want to play in it, and possibly what I'm looking for. To start I'll give a brief intro of my characters (you can choose to just specify a character instead of a scenario if you like.) Details on my characters, including their likes and dislikes can be found on my character site:

Note: If a scenario has one or more stars next to it, I'm either actively seeking it, or its a particular favorite of mine.

As a reminder, I do play other characters and can be convinced to play female in some cases. If something sounds interesting but want a different character, or have an idea of your own you think I may be interested in, please let me know!

Seka: Seka is my playful, fun-loving, adventurous, extroverted guy. A hedonist in the best way, he just wants everyone to have fun and live the good life. He likes big brother types of guys. While quite flirtatious he can be put off easily by someone too rough. Despite this he's attracted to guys quite a bit bigger than his relatively smallish form.

Faolan: Faolan is my tough guy. He's a scrapper and can take a beating while still getting up. While very good at heart, he's not always too bright. He feels the need to prove himself and can come off pretty domineering till taken down a notch.

Leo: My strong and silent type. He is ever protective of those he loves and even people in general. He can be slow to open up but is one of the best guys you can have at your back. His stature and personality pegs him quickly as a top and since he's eager to please, he usually goes along. That eager to please nature however also makes him a good bottom if you're into the manly sort. Even a bottom who wants him needs to be fairly aggressive and even domineering if they want him to get the point.

Suen: Suen is my intellectual. Absolutely brilliant in whatever field he pursues, be it science, magic, or weaponry, he is often in charge or secretly running things one way or another. A good guy but hard to understand at times. I don't play him often as its hard playing someone way smarter than you. Mostly played upon request.

1, The Adventurers: In a world of traditional fantasy a duo of adventurers strike it on their own in search of treasure, adventure, and a chance to prove themselves. The road can get lonely however and our two would be hero's might eventually find ways to pass time that don't involve stabbing things with pointy weapons.

(Played as Seka or Faolan. Maybe Leo. Probably looking for a warrior type to Seka's rogue. This is a good first time rp to try each other out before developing some more in depth plot.)

2, A Place to Call Home: Seka is a street urchin. Picking the occasional pocket, and getting food where he can, life is tough on the streets, even for the playful and surprisingly cheerful Seka. One day, someone decides they might want to show Seka the good life though and surely food and a warm bed is worth a little obedience and perhaps a favor or two. But obedience doesn't come naturally to a fee spirit like this!

(Played as Seka or Faolan. Seka doesn't put up well with the rough stuff. It'll take a patient and seductive top to persuade him here. Faolan will put up with more of the rough stuff so long as there is some affection there.)

*3, A Cyberpunk Fantasy: The world is a nasty place nowadays. The two or three remaining world superpowers fight each other in an endless war for the few resources left. Most food is synthetic with plants and domestic animals being a super high end luxury. Genetic experimentation runs rampant as each side tries to create the perfect soldier. Their failed experiments often become the nightmarish monsters that stalk the wastelands between cities. In the cities, most official government power is laughable. The streets are ruled by sort of vigilante squads, some benevolent, others little better than mobs and gangs. These folks are more often enhanced with genetic and mechanical add ons, some legal some not. Enhancements, both neurological and aesthetic are commonplace now as the world runs on machines. Some people say its the end times, but haven't they always? In such a seemingly bleak and ugly world, where do you find your place?

(This can come from many perspectives. Are you soldiers on the front lines of the endless battle? Are you members of one of the vigilante squads? People from one of the government laps, perhaps scientist and experiment? There's lots of ways to go and I can play any of my characters and more on this one. Pretty serious but don't worry I'm sure we'd find time for fun ^^ )

4, Tribe lands: In this fantasy world blades are still the weapon of choice and while stone building are occasionally in use, men still are primarily hunters and gatherers, although craftsmen and storytellers and such exist. The lands are ruled over by the tribes of each places, forest, desert, jungle, mountains, and more. For a more serious plot, perhaps an ancient prophecy is coming to pass, telling of invaders that will come and destroy all that these men know unless key relics can be found and brought together. For something more silly and fun perhaps it's a coming of age story of a young man who must go and prove himself. Or the story of a prince and his guards forbidden love!

(Played as Seka, Faolan, or possibly Leo. This setting is pretty fun, but I'll admit, some of it is just getting hot guys into loincloths.)

*5, The Agency: Day by day the mundanes go through their lives, never knowing, never believing the truth that lies right under their noses. The things that go bump in the night? They're real. Almost all of them in some fashion or another. Witches, werewolves, vampires, demons, incubi, fae, you name it. They are all living hidden and secret lives side by side with those mundane humans. There are agencies that keep the world running this way, keeping humans from knowing too much and keeping the supernaturals in line. You've gotta be pretty strong to keep the world balanced on its axis though, because if the beans get spilled, chaos is around the corner....

(Primarily and RP for Faolan, though the others make NPC appearances and can be drawn in. You can play another agent, some one who butts heads with their agent, or even some poor human who stumbles into this whole conspiracy.)

*6, One wolf to another: The same set up as above, but a more specific Scenario. Faolan has come across a werewolf who for whatever reason, has gone partly feral. Perhaps he was abused when he was raised, perhaps he stayed away from humans for too long, or maybe no one even knows. What is evident though is that while this werewolf knows English and some tidbits of how to be a human, they've got a lot of learning to do and its on Faolan to teach them.

(inspired by a roleplay I have going on with someone outside of E. Faolan's "student" can be younger, older, or the same age as Faolan, doesn't really matter. It works best if the other character is the innocent, curious type, even if they are not physically the age their behavior would make them seem to be)

***7, To own a wolf: Faolan is by far my toughest character and that sometimes makes me want to do bad things to him. xD I'll leave this a bit open for brainstorming, but the jist of it is that I'm looking for an extremely domineering sort of guy to take an interest in Faolan, my werewolf character. This can be another werewolf who decides that he needs to show who's alpha around here, or perhaps a slaver who gets a hold of a rare find. Maybe a scientist with an interesting new experiment? To get Faolan's attention though, you need to be strong enough to show your worth!

That'll do for now. I'll update as I remember/think of more, or lose interest in any! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some folks!