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Author Topic: Cia's Cravings (F looking for M)  (Read 877 times)

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Offline CiannaitTopic starter

Cia's Cravings (F looking for M)
« on: November 19, 2010, 09:48:36 pm »
So I've seen a few ideas in other peoples request threads that have interested me greatly... but I have a few of my own, and I'd like to see if I can get any nibbles. Nibbles are love. <3  I suppose I should probably let you know in advance; I tend to follow the lead of the other person when it comes to post size. If I know you're going to be giving me me four or five paragraphs of great writing, then I will do my damnedest to give you back the same. If you're into just a paragraph or so, then I'll follow suit - post size doesn't bother me either way, unless it gets so long that it borders on the ridiculous. For example: I do not need a whole paragraph that describes the exact angle that your character's arm is bent at. O.o; Had that happen once. True story.

Now... I tried to do this once before, but I was very new to the site, and easily intimidated - I got replies, and I didn't answer them. I was very bad. That won't happen this time though, as I am eager to see some of my plots played out. Note that we will have to decide before hand what we're both looking for in an RP - a quick moving plot with sex, or a plot with some real depth and character development that just happens to
have sex in it. <3

I prefer Forum or PM RP's. I might be willing to do one over email, if you'd prefer. I will NEVER do an RP over an IM. I don't like it. There are word limits that frustrate me, and I feel rushed. So... if you only want to do an RP via IM... I am not your gal.

Anyway! Here are some of my current cravings; I'll do my best to keep this updated. There are a few where I'll only want to do one instance of that situation... but with most, I'd probably be open to doing up to three. RP's turn out differently with different people driving them, and I'd be interested in seeing the different ways some of them could play out. <3

Collared Pet
I... am very curious about having a character be collared and used as a pet by another person. I wouldn't want heavy pain or humiliation, but... I'd like to explore this territory. I would like to delve into the way someone who is slightly unwilling becomes a pet as well; my character wouldn't know she truly enjoyed the game until she was playing it. I have a vague idea of a poor maid in a mansion breaking something priceless; her employer finds a way to make her pay by becoming his pet and serving his sexual needs. If  you think this would work for you, or this scenario doesn't work for you, but you have another concerning a new pet, please drop me a line here or via PM's!

Take Me
I adore having characters that are completely taken control of by a dominant male. For this RP, it wouldn't be a Master/Slave relationship, but there would definitely need to be a strong hand at the reigns. For this particular RP, I'm not too developed on the story aspect; it might not have one. It might just be a fun, sex-filled one shot. However, if you do have a story, let me know; if I like it, we can definitely go with it.

Can You Give Me Directions?
For this one, I'd need someone willing to play several different characters; if they desire, I could do the same. Here is my vision for this one. ^.^ It starts off with a lovely young woman (or women) on a road trip. She manages to take several wrong turns and becomes hopelessly lost in the middle of nowhere. She manages to get herself to a service station/garage, and asks for directions. The men there are more than willing to give them to her... for a price. Initially, I'm picturing some serious reluctance on her part, but as time goes on, she'll enjoy it more and more. I'd play a female or females, and I'd be looking for someone to play two or more males.

Greek Lovin'
In this idea, a woman who is in love with the classical Greek age, who is an archaeologist, is given the chance of a lifetime. She is able to run her own dig at a new site that is rife with historical importance and artifacts. However... on touching her first artifact (I haven't decided what this will be yet) she finds herself whisked back to the days of Ancient Greece, in the same site. Now; when she appears, there is a battle taking place - she enters just as it is winding down. A male warrior seizes her, thinking her some enemy enchantress, and claims her as his own as part of the spoils of war. The RP would focus on how their relationship would grow and change, and on her search for a way to get back home. But once she finds it... will she really be willing to leave? I would be playing the female and various backdrop characters, and I'd need someone to play a male as well as other backdrop characters.

Burden of Proof
I want to do a blackmail RP! For this one, I'd play a woman who's husband is in a well-established, prosperous company. One of his coworkers has an eye for her, and is willing to do anything to get a chance with her. At a company function one day, this coworker approaches her, and informs her that he/she has proof that her husband has cheated the company out of thousands of dollars, and gives her a photocopy of a document that seems to lend weight to that fact. If she wants to keep this proof hushed up, and eventually destroyed, she will have to do the bidding of her husband's coworker.

On the Couch
For this one, I'd play a mentally disturbed patient - probably someone with bipolar or borderline personality disorder, for those of you who care. She'd be sexually promiscuous when symptomatic, and has come to a therapist to try to work out her problems. He ends up taking advantage of her trust, seducing her into becoming his. I figure it'll start a little slow; maybe with her detailing sexual adventures she's had and him reacting to that; he'll realize what a slut she can be, and start turning towards the idea of taking her. Then he begins the subtle process of making her want him, maybe even messing with her meds so she becomes symptomatic.

I Was Made to Love You
This one I've kind of taken out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fifth season. In the plot, an engineering and scientific genius discovers how to build a sex-bot. More than that, it's sole purpose will be to love him in every way - he's built a girlfriend. Not only does she satisfy his every sexual need, she also cooks and cleans, and caters to his whims. Over time, will he tire of her overwhelming need to please him, or will they grow even closer?

Now! If you'll notice, these are all scenarios that would be based in our reality... but I am a HUGE sucker for fantasy - I just don't have any plots at the moment. If you decide you have one and want to pitch it to me, I'd LOVE to hear it. There are also some things I'd like to try, but have no potential story-line for... these things will be listed below. Just remember... I will ALWAYS want to play the submissive/passive/'weaker'/vulnerable character. <3

Non-consent (this is tentative... I just want to try it. I may get halfway in and decide it isn't for me... be warned)
Forced Marriage

And I shall update and add more when the mood strikes. <3 If any of this catches your fancy, let me know in a PM, and we can maybe start planing an RP!
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Offline rpgirl85

Re: Cia's Cravings (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2010, 09:58:35 am »
I can play the male chars in the Can you give me directions idea?

Offline urowen

Re: Cia's Cravings (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2010, 04:25:26 pm »
When you say Fantasy, what kind of fantasy do you mean? Modern Fantasy (Twilight, Harry Potter), High Fanasy (magic, elves, dragons) or Low Fantasy (Robin Hood, close to realistic)