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September 26, 2021, 05:17:53 pm

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Author Topic: My new idea. Extreme, Futuristic Post-Apoc concept! One on one or small group  (Read 652 times)

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This is an idea I have wanted to do for a long time but never got around to trying.  Here it is

2028.  After a massive Nuclear War 10 years prior had all but obliterated much of the world, there are a few survivors that have managed to survive.  Certain Cities were sparred from the mayhem, mainly the worlds largest.  New York City is where most from the surrounding area have come to set up camp, and there are four major groups of people who inhabit it's streets.

Queens is an absolute warground.  None of the major sects have bothered with it, and have pretty much left it to be fought over by small militant groups with no real assembly or leadership.  Brooklyn is inhabited by a group of Religious Zealots who are hell bent on taking over New York.  They are an offshoot of what had once been Christianity and believe that the War was the result of sin, and believe that it is their duty to kill all of the remaining sinners.  They are violent, and kill anyone who come into Brooklyn who is not part of their sect.  Manhattan is owned by the largest group of people, what would be considered the "Normal" survivors.  They attempt to maintain Society, have a largely sharing based community and try to maintain the same Morals that had ruled before the War.  They are largely peaceful, and allow the Religious Zealots to come into Manhattan, as long as they do so with warning and are inspected for weapons first.  Bronx has fallen to ruins and is dominated by the "Scavengers", who are groups of people who steal and eat whatever they can.  They are the least violent of all of the groups because their nature dictates they must remain peaceful to stay alive.  They are considered the scum by all, including Society, but are largely left to their own doings as long as they do not cross into the others Boundaries.

The Sewers and Subways are owned by The Cannibals.  They are by far the most feared, hated, and respected of all of the groups.  They have taken to a primal way of life, killing and wandering wherever they please.  No where is safe from them, the subways allow them access to every part of the City and they tread where they please.  They are left alone for the most part, for the simple fact that the few times any other group attempted to battle with them, they found chunks of their city murdered, and sliced up for their meat.  They are lead by a vicious, Amazonian like Queen who has absolutely no regard for human life and respects none of the "Rules" of the city. 

After years of what could be called Peace, the Religious Zealots have finally began to rise up.  They begin to launch guerilla attacks on every sect of people, fire bombing Manhattan, outright slaughtering the Scavangers, and smoking out the Cannibals to massacre them at the exits of the Subways.  The Society based people and Cannibals make a reluctant pact, promising the other peace in order to fight against the Religious sect.  This is where the roleplay would begin.

I would play the part of the Queen of Cannibals, and depending on if I go with Small group or One on One you could play either the leader of the Society based, or anyone else, as long as that role is filled.  If I went one on one with this, which I would prefer, I would need another writer who was able to write and keep up with NPCs.  I would only expect you to NPC your characters group of people, and can write the other three unless you wanted to take one of them up.  The story can go absolutely any number of ways, though I do imagine that a rather twisted relationship would occur between the Queen and the Societal Leader.

Obviously the story is going to contain extreme elements.  Gore and Vore are required, though they do not have to be sexual elements if you do not wish for them to be.  Typically I am lenient on what I expect from the other Typist, but seeing as this is a HIGHLY story driven game I desire the other person to be able to write big.  Take a look at my previous post if you'd like an idea of what I consider that to be.

This story would need to be taken by someone who has the ability to maintain a long term story, as it is meant to be a slower moving game.  Seeing as it is meant to turn into something of a war, it cannot happen over night.  There are more points to the story that I just didn't think needed to be added just yet, as it'd make this longer than it already was.  But feel free to message me with questions or inquiries, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

This story can be M/F or F/F, and the typist can be of any gender.