amsterdam [female for male]

Started by sunbeams, November 15, 2010, 01:46:55 AM

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o hai. wellll, i'm looking for a role play set in amsterdam, that fully uses the wonderful setting--"coffee shops," the red light district, et cetera. i've got a few pairings in mind:

cop x tourist
cop x local
female local x male tourist (maybe she's just someone he bumps into in a shop or on the streets, or she could be a lady from the red light district)
male local x female tourist
best friends on vacation

whatever you can think of! pm me! <3

a role play based on two enemies getting tricked into camping. this sounds like a lot of fun, toooo!



female local x male tourist  with #9 could be fun.


Sand of gaara

male local x female tourist with number 5. Would be interested in discussing a plot with you.