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Author Topic: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]  (Read 974 times)

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Offline DarkCassandraTopic starter

"Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« on: November 14, 2010, 11:17:03 PM »
Wilma Wonka's Candy Factory? [Strictly FxF]

The name is as malleable as the minds of those victims and workers which you will soon read about, hopefully. There's quite a bit locked inside this head of mine, I only wish I had the dominant side to play the 'Brain'-I unfortunately do not.  I personally do not believe this to be nearly as extreme as it could be, however, some of you may find it to be too much, and others it may not phase you.

Biased as it is, I'm looking for this to be an FxF game. For IC purposes, it leads to less sexual tension between the workers if they're all the same gender. OOC, well. Calling myself lesbian would be a lie, since some boys do get my attention, but it's extremely rare. :P

That said...

You have been warned.

This is still in it's very early, very rough stages. Keep that in mind.

This is a brand spankin' new idea, a rather involved one. It has...potential. Currently my most prominent desire, I'm seeking players to play various roles if it becomes big. Now, on to the spam. This is for the owner, the main Dominant persona in the entire story. There are MANY other roles.

You, female owner of some candy shop/bakery. But not a chain; no, you stay in one location, though nobody knows why. Because the candy, the cookies, the food which comes from you factory and store...It's just so god damn good. Addicting, eve. You're rich as hell from this, and seem to always be hiring new employees-always. But your factory/store/house(They are all one massive estate/building, undecided on that) Isn't quite -that- large. Nobody bothers to ask, though, because whatever you make in there is so good. And people come from all over the world to visit your fabled factory, always asking about your secret. You, of course, don't tell them.

If you liked that, continue to read. I can go into the more...interesting, sexual and BDSM-esque bits. In fact, I think I will.

You make your employs stay within this estate/house/etc. And they all do it so...willingly. Nobody knows why; it's not like there are massive parties and what not going on in there. They'd be able to see that. The reason is because the food you feed everyone has a chemical (or magic, for that matter) which makes their minds malleable. In large amounts, it can lead to slavery, but in the quantities of your consumer products, it's just enough to make them crave the flavor.
 For your employees, you choose the degree. Some love what you do and actually aid you in it, held on a tight leash of course always with the threat of enslavement. Others, like the sister of a girl I'd play, so tragically fall into a vat of taffy and die, the bodies unable to be reclaimed.
 You are also excellent at making human, life-size candies, which are your specialty; people love them, see them as an art form. Most are simply kept as souvenirs since they are very costly in material and time to make; others, are eaten.
Like a twisted Willy Wonka's factory, I guess.

Think about that. Then think; if you're a woman fully capable of encasing others in taffy, chocolate, cookies and other things, surely you've got a range of sexual interests. You'd be right. Heavily into BDSM, in fact.

Now...Because you have this wonderful [insert chemical/magic here], you are able to control the law enforcement. Why would they deprive themselves and the world of their favorite delicacies, after all? Especially because they're either addicted or otherwise controlled, they will not interfere with what you do. This leads to a bit of...habit, hobby even for you. Personal slaves often make great conquests, more so if they aren't controlled by your substance-and you can break them in the old fashioned way. 'Course, there's always the mind control option, but the choice is, ultimately, yours to make.

The uniforms for those under her employment would involve heavy amounts of rubber and latex, with excuses to make it seem more viable than having a harem of slutty-clad women working in a factory for her. Hell, it could even be a deal with a fetish clothing provider, a source of income for her.

Up for discussion, as everything is.

Clarification on the life-like candy bits: It may very well involve a human being encased in an incredible amount of substance before worked as a piece of art, but not vore. If the art piece is to be eaten, there will not be a human inside of it.

Many many many many options with said story.  Here's a rough outline of the hierarchy:

The "Brain": THE Dominant of the story. The owner, the top dog, the woman who's mind this all came from. Of course not necessarily so OOC, but IC. At the moment there is no 'end game' plan, however, it is up for discussion to limit what can/cannot happen.

This, obviously, is only open for one person.

"Overseers": Direct underlings to the "Brain" character. Kept on a tight leash, they would indulge in the various tortures, pleasures, and other things provided by the factory and it's workers. Few would also receive special gifts in the form of a female for their service-and are given no strict rules for what to do with them. They answer only to the 'Brain' character. Most likely uniforms consisting of Latex, Rubber, etc. Not quite as revealing as the Workers.

Number of Overseers depends on the slaves/workers, but I'd like to see anywhere between 2-6, though no more than that. Unless the game takes off, but I have a feeling it'll remain small. Which is fine. :)

Workers: ]The workers would be the 'enslaved', usually fairly happy and compliant-as they don't realize they're being manipulated. They think it's wonderful to contribute to society like this! They answer to the Overseers and everyone above them. Their uniforms would mostly consist of Latex and Rubber as well; for an excuse of 'It's sterile!" Usually rather revealing, for 'ventilation'. Don't want sweat in the candy, after all!

The number of Workers I think should be around 2-10. Again, depends on interest, and how many Overseers we get, etc. No more than ten, however.

Slaves/Victims: Those captured for the Brain's use-and her favored 'Overssers'. They answer to anyone that walks in the door, have no rights whatsoever.

The number of slaves is up to the 'Brain'. At least one the personal slave of the 'Brain', most likely played by me, will be around at all times. No more than 3 or 4 of these at a time, due to their...disposable nature.

Optional Player Characters...

Law Enforcement: The corrupt individual(s) who allow things to happen as they do, whether enslaved to the Brain herself via mind control or simply just corrupt, twisted human beings that have done something here heinous enough to be taken down with the entire project.

Feel free to leave a reply or PM; I'm up to discuss if this is a decent idea, if it should be tossed, re-written, etc etc.
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Offline Chrystal

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2010, 07:10:34 AM »
As discussed by PM, dear, I'm most definitely interested in being the overall domme. Sex and chocolate, seriously who could resist? As soon as you are ready and if we get sufficient interest I'll roll up a Chocatrix character for your approval.

Offline Mercurial

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2010, 03:44:38 PM »
I would be interested in playing a Slave/Victim - preferably one viewed as not entirely disposable (or at least who we'd be slightly sad if she got disposed of) by her betters?

Offline Chrystal

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2010, 04:14:41 PM »
*gives Merc a hug*

Honey, I'd be glad to have you in. Only thing is it's not my call. Plus I know there are girls on E who won't join if there is a guy playing a girl in the RP.

Cassie, this guy has been trying ever so patiently to get into my pants for ages. Over to you. Is this female players only or are we allowing male players playing females?

Also, to clarify something that Cassie and I were discussing: the chocolate covered human statues will only be used to dispose of inactive players, or players who specifically request OOC to be made such. Incidentally this does not necessarily mean the character is dead...! All will be revealed in due course.

Offline kaz

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2010, 04:29:23 PM »
OOOOOO Look at this...Chocolate, and lots of ladies.  How can I resist?  I would love to be a victim please, pretty please... :P:P

Offline Mercurial

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2010, 04:43:16 PM »
*hugs back*

Agreed. If any women are uncomfortable with me playing a female part, please do speak up - or if you wish to do so privately I convey your feelings to myself or someone else(?) and I'll gladly bow out. The goal is absolutely not to make people uncomfortable.
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Offline DarkCassandraTopic starter

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2010, 04:51:51 AM »
Mercurial- Maybe; I've had bad experiences with people playing the opposite gender. I've also had great ones. :P

Kaz-Sure! Though, it may get to a bit more than you like-The idea here is to have no limits within the IC bit of the game, though OOC limits will obviously be respected.

My original idea before many edits was much...darker in terms of what could go on. I'd like to keep that here, though it'll be on a player-by-player basis; the story simply has too many opportunities for things to happen that I don't want to limit it at all. I'm just warning you Kaz, since [If I remember right!] you weren't a fan of the more extreme side of things? I'm also not saying this is going to be LOLextremefest, but there is a very good possibility-depending on the dominants we get-that some rather extreme things could pop up.

As for the dying bits, like Chrystal said-there's more to that than meets the eye, and one does not have to wind up dead to become a pretty human statue encased by delicious substances. ;)

Offline kaz

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2010, 10:33:26 AM »
Cas, you obviously havent been reading the Heist.  That is about the most extreme you could get, having breasts carved with emblems, being beaten, that is really extreme and I love it.  I dont know where you go that from, I have a very dark side to my nature.  Go and read it, it makes me wince, that is what I call a dark and nasty game.

Offline Chrystal

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #8 on: November 16, 2010, 01:06:03 PM »
Heh... Dark and nasty games... gotta love em!

There are times that I regret not being bisexual, because it seems I miss out on a lot of fun.. but unfortunately, there is no chance of me changing any time soon... Hetero just does nothing for me *sigh*

Amd I totally back up Cassie's statement about guys playing girls. I've had some fantastic games and I've had some really awful ones. Some guys, I actually refered to OOC as "she" and "her" because they were so convincing. Others don't seem to have the first idea about a woman's anatomy, let alone how she thinks and acts!

I take everyone on their own merit.

And, Merc, love the new avatar. Much more convincing!
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Offline Mercurial

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #9 on: November 16, 2010, 01:31:03 PM »
And, Merc, love the new avatar. Much more convincing!

*grin* Thanks. That'll teach me to just cross-upload an avatar from another site and then turn off avatar displays. >.<

DarkCassandra: Either way, once you, folks, or whoever come to a decision, let me know.

Offline DarkCassandraTopic starter

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #10 on: November 16, 2010, 07:22:40 PM »
You'd have to do more than a little convincing. :P

Offline DarkCassandraTopic starter

Re: "Sweet Tooth" [EX, Interest Thread]
« Reply #11 on: November 16, 2010, 08:28:20 PM »
Okay, SO:

For now, I'm calling the group game off. I admit, part of the reason it held so much appeal for me was the inclusion of vore; human baked treats, whether to be eaten or simply looked at.

That said...I have a friend I've recently referred here who is willing -and rather eager-to do a spin off of this. It will include all of the more extreme things; she has asked me to be on the lookout for other victims, on the case they are fairly limitless.

If you're interested in the spin-off, give me a PM. I'm not going to start the official group game at the moment for this idea.

Edit: I suck at typing when I'm tired.
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