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Author Topic: Dreams of Darkness and Cherries  (Read 729 times)

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Dreams of Darkness and Cherries
« on: November 13, 2010, 10:23:44 PM »
As I prefer collaborations to directorship, each of these ideas are mere sketches meant to spark the imagination.  At the same time I hope they convey the spirit of the RP I'm seeking and so each descriptive paragraph will be followed by my requirements for the story, PLEASE pay attention to them :).   So sit back and let's see what fantasies we can build together.

216 Oak Lane (Exotic(Supernatural), NC, Extreme)

Every town has them, houses that seem cursed by their inhabitants and curse them in turn.  Shepherd's Rest is no different, and the curse that hovers over Oak lane is more feared than most.  Tales of families driven insane, attacked by things from the darkness, and at times by each other.  Of the Brewsters, whose young daughter bathed her room in her brother's blood after he'd murdered their parents, screaming and sobbing hysterically.  Of the young widow Danforth, never heard from again after a single night in the cursed house, the only signs of her nail marks in the hardwood floors and a broken shoe.
It was just a bet, a dare on a cold winter's eve.  Survive a night in the old Victorian house two miles out of town, a night as pitch black as a witches heart.  It was only a bet when the sounds began, when the darkness seemed to grow eyes that watched every move.  It was only a bet when those same shadows began to move, circling slowly.
It's not a bet anymore, it's survival.

Number of Players - 1-4 (Yes, I know this is the wrong forum for group, but I want to be flexible if more than one person shows interest :) )
Roles Available - Hunters (the creatures that call the house their own) and Survivors.
General Style - Horror/Erotic (the Hunters are hungry in more ways than one)
Gender Restrictions - While the hunters can be either sex, the survivors are only female.

Welcome to the Voracious, Current Population - 0 (Exotic - Alien/Necrotic, Extreme, NC)
  Taken (Future additions on a case by case basis)

Type/Class - Research Vessel/Tamaka Class
Crew - 255
Noncombatants(family) - 300 (according to logs downloaded at last port of call)
Research Facilities - Six Class 5 research labs.  Rated for biological/experimental experiments. <<Further Information requires Class Bravo clearance>>
Generator - XIIA Fussion Power Plant
Weaponry - 3 80mm Flak cannons, 2 forward RT-141A Beam arrays, 2 aft.

Notes -
2192 - Comissioned on August 13, Alpha Centauri Space Dock.  Assigned standard DSP (Deep Space Patrol) missions
2249 - Retrofitted for research purposes, Beta Andromeda Dock
2280 - Dr. Alexa Romanov assigned chief researcher, Voracious reassigned from standard patrols to project <<Clearance required>>
2285 - Last reported contact with Voracious at Outpost 151 for resupply.
2286 - Sighting of Voracious by Cruiser Cabal at 192.571.  No response to hails
2290 - Voracious found by civilian merchant ship, adrift outside of spacelanes.  Further investigation required.

Number of Players - 1-4 (Same as above, designed for single play but can be expanded depending on interest)
Roles Available - Survivor (Control of the opposing forces open to exceptional and desiring writers)
General Style - Survival Horror
Gender Restrictions - Female (M would generally invalidate the whole NC part :P )

Hello, My Sweet (Exotic(Supernatural), F/F)

Monsters, parasites, they call us all of these things and more.  Any many of us live up to the name, creatures that live solely to feed, to make corpses of those whose lives we covet.  I was that and more, a beautiful monster that loved  the terror in the eyes of my victims, to feel the last of their life ebb away.  For centuries I lived, and did not.  Until I met you.
Most of us, when confronted by purity, blot it out, crushing the life that reminds us of all that we've lost.  You were different . . a child lost in forlorn woods that belonged to us more than you, already doomed so far from the rest of your kind.  I still think it was the smile, that innocent greeting as you took my hand, slim warm fingers wrapping around my cold and unbeating heart.  We found the road together, I waited with you until the first car came along, disappearing into the blackness as the headlights swept over us.
I watched you over the years, watch you grow into the beautiful young woman before me, a woman as apart as any of our kind.  I watched them snub you, mock you so often.  Had you not trembled over even the pain a wild dog felt, I would have ended them all, I would have bathed in their blood for harming you.
Tonight, I offer you the last and only gift I have left to give.  For years I've waited, caught between the exhilaration of the thought of an eternal lover, one to share the night with, and the fear.  The terror that you would reject my hand, recoil in horror at what I am.  Whatever happens this night, I love you my sweet, and will always be yours.

Number of Players - 1
Roles Available - Both.  Default would be the young woman but I'm more than happy to play either role.
General Style - Romance/Light Horror
Gender Restrictions - As said above, this is a F/F :)

I'll add more as they are inspired.  Post here or send me a PM.

Important Note - As part of the process, PLEASE include a short paragraph or two describing the character you want to place in the story.  This serves both as an example of writing skills and makes sure we're on the same page plotwise.
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