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Author Topic: RP's in need of male characters (BON, NC,MULTI)  (Read 994 times)

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Offline AriabellaTopic starter

RP's in need of male characters (BON, NC,MULTI)
« on: November 13, 2010, 07:37:44 pm »
I am interested in modern day, Medieval and some fantasy settings. If you have an idea that fits my ons and offs, feel free to PM. These will be added to as I think of them.

1. INVESTIGATION GONE WRONG  A rookie detective assigned to a sex slave ring investigation finds herself in deep water.  Though not proven, her father who had also been a police officer was suspected of being dirty so no one on the force trusts her. When they are closing in on the ring and she goes missing, none of them really bother looking for her. At first scared and reluctant, she soon discovers she likes being tied up and gagged, and finds herself sold to a cruel master in some obscure part of the world. BON

2. FANTASY COME TRUE While house-setting, a guy discovers his best friend's journal where she describes fantasies about being kidnapped. Since he's been secretly in love with her and is in to bondage, he sets out to make her fantasies come true. She in turn finds them much more intense then she ever imagined BON/NC/possibly extreme

3: KIDNAPPED PRINCESS three possible scenarios for this one 1. A King is waiting for the arrival of his daughter's betrothed, the marriage arranged before she was born. He has no idea that the prince is enslaving the women of his country and will use his Queen as a sample. 2, A kingdom where women have been kept bound and enslaved for years is ruled by a king who doesn't want his daughter to suffer the same fate. He does not know that she has been waiting for her time to take her place in ropes, in fact, craving it. She arranges for the knight she is in love with to kidnap her and do just that. 3. A kingdom is invaded by the enemy, the King and Queen murdered and the princess enslaved.   Medieval/Fantasy world setting BON/NC EX Can be human, elf or mixed.

4. HOSTAGES Two strangers meet while being held hostage (mall, bank robbery, party, whatever) and while trying to stop the bad guys/dodging bullets/escape, they fall in love. Would require running multiple characters (bad guys, other hostages, etc.)

5. FINDING MRS. CLAUS Kris Kringle has a problem.  While the elves are busily making the toys to be delivered, his arch nemesis Ice Storm is plotting to destroy Christmas. Kris has magical powers that can stop Ice Storm but he needs to be mated with his one true love. Romance, adventure and danger. I actually would like 2 players for this one, one for Kris and then one for Ice Storm, who could be male or female. I'm thinking Medieval/Renaissance Era.

6. NEWSPAPER REPORTER In the city of Archway, there is more crime and corruption then there is good. Or so it seems. Our intrepid female reporter sets out to uncover the dastardly deeds of the residents of Archway but often finds herself in need of being rescued. Could be a one shot or long term with us taking turns running villains. Think superhero.
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Offline AriabellaTopic starter

Re: RP's in need of male characters (BON, NC,MULTI)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 01:01:53 pm »
Updated and one idea added.

Offline AriabellaTopic starter

Re: RP's in need of male characters (BON, NC,MULTI)
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2010, 12:22:13 am »
Added 2 ideas.