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Author Topic: The Path Of Grinzondar  (Read 505 times)

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Offline ArchiorTopic starter

The Path Of Grinzondar
« on: November 13, 2010, 02:07:56 PM »
The Path Of Grinzondar

 In an other universe..., an other time..., an other reality, the mighty Grinzondar ruled the world with sharp rules for over a millenium. He had a special army, keeping an eye on people who are special..., who have gifts. Those gifts..., those powers can be very different. You can have people able to shoot fire out of their hands, people who can comunicate with vegatation, people who can heal wounds, people who can make illusions appear and people who can transform. Grinzondar sees those people - also called Mrenchies - as an abomination. He feels threatened by them, becouse the prophecy says that he will get killed by one of them. If Grinzondar's special army - 'The union' - finds people like them, they prison them if they're lucky, otherwise they rape and/or kill them. Now it's up to you to become a Mrenchie and make the prophecy come true. Choose your rase, your power, your gender and your age, combine powers with other Mrenchie and release this world once and for all of Grinzondar!

Name: Archior
Rase: Elf
Power: Illusions
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Archior was sitting down on a bench, thinking of what happend back in the pub.
All of a sudden people started screaming back then. Was it becouse he thought of the gaint spiders?
He remembered the spiders good. He and his mother where once attacked by them when he was still a child. His mother died becouse of that.
Archior sighed and putted the whole matter out of his head. Are you serious? That couldn't have been the cause. He laughed his foolishness away.
Then he lay down on the bench and fell a sleep shortly after.

(Am I doing this correctly?)

Offline 01lwilliams

Re: The Path Of Grinzondar
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2010, 07:43:01 AM »

Name: Che'bec Ali Halai
Race: Human
Power: Travelling Merchant
Gender: Male
Age: 42

A poor return from the desert lands for Che'Bec. You hear in the distance, the sound of a distinctive clang and rattle as something slowly approaches.

BANG, he slams open the door, glances around the pub and espies, what he thinks is, a drunkard passed out of the bench. A slightly smirk to himself as he can easy pickings tonight. He confidently walks over to you and sits beside. A nudge of his elbow and you hear, in a distinctive foreign accent: "Evening sir, had too many?

Offline ArchiorTopic starter

Re: The Path Of Grinzondar
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2010, 09:34:13 AM »
Archior slowly opened his eyes, as he saw a man sitting next to him.
The man said something but it was very hard to understand him.
The accent the man used was human-like.
Archior did his best to think over what the man said.
'Eevning sir, hed toe maani?'
As he thought that sentence over, Archior decided that the man meant 'Evening sire, had too many?'
Archior settled him self into a more comfortable position and said, 'Good evening friend, no I just fell asleep before I noticed.'