D/s Game?

Started by MagicalPen, February 15, 2007, 09:07:32 PM

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Yes, yes it is me again.
I am looking to expand my horizons again. Here is the game i would like to play. Its a little cliche, but what the hey. Its also got a little quirk to it, something that i want to experiment with.


College life is like it always is. Lots of partying, lots of studying. However, for STUDEN this has resulted in a drop in grades. STUDENT is told to stay after class by PROFESSOR where they make a deal about how to get a passing grade. STUDENT is to perform sexual acts with/for PROFESSOR. This leads to one-on-one situations and/or gangbangs with other Professors/Students who are brought in on it.

Ok. I want the Professor to dominate the student in this one. I think i would prefer to be the Male Student, and have a Female Professor dominate me. Sorta take control in all situations/after-class sessions. Can do it in classroom/office/professors home. Perhaps another Female Professor wants to watch and eventually gets involved, or theres other Students who need the help too. These can result in F/F/M or M/M/F situations.

If interested, respond here!

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