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Started by Wyrd, November 12, 2010, 01:29:55 AM

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Hail! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to take a look my story ideas ^^. I hope someone finds something here they like. Please PM me if anything here is of interest to you and we can work things out to fit both our preferences.

(Male players who would like to play the role of the femalE counter part are also more then welcome)

The Silver Lake

This story is kind of a spin on a typical fantasy setting, in this one though, humans and elves have had a long standing grudge against one another that has turned the people of the two societies to hate each other. Your character is a young elf who lives deep in the forests of Heathenreel, And you are the child of one of the high elven councul members of the forest city you call home. I will be playing a young human man around the age of 17, who is the son of the king of the kingdom not to far from the Heathenreel forests. Neither I or you like to be kept bored for very long, so we often explore the areas of the forest the our parents forbid us from venturing. One day we both find our selves at a small, secluded lake deep within the forest. This is where we first meet. Since we are both kids, we know little about each other and know not of the hate between our kinds, a close friendship ensues. over the months we meet in secret at what we both call the Silver Lake, named for how it shines silver on a cloudless night. We learn more and more about one another and about our kinds. And eventually friendship turns to love and passion. But as we venture in to the forest to meet as usual, we are followed by our suspicious parents who are shocked at when they see the two of us show deep and true affection for each other.

(I have not thought of what will happen next. This is something I would like to work out when we get the ground work down)

Hope to hear from you soon! :)
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The Dragon's Layer
Taken for now.
Soon to open up, so still PM with any intrest  ;)

This one is an original idea I've been craving for a long time but have been a little wary of putting in a one on one, So here goes.

The setting is a typical medieval/low fantasy setting, where there are elves, dwarf,s and dragons, etc, but they are a lot less commen. I will play a young human nobleman around the age of 18 who has just become a knight. He also was chosen from child hood that he would be wed to the the kings daughter on his 19th birthday. But just because he is the princess husband to be, it does not mean he can get out of his knightly duties. So for his first assignment he is sent on a quest to investagate startling reports of a dragon being sighted in the near by mountains, and to do away with the fowl beast if these reports are true. So I set out on 2 day journey to the mountains, when I finally get there I set up a small camp somewhere in or around the mountains and then began my search for the dragon. After a few days I decide to give up my search and prepare to leave, That's when I see a flash of blue(Or whatever colour that we chose, it does not matter) strike through the air and into a cave in the far side of a mountain. And I do what any good and lawful knight would do, ready my sword and persue the target. When a finally get there I find you, an astonishing and beautiful dragoness, waiting for me. I am terrified and awestruck by you. But like any dragon in this world you have the ability to speak, and you reveal to me how you have been watching me ever since a left the kingdom, And how unlike other humans who come and go you have been fascinated and lovestruck by me, Part of me says kill you and be hailed as a hero, but the other part of me say to embrace this strange found love from such a creature(you can guess which one I choose ;)). After an ecstasy and love filled evening and night, my character realizes his 19th birthday is soon upon him, so after a few hours of getting to know more about his new scaly best friend he leaves to return to his kingdom to take care of some things, but promises to return soon. But this will not keep this lovestruck young dragon away... ;)

Now this is merely a template for my idea. Me and you can talk over any changes and suggestions you would like to make. I really want to try this one and out and I am hopeful someone else would enjoy this story too. :-)

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(here is another story I've been craving lately ^^)

The Lusty Argonian Maid

(The original content from the game)

Lifts-Her-Tail: Certainly not, kind sir! I am here but to clean your chambers.

Crantius Colto: Is that all you have come here for, little one? My chambers?

Lifts-Her-Tail: I have no idea what it is you imply, master. I am but a poor Argonian maid.

Crantius Colto: So you are, my dumpling. And a good one at that. Such strong legs and shapely tail.

Lifts-Her-Tail: You embarrass me, sir!

Crantius Colto: Fear not. You are safe here with me.

Lifts-Her-Tail: I must finish my cleaning, sir. The mistress will have my head if I do not!

Crantius Colto: Cleaning, eh? I have something for you. Here. Polish my spear.

Lifts-Her-Tail: But it is huge! It could take me all night!

Crantius Colto: Plenty of time, my sweet. Plenty of time.


(I'd like to either counting from where the story left off or start a new story based around this some how, but we can work that out ;D)

(I'd also like to make this more then just a strict erotic role play, maybe someone finds out that the lord slept with the maid or maybe it could develop into a loving romance.)
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A Love/Hate Relationship
Accepting and craving!!
(Another mid to high fantasy setting for this romance story.)

For many years now, the Orc tribes of the river and the near by Humans of small settlement of Dusk have lived in peace with one another, sharing the land and trading goods with each other and even relying on each other. Though there is a fair amount of distrust and racism with both they still manage to thrive and live in somewhat harmony.

Your character is the Daughter of the Orcish tribe leader. You are strong yet kind and warm hearted to anyone you trust but you'd also rip the spine out of anyone you find evil or an enemy. I will be playing the young son of a blacksmith. I am some times to trusting and naive but training and influence from my father has made me courageous and strong willed.

We first meet during our childhood, while exploring the wilderness near our two societies. It is an odd meeting of two very different children but yet we nearly instantly see through difference and develop friendship with one another. Over time we often go on "adventures" together in the hills and in the woods, seeing if we could find anything exciting like an ancient sword or a magic book(Like any two children would do). But as the years progress, our childish adventures turn into long and deep talks of whatever is on our minds that day. Sometimes these talks drag on through the night and into the next day with us not even noticing or caring. We eventually grow to secretly long for each other and even love each other, though we are to nervous and scared to admit it. But this loving peace between man and orc comes to a crashing end when an army of blood thirsty rogue orcs and trolls brutally attack and massacre Dusk and violently force the tribe of the river to fight for them. While this is happening we are on our way to the village to get some food from the tavern, but what we find are orcs riding off with the blood of the humans heavy on their hands. I find my father's body bloody and lifeless and in my rage vow to hate and hunt Orcs until the day I die. Since you are still so close to me I flee on my fathers horse instead of confronting you or the attackers. You are left heart broken and make your way back to the tribe to find you too are being forced to join this evil army

Five years pass until we meet again. This time, on the battle field...

This is another idea I've had in my head for a while and would like to try with someone with similar tastes. This is a more long term one, I picture.

I would love to hear what any potential partners would have to add to the story or to the characters and settings. Remember that the character and settings are just a template and can be changed if you would so choose to ;)

I hope to hear from you soon!!
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Here are some Game and Story ideas I have in my mind but am to lazy to work out a story for. If you have any interest any of these or above we can work out anything you see fit. ;)  Hope to hear from you soon!!

1) Mass Effect: Fleet and Flotilla
-A Mass Effect romance story between a Turian marine and Quarian ship worker

2) Contact
-A sweet, boy meets alien love story.

3) Mass Effect: Under the Blue Sun
This one would be an action thriller focusing on two Blue Sun mercs.

4) Star Wars: Slave Girl
-An unwiling twi'lek girl taken from her home by a brutish Mandalorian and forces to become his personal play thing. Could be fun ;)

5) Teachers Pet  (Looking for Female Anthro char)
A young Vixen is sudeced by her hansome Math teacher.

6) The Maiden and the Minstral
The Princess of the grand Kingdom secretly falls in love with a local bard. With a brutash father always breatheing down her neck, can she keep this romance a secret?

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Ragtime Dandies!


The Tale of the Flame Walker

A young girl is cursed at birth by an evil elven sorceress. Where ever she goes, destruction in the form of fires and misary follow her. Her parents were killed long ago by trolls and she has been chased out of ever town she finds her self in. After being banished from yet another village, she finds her self wandering the rivers near the great mountains. As she looks deep into the cold waters contemplating ending her life and embracing sweet release, a young novice mage out on a journey finds her and shows her kindness she is most unaccustomed too. From there they journey together through the valleys and hills, feeling a companionship never felt before. She also realizes her curse has no effect on him, no fires, no death, only peace. But as these two find themselves becoming closer, a magic hunter stalks their every step, planning the perfect moment to kill the Flame walker.

(Clearly this still needs some working out, so PM me withany interest and will patch this story up. This one will be a fantasy adventure with some romance thrown in. Cold be a lot of fun.) 
Ragtime Dandies!