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Author Topic: [EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea  (Read 4170 times)

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Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

[EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea
« on: November 11, 2010, 12:24:04 am »
The basic concept:
Two Superheroines (or a heroine and villainess) work together or are forced to ally and live through various threats. Their relationships is by no means easy, and even though they like each other, violence and mutual abuse are a great part of of the deal, as is advancing the story. (See Illyana's demonic form)

I am looking for canon or original characters fitting for any superhero comic universe, feel free to take your own interpretation of a character.

My "heroine":

Illyana Rasputing also known as Magik

Illyana Rasputing, also known as Magik, is a mutant teleporter trained in the ways of sorcery.

(click images for a link to gallery with more pictures of her)

Unlike pictured above, Illyana usually wears a white one-piece uniform resembling a piece of lingerie, a teddy, more than anything else. In the front the uniform which seems to be fashioned from lace it is embroidered with golden arcane symbols, near her hips frills set an accent. A short white cape, reaching down about half of Illyana's back, as well as fingerless white lace gauntlets and white and golden boots complete the somewhat indecent outfit.

In her demonic form Illyana gains two backward-bent horns, a devil's tail, claws and sharp and pointy teeth and a slitted, snake-like tongue.


Illyana appears to be nice, but has a very mean streak. She will, especially when she is fascinated with someone shift into her demon form and try to assault that person - also willing to pay the price for such attempts. She knows how to use her spells and her tail ... and she has the urge to destroy someone, but always takes care that her magic will keep the other person alife and help heal in the end.
When not the dark side of her personality makes her abuse someone, she is willing to sacrifice everything for those she considers her friends.


Illyana's power include:

    * teleportation (mutant power)
    * transformation to a demon form
          o red glowing eyes
          o devil's tail (which she knows how to use ...)
    * magic
          o energy blasts
          o regeneration (slow)         
          o most other magic only through lenghty rituals (NO GODMODING!)
    * soulsword
          o disrupts magic
          o can act as a magically enhanced sword


Illyana was abducted as a young child by the black mage Belasco. In the hellish realm of Limbo she was trained in the dark arts and forced to serve her master. With time her mastery over the magic grew great and strong enough to defeat the evil sorcerer, but in order to do so she had to trade her soul to demons and thus lose it bit by bit.
During her attempt to escape from Limbo, which took many, many years, she died at the hands of demons and devils.

And then she reappeared in earth.

Moody and angry and confused. She was dead, she had been abused and here she was, alife and well - at least phyiscally. But she knew she had still lost her soul.
Now she is on the hunt for her soul. Piece by piece she is intent on getting it back, no matter what stands in her way.

But a soul of a living being that once was dead?
And a life without a soul?
Do those things not sound so very much like ingredients to a spell, to bring into existence what should not be?
Maybe Illyana's craving to be whole again is part of a much greater plan, that will not benefit her ... and the world.

(Illyanas uniform actually hint to a part of the backstory not exposed here)


Kinks I am looking for in this roleplay and things I am not looking for:


    * story - the most important thing. In a good story anything goes.
    * mutual abuse
    * and putting that tail I have in demon form to good use ;)
    * love/hate relationships
    * fights (spescially bloody ones)
    * female warriors (superheroines and villainesses, witch, sorceress, huntress, gladiatrix, amazon, elves, ...)
    * enhanced healing (I find it highly fascinating)
    * guro/gore (temporary)
    * death (temporary preferred)
    * danger (The more dangerous, the better.)
    * contrasts (nudity versus violence, unnatural versus mundane, you get the idea)
    * sudden forced orgasm
    * sudden, forced watersports (through magic ... or violence)

I dislike:

    * bondage
    * mind control
    * hypnosis
    * scat

By the way: The stuff I dislike - it doesn't mean I won't do it. If it fits a story well and isn't the sole focus of stuff, I don't mind. I might do anything at least once. Just sell it well to me. And the stuff I like ... I don't force it on someone.

Roleplay Ideas

Okay, so that's who I want to play, but where do you come into play? Yes, this is not only about me and Illyana, I only want to contribute one half of the story.
Below are some ideas. The general concepts are that Illyana manages to find someone who is willing to take the risk and try to help her, the two of them get t like each other, despite the urge to mutually abuse, fight or even temporarily destroy each other.
In the meantime, they try to find out, what is going on, and help each other. As I only bring a background for Illyana, please feel free to introduce your own interests and ideas and backstory for a character you'd like to play. Feel free to introduce your own characters or modify canon-characters.

To the stars
Illyana  appears near a great rift in space. Our universe has been torn open and the wound in the fabric of reality spits her out among ships and monstrosities, fighting our universe's heroes. The heroes win, but ...
Illyana only survives because in the middle of the battle she is found before exposure to open space kills her.

Starfire discovers Illyana and brings her to one of the alliance's ships.

Illyana is questioned, believing to be part of the enemy forces as the symbol on her uniform was also seen on some enemy warriors. Finally Illyana manages to escape, maybe taking Starfire hostage, forcing her to guide her and slowly both of them realize that Illyana is not really the enemy. But she can be damn abusive ;)
... Or: Illyana escapes and Starfire chases after her to recapture her.

Other possible characters for such a scenario - please note: Suggestions only!:
    * Star Sapphire

Somehow she seems especially fitting for a confrontation with Illyana in the described space scenario. The Star Sapphires draw their powers from love (not to be confused with lust! - although I would not deny that aspect). Maybe something is amiss with the emotional spectrum, too and the source is the same as the one responsible for Illyana's missing soul ...
    * Shadow Lass (DC)

    * Rachel Summers as Dark Phoenix (Marvel)

    * Namorita (Marvel)

Returning Home

After her return Illyana rejoins the X-Men to find new friends. She helps them on their missions as an occult advisor. Her uniform is somewhat shocking especially to those who think to know Illyana from her past, as is her often - especially in battle - cold behaviour. And after a while there are rumors that Illyana attacked of even tried to rape some of her team mates but somehow no one seems to want to throw her out ...
One of her friends finally takes the risk to confront Illyana ... and hopefully help her find out what is going on, but the cost for both of them is high.

Characters I am especially interested in:

     * X-23

     * Storm

     * Kitty Pryde

     * Jean Grey
     * Psylocke

     * Rogue

     * Mystique (I know ... she's a villainess)

Please note: Above are only ideas, I am open to more! Original characters also welcome!
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Offline Malgriff

Re: [EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2010, 09:03:06 am »
If I may play off the x-men a bit when your character returns there could be a new generation of mutants at the school and I'd like to modify my own character Akuma to be a mutant, maybe nightcrawler's daughter since she looks quite similar and has a tail of her own to play with, and she could have heared stories about Illyane and hates being seen as a weakling compared to her. She runs off to prove she is powerful but ends up terrorizing most of new york with her agressiveness, Illyane is sent to stop her, they fall into battle buuuut needs to stop something else happening..uh something big I don't know yet. And maybe for comedy their tails could get knottet together for a while?

Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Re: [EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2011, 04:25:24 pm »
again looking for players on this matter. Thread revival! :)