Searching for a Co-Conspirator! (male or female, don't care which)

Started by PulpyGoblin, November 08, 2010, 09:04:46 PM

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Not Quite Legal Taken

So, I've just had this idea for a roleplay centered around a pair of smugglers that I'd like to find a partner for.  Ideally, this will be a science-fiction themed roleplay, either an original setting or one of the major pre-existing ones, such as Star Wars or Star Trek or some such, though it can easily be fantasy or modern, if you're convincing enough, as right now, I'm craving story, more than I am kink.  So the idea is that this will be a non-erotic roleplay ideally, with perhaps limey touches here and there.. but if it goes -really- well.. well, I could be convinced to heat things up if it comes to that. XD

Enter my character, a young woman by the name of Truth, a fiery-tempered young lady with a fiery mane of boyishly short hair to match, an ever-impish grin on her plump lips, mischief in her eyes, and a short fuse that goes off any time someone comments on just how short she is at a mere 4'11".  A buxom and curvy little thing with enough piercings and tattoos to make her mother cry if she ever found out about them, she's a professional smuggler despite her youth, and her ship, an illegally modified cargo freighter dubbed the "Twisted Sister", is her pride and joy when it comes to outrunning and sneaking past interstellar authorities.

Unfortunately True's partner in crime just got herself arrested and is enjoying the beginnings of a five year sentence, and flying a ship on a long smuggling haul isn't the smartest thing for a girl to do, given the dangers of navigating the uncharted regions of space.. and that's not counting the pirates, gangsters, undercover cops, and sometimes, the very people she smuggles for.  So, what's a girl to do?  Why, find herself a new partner to watch her back and help her out for a fair share of course, because the illegal cargo sitting in the hold of her ship certainly isn't going to smuggle itself halfway across the galaxy.

A Goblin's Fate - (Open to male, female, or futa characters, but Extreme only please!  Looking for someone very dirty-minded and creative, and descriptive.)

The word 'Goblin' is often considered synonymous with scum and vermin, and with good reason.  The typical goblin, a small and slender being, usually green in color and often averaging the same height a dwarf or slightly smaller, is little more than scum.  Conniving and cowardly, they steal what they can, whenever they can, and are often possessed of unpleasant dispositions at best and outright nasty at worst, and few have any dealings with them other than to kill them whenever found, rather than risk allowing them to gather up enough numbers to raid and threaten any nearby towns and villages.

And yet, it's only just a few days after you helped to eradicate a small camp of Goblins when you come across her, sleeping underneath the exposed roots of a tree, her makeshift camp carefully hidden by underneath scavenged brush so well that you almost walked right past her without realizing that she was there.  She was a small thing, like all of her kind, only just barely four feet and seven inches in height and with a face not quite like any goblin that you had ever seen, or killed.  A flat face like all of her kind, but with an almost tiny upturned nose and a small mouth with slender and sensual lips.  Her black hair was a tangled, greasy black mess, yet it fell nearly to her ankles in a sloppy braid and nearly completely hid her long and drooping pointed ears.  Her dark eyes were surprisingly large and filled with confused, then alarm and apprehension when she woke to find you standing over her.  She was surprisingly cute.  Almost adorable even despite all the dirt and grime and ragged clothing and tattered leather armor.

Yet she was obviously so very, very female, given the surprising swell of her hips and bottom and the shapeliness of her legs in her ragged trousers, and a surprisingly healthy bosom underneath the too-large tunic she wore underneath her leather armor, just large enough to seem too big for her small body and completely at odds with the tight compact muscle that moved underneath her pale grey-green flesh.

Half-asleep and off guard, it was almost pitifully easy for you to overpower her.  Yet rather than kill her, you stayed your weapon.  A woman such as her, even a goblin woman, was a remarkably rare prize to the right person..  perhaps especially a goblin woman such as her.  She didn't need to die, perhaps, despite her furious, seething defiance at being so easily caught off guard and captured.  At least, perhaps not until you had your fill of her first.
Gone with the wind.


Hi! I read your post and amusingly enough a character design instantly popped up in my head. If you're still looking, I'm willing to give it a shot. ;D


Gone with the wind.