-Be- [my] v. i. c. t. i. m. [D seeking S]

Started by VinDictive, November 07, 2010, 11:30:21 PM

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And let me be your Predator...Bow down to me...submit to me. Scream for my mercy....beg for a pleasure so intense that you scream for me to stop. Let me ravage you...become the savage that I am...and leave you breathless -- lying wake...wondering when it is next that I will claim you a g a i n.

Your heard it right...let me dom you tonight~~

[[Ahsland is currently full on victims~~ ]] I Vin, am craving a rape scene. Come one, come all....fall to my feet and let me ravage your aching body to my hearts content. I intend to play a demon named Ashland...he is ready and willing to fuck any and everything. His only requirements is that your are of human form... Ears and tails are fine he supposes, but he doesn't recommend them, especially if you aren't fond of having them pulled upon. He is quite rough and enjoys watching you be in pain and in pleasure... He also would like it if you came willing to do just about anything with him..seeing as he is of a more dark nature...and is up for anything. But then again, since you are to be his bitch...it really wouldn't matter what you wanted. You can be male, female, futa, whatever...Ashland wants as long as you are begging. He doesn't expect this to be a long term thing...but doesn't want things to end too soon. So if you can....try and keep up with him.

[[Read my pleases...and follow them...]]

Venture into a world of darkness with me.


.J u s t one n i g h t.

Plot: It took one night. Only one night to ruin his life. One night to open himself to things he never imagined himself doing. One Night to jeopardize all that he'd worked for. One night to kill himself. Anoki is a well known dancer at a prestigious dance club a business man comes to one night. The man promised Anoki anything and everything he always dreamed of: a house on the hill, kids, a loyal husband...a cat and a dog...the family he's always dreamed of having, while under the influence of alcohol. Anyhow after they have the one night stand, Anoki starts to come to meet the man on the street a lot, then at his job...somehow the dancer gets a job at the man's corporation. He tries to seduce the man but he reveals that he is married and all that stuff he was saying was a lie. Anoki then starts to pop up at the man's house and somehow weasels himself into living there and the drama starts.

Pointers: The role-play begins the first night they meet. Anoki is chasing after this man, something he wasn't supposed to have in the first place, so please make it a good chase and not an easy quick one. The man has two kids, and a wife, with ironically a dog and a cat. The man has questions about his marriage and whether it's failing or not, and if the rumors of his wife cheating are true or not. He's in doubt and that would explain why he went to the club to blow some steam.


You have been invited to a masqurade ball by Gabriel Knight. As his partner you are to come dressed in the outfit provided in the box this invitation is attached to. Transportation will pick you up at eight.

You are invited to an office ball by the most beautiful being you've ever laid eyes on. You are the awkward type, but for some strange reason had been getting a lot of attention from the corporation's son. You think he is fooling you, he seemed like the type who enjoyed being a cock tease. At the ball you decide to take advantage of Gabriel getting something you thought you deserved~ After that night Gabriel was starting to turn into a different person....you weren't sure whether to be happy about it or not~

Notes:I want us to begin our rp at the ball. Yes, I want a full blown rape scene with my character being completely owned. After that however my character will start to grow a little bolder...and therefore become the dom. Perhaps if you like there could even be a nice struggle between power later in the rp :: Specific kinks for the rape scene: I want some mild physical abuse[slapping, hair pulling, pushing], and dirty talking.

Wet n' Messy-- I wanna get covered with something other than cum~
Size difference-- I want your charcter to be taller than mine <33
Dirty Talking-- Can't have a smutty role-play without it :3
Oral Sex-- Haven't done good oral scenes in a while~
Throat Penetration-- That's always fun to have done to my character
Hardcore facials-- I want my character covered in your love juice <33
Food play-- part of the whole W n' M category.
Hair pulling-- Rough sex is always better with it <33

Give me descriptive posts.
Give me nice well constructed replies.
Try to match my posts~
No one liners, or anything less than two paragraphs.
Have good grammar and all that mess...its annoying reading a post filled with horridly put together sentences.
Pm me about these requests <33
Venture into a world of darkness with me.

Our Pursuit

I love the Masquerade plot and wouldn't mind the demon Ashland either. If you want to discuss it further just pm me.