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Greetings all and welcome to my humble request thread!
I'm ever so glad that you decided to stop by and I hope that you will find something here that tickles your fancy.  XD
Current Status: Available and Actively looking! ;D

I've been on Elliquiy for a long while on and off and, after quite the hiatus, I'm looking to get back in the game so to speak. I enjoy longer term RPs with a good balance of story and smut, and with both players contributing to the story progression. First and foremost, I'd like to have fun with it since that's what we're here to do.  ;) Feel free to check out my ons and offs as well, it'll help if we've compatible kinks.

Before I get started with the plot work, here are a few things to keep in mind should you choose to RP with me:

Scheduling: My schedule tends to vary quite a bit so I'm sticking strictly to forum or e-mail based games. Not only are text limits on IMs a burden, but we might not be online at the same times regularly. However, I find IMs make plot and OOC discussions easier, so I'll be logged in regardless. I have both AIM and YIM.

Post Timing: I will do my best to post as often as possible, realistically about every other day to at max about once a week. On days that I have a ton of free time or am feeling particularly inspired, I could reply several times in a day. Otherwise, you can expect a response at a reasonable interval. If at any time I am unable to respond in timely manner, I will try my hardest to let you know. More details under "Rp Interruption".

What I look for in a Partner: This particular topic is fairly open-ended for me. I have to say that I'm not looking for any particular style or anything, nor is there any kind of magic formula that will ensure our compatibility. I just want to have fun and write with someone who can bring their own brand of magic to the story we create together. I find that working with varied writing styles is good exercise for the mind and muse. Reading and writing is how you get better at both. All I ask is for enough detail to work my imagination, and ensure that I can follow what's going on between our characters. Your prose doesn't have to be purple for me to enjoy it, though details are what give our characters life and form.

Post length: I don't necessarily have a min or max post length. I often see length requirements on various threads and I feel that it's something that should come naturally to the scene as it happens. For example, if our characters are having a conversation and not doing much else, I don't expect three paragraphs about the particles of dust your character sees in the room while waiting for my character's response. I'm not fond of the idea of added pressure when it comes to doing something that we are supposed to enjoy. Quality over quantity please. I'd much rather have a few sentences that paint a lovely picture in my mind than paragraphs that don't really add anything. Keep in mind though, you'll get what you give; consistent one-liners become tiresome very quickly.

Grammar/Spelling: We all came to E for fun, and I'm not going to harangue you for mistakes. While certain spelling errors are mildly bothersome to me (lose and loose for example), I really don't care as long as I can understand what you've written. If by chance there is something that needs further clarification, I'll ask for more information. :)

RP Interruption: As in all things, sometimes an untimely end is inevitable. Whatever the reason may be (RL interference, lack of interest, boredom, conflicting writing styles, etc.), we may have to pause or end the RP prematurely. If at any point in our interaction you should need to stop, please let me know. I understand that it may not be possible to give a head's up all the time, I've been in plenty of situations where I couldn't and I'm very patient as a result. I will be sure to try and keep communication lines as open as possible and I hope you can do the same. 

Annnnnnnnnnnd I think that's all for "da rules". Now on to the fun stuff!

*~. In addition to new and exciting ideas to play, several of the ideas in this post I've played before and am looking to revive with a new partner. I've provided some links to the original threads for reference. Please note that I'm not looking or asking for anyone to fill in any shoes, I just want to give an example of the character types that I enjoyed playing with for certain stories. If that interests you, great! If you want to put your own spin on it, even better! .~*

As another side note, a lot of my pairings are described as M/F, but I'm more than willing to play F/F of anything. In addition, I'm open to any and all suggestions for changes to the plots or any other story ideas you may want to play out.

*Ahem* Without further ado, please enjoy these story ideas:

Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! It's really easy to see why stories with these creatures are very popular nowadays, and I am no exception. Granted, I sincerely prefer my vampires to be simply pallid and not sparkly. Within this genre there are many options and pairings that I'm interested in, and I've listed them below with a brief plot description (if I have one). My preferred setting for many of them happens to be modern fantasy - as in our everyday world, but with a strong sense of the supernatural. There can be more than one plot per pairing, and I am of course open to any and all suggestions.

Pick your poison as to which type of creature your character would be! In the scenarios below, or any scenario with this pairing I would like to play the human.
Scenario A
Funny how people won't notice extraordinary things even if they're right under their noses. In the day to day people live their lives blissfully unaware of the dark underworld in which they coexist. A few missing people here and there isn't anything special to worry about, after all there are lunatics and other ne’er-do-wells to contend with and the cops will deal with it, right? Depends on your definition of cops. Alongside the human forces for justice, there is a supernatural task force (name TBD) working in the shadows to prevent the greater losses of life and make sure that the human and the supernatural world stay as separate as possible. Of course, there is no way to fully keep the worlds apart. Creatures that feed on humans have to sustain themselves somehow, and it is the task force's responsibility to make sure that their "feedings" don't get out of hand. In addition, there are certain humans that are coveted amongst the creatures of the night. Whatever attribute(s) that make these chosen more desirable and why these particular humans are needed is still not yet fully understood, however what is understood is that they must be protected at all costs. (Note: May or may not be related to reason in Scenario B)

As an elite member of the task force, your character has been sent to protect mine as she has been determined to be one of the "Chosen". Much like the regular members of task force you were supposed to remain undetected by your ward, however a particularly brave group of nightkin forced your hand and exposed your purpose. Nevertheless, you are still bound to your duties and must continue to protect her.

Exploring the relationship between our characters would be one of the greater focal points. He was never part of the human world, and she was never part of the underworld so I expect a bit of culture clash in that regard. The other is determining why she and others like her are targeted by the nightkin. There is the possibility of romance (in fact, I'd enjoy that), and in general they would have an adventure learning about each other and the different worlds they live in.

Scenario B
This plot would be a revival of my previous RP A World Unknown. Much like in Scenario A, there is the world humans live in and the underworld where various creatures live and survive alongside the humans. However, in this plot the more human-like/easily disguised creatures (vampires, werewolves, etc) have used their savvy and prowess to infiltrate various aspects of the human world. Vampires, for example, have used their cunning and centuries-worth of knowledge to join the business world - amassing wealth and using their many fronts to cover for their less easily disguised brethren. The same can be said of other creatures in various other fields. As a result, the turf wars between the warring factions have bled into the human world. Despite their clever disguises, there is no way to hide the true nature of the creatures and their eternal battle over the fate of their favorite food source.

Disappearances, desecrated bodies, and strange occurrences have become part of the norm (most of it being written off as animal attacks and the like), which puts them far beyond the scope of the average person. They are terrible markings of war, and yet no one outside of it notices. Though they have been fighting for quite a long time, there have not been any significant shifts in the power balance between them. Alliances and treaties have of course been made, but still where one threat may be subdued, another is quick to take its place. Amongst the bloodshed, rumors have sprouted of finding the Sanguinare Prisma - people whose blood has the special property of being able to absorb and utilize more than one venom of a creature at a time. Humans can only be turned once, IF they even survive the turning, but the Sanguinare Prisma can hold many. While appearing to be human, they are not quite so, their origins as dubious as any. It is no secret that vampires and other creatures have consorted with humans, perhaps the Sanguinare Prisma are the result of diluted generations of blood. The few bits of remaining knowledge mention (through hearsay mostly) that Sanguinare Prisma could be used to turn the tides of war in favor of whoever has them. Although it is a double-edged sword as the Sanguinare Prisma succumbs easily to madness, likely from having so many needs in one body.

It is said that a series of tomes to better understand Sanguinare Prisma exist, but even the vastest library contains no trace of them. Or at least that was believed to be. Rumor has it that an alpha Vampire has used his extensive wealth and means to acquire one of the fabled tomes. Specifically, the one with detailed instructions on how to make their latent ability more apparent without having to turn every human they find.

My character is a book restorer and translator working in a large library/book store that happens to be owned by a Lord Vampire. She, like the general populace, is severely unaware of the supernatural world around them, but is soon found out to be a Sanguinare Prisma. One night on her way home from work, she is attacked by some lesser creatures that heard rumors of her true identity. Your character, unaware of her ability, intervenes and gets her to safety. Though in doing so, your character reveals the dark underworld that has existed beyond her knowledge for so long.

Notes: This particular plot is influenced very much by the Underworld series, but sort of taken to another level. Sure, there can by hybrids, but what happens if you add more to the mix? Your character would very much become the protector of my character early on as they venture forth to get to the bottom of the Sanguinare Prisma mystery. If you've perused A World Unknown, I'm looking for that kind of dominant and possessive, while also very protective attribute for your character. But! If that's not your shtick, and you'd like to play this scenario anyways, I'm more than happy to with any kind of character.

While I have no specific plot for this pairing, it would still be set in a modern fantasy setting unless requested otherwise. I like the idea of two very headstrong creatures having a go at each other. Be they from two different groups on the same side, like one vamp clan against another or a wayward vampire vs. a wayward werewolf. This pairing is very open to suggestions.

Similar to the above except one would be at a disadvantage somehow. An older vampire vs. a newer werewolf or any combination of opposing factions. Ex. Demon-Hunter/Demon

The war between Vampires and Werewolves well known in the circles of the underworld. Many factions have remained neutral, some have chosen sides, but very few have ever engaged the two. Getting in between the longest standing supernatural war is just foolish. However, it seems that the quarrel has garnered the attention of a new faction wanting to join the fray. Just as old and just as powerful, Dragons have changed their neutral stance and joined in the eternal battle, dividing the underworld even more.

Aside from the idea of our characters wanting no part of the war and dealing with the backlash from both sides, I don't have a specific plot for this, though modern fantasy is still my setting of choice. For clarification, Dragons in this instance aren't huge medieval ones, per se. Over time they have taken human forms, and they can shift into draconic forms like werewolves. I'd very much enjoy someone to play a dragon/the dragons in this scenario. Of course there are a lot of details to hash out with this one, and I'm more than happy to get further in depth if you're interested.

Of all the creatures spawned from the depths of hell, succubi could quite possibly be considered one the most devious. Upon reaching the earthly realm, succubi can change their appearance at will, effectively hiding them from all but the most observant. They stalk the realm, day and night, using men's carnal desires as a weapon; seeking their life forces for sustenance and to bring their souls to perdition. But what happens if that is not the case? A succubus refusing the very acts by which she is to survive would not last very long, but Amoreyn found a way to bypass her natural inclinations. Feeding only when absolutely necessary and only on those she deemed deserving of such a fate made her quite alien to her kind; the harboring of any sentiment towards human life seen as repulsive amongst many (if not all) demonic entities.

As such, she was banished, expected to perish in the earthly realm where simply existing consumed her energies far more readily. In Hell, souls are brought down regularly providing easy meals and demons are free to wander around in their regular forms.  On Earth, the very atmosphere is draining, and for some lesser demons can be akin to a fish out of water. Similarly, a living human brought to hell would suffer similar consequences dependent on their constitutions.

Upon her arrival, she happens upon your character, and they develop a relationship unlike any other. Yet, her prolonged existence and her human companion soon become targets of her furious Demon Lord.

For this story I'm looking to explore the dynamics of their relationship more than anything. Would he use her to further his goals? Would he try to help her live on Earth? Would he let her feed from him? Some of the plot points depend on what type of character yours is, but regardless I'd like for there to be romance, whether it's slow growing or they bond rather quickly. When played the story before, it was run with a character who was sort of an everyday man - nothing particularly special happened to him and he didn't have much. She arrived on Earth while he was being mugged and while it's an unfortunate circumstance, I find that to be a nice sort of catalyst for the story. Of course, anything is possible and I'm open to any suggestions.

This is another pairing that doesn't particularly have a set structure. Much like the human variant of this story, my succubus character was banished from hell; however instead of coming across a human, she comes across another non-human. Your character may not know of succubi similar to how it happened in Succubus Persuasion, or your character could know of them and we could work out a different kind of relationship dynamic. Either way, this pairing has tons of possibilities.

Fallout 3/ New Vegas Setting: Played the games? Let's create our own story of survival!
Project Purity solved a lot of problems all across the wastes as fresh water provided the hope a new civilization. However, the threat of raiders, slavers, super mutants, and feral ghouls (amongst other things) still make the Wasteland a living hell. Those who can eke out an existence in a protected settlement do so while others still fight to survive. Clean water or no, it's still hell out there, folks.

I love the worlds of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and I'm really fond of creating a story within that universe. The setting would take place after the events in the game, and be more slice of life but with the craziness of living in the wastes. The story can go in any direction, romance or no, even going into darker places with the depravity of raiders and all. I'd like for the story to include some of the elements in the game, including named objects and gear. For example, if your character is "eating sugar bombs while wearing recon armor" that makes sense and I know and can picture what you're talking about. Keep in mind that we'd be RPing as in the universe, not playing the game, so your character wouldn't be able to "see" the difficulty of a lock, just not be able to open it.

When it comes to skills and development, I'm not really strict about what you can and can't do, but it wouldn't be fun if you could do EVERYTHING. If you have super high perception, something (or things) might have to be less than average. The same can be said of the other skills (small guns, medicine, etc.) where you'd have a couple major skills, a few minor skills and everything else is between not good and bad. That leaves room for character development and growth, and so we don't have overpowered folks taking over the wastes (at least not immediately). There are lots of details to be worked out for this story and I'm more than happy to discuss with an interested party.

Tickle My Medieval Fancy: Elves, dragons, magic. Just some of elements that I love in a medieval fantasy setting. I have some plot ideas below, but I can't stress enough that I enjoy when people bring their own spin on things.
Healthy and wealthy kingdoms are often targets of thieves seeking riches for their own accord. Of course, there are defenses in place to prevent this, but on occasion there may be one or two that sneak by and manage to swipe something valuable. In a medieval fantasy setting, I would play a thief character attempting to break in and steal from your character's royal treasures. This plot has many different paths to take, and they're all interesting and fun in their own right. See Stolen Heart and Wandering Thief for examples of possibilities.

For a long time, the continent of Olvea had been the site of many wars and battles. Rulers looking to expand their kingdoms were not keen anyone standing in their way and were quick to send a message through their armies. Borders changed, rulers were overthrown, treaties and alliances were formed, and over time the land had settled into some modicum of peace between the kingdoms. However, the storm of politics is ever raging and sometimes the terms of treaties can fade over time. For two Kingdoms in particular their treaty listed a joining by marriage once suitable heirs were conceived. My character, Princess of the Kingdom of Adradwyn, is betrothed to the Prince of Daerith per the tenants of their treaty. The distance between the kingdoms is vast and the journey would take at least a month, and without considering the many dangers that lie with transporting royalty. However, it must be done to prevent the dissolution of calm between the two Kingdoms. To mitigate as many dangers as possible, only the best soldiers were chosen for her traveling party. Along the journey, a forbidden romance sprouts between the princess and one of her guards (your character), and she would have to choose between her heart and her country.

I'm particularly fond of this plot because it often involves a lot of NPCs and I love having NPCs/playing multiple characters. First and foremost, I'm looking for someone to play the part of the guard she falls in love with. If you are so inclined, the role of the Prince she's betrothed  is also open. In terms of personality, for the Prince it doesn't really matter, but I'm looking for a young, kind of brash but skilled combatant charged with the protection of the Princess. They could have known each other for some time as he is her personal guard, or they could first meet on the initial step of her journey and grow fond of each other's company. Lots of details to hash out; all of the names are placeholders and can be changed or used as desired.

Cat-Girl Adventures! By far I think I love playing a Neko the most. I have some plot ideas below, but I'd gladly play a Neko for whatever story you may have in mind. >^.^<
Cat-Astrophic Cat-alyst
Hard-working scientist by day, lonely bachelor by night. Your investors are breathing down your neck for the next breakthrough in your research. Genetic modification happens to be your specialty, but currently your most recent projects have fallen flat. One night, you find a stray cat outside your window and decide to let it in out of the rain, only to have the poor creature become muddled in your experiments. Next thing you know, you have a cat-girl on your hands, her newly acquired human physique accented by remnants of her previous form. What will you do? Will you help her acquire the skills to live as a (partial) human? Or will you sell her to your investors so they can poke and prod to figure out how she works?

This plot is rather self-explanatory and for ideas of what I'm looking for in this story, you can check out "A Scientific Discovery".  This plot can be one of the more lighthearted ones (at least if taken in that direction). My character would start out quite simple, her feline instincts not necessarily translating too well in her new human form. Your character would have the choice of bringing her up to speed on how to be a human or using her to further his lifestyle. There is the possibility of romance as she develops further, and any other sort of hijinks that can occur when crazy sciency stuff happens.

Planet-wide Domination
Simply put your character is in command of a spaceship fleet exploring some of the newly discovered planets in the galaxy, and comes across a planet inhabited by cat-people. You find that their sleek figures and enhanced attributes would make for a great workforce in mining stations and that the females would make excellent courtesans, but conquering them would be the first and most important step in your entrepreneurial mine. The task is easier said than done, and your fleet finds itself locked into battle with the feisty cat-folk. With some areas of the planet more approachable than others, you are able to gain a foothold and capture some of the prized aliens, however they still are strongly opposed to your endeavors. Like any military outfitting, one of the easier ways to disperse troops is to take down the leader (my character), and that is what you set out to do.

This rp would rely heavily on the master/pet dynamic where your character’s intent is to break the will of my character and claim her as their own. In doing so, they gain control of the planet, its people, and its resources, which would be a huge gain for the commander. Dominant, (somewhat) aggressive, confident are some of the traits that I’m looking for in this role. There are different ways this RP can go; the plot is not set in stone.

Shenanigans in Space:Like Sci-fi? Like futuristic settings a la Mass Effect? Well so do I! I have a plot below, but am open to pretty much anything.
See you, Space Pirate
Your profession is not an easy one, nor is very legal. Thankfully, your ship is of superior design. People need stuff moved, and they pay you to do it; preferably in a discreet manner. Your crew is a motley bunch of (somewhat) functional fellows you were able to hire at the last space station, but they seem to be lacking in the loyalty department. You find your mechanic and first mate embezzling funds from the last gig, and immediately they are departed from your ship. Not that either was useful anyways. Your ship is in bad need of repair, and you are in need of some new faces. Docking on the nearest colony, you set out to find some new crew members.

I don't really have anything specific outlined for this story idea. I just like the prospect of writing a story about a bunch of folks getting into trouble while traveling through space. Lots of details to hash out for this one.

Alter Egos Run Amok (Superhero RPs): Oh yeah, Superhero Rps. Strap on your utility belts and domino masks for some super (get it XD) fun!
Supers have become fairly common in the City of <blank>. Some use their powers for good, others not so much. On each side, there are factions and groups, while others prefer the vigilante lifestyle. With the variety and scale of powers, some can live as normal people while others take on masks and costumes to put on grand displays of power. As you can imagine, collateral damage immediately becomes a huge issue and the city's government creates a semi-secret organization meant for subduing particularly damaging supers and removing their powers. The Super Decommissioning Force (SDF) works primarily underground with field operatives bringing in those deemed too dangerous for the city.

Your character is a masked vigilante-type using their powers for justice, but the nature of their powers (and the people they fight) often causes quite a bit of collateral damage. As a result, my character has been tasked with subduing yours and bringing them in to prevent further damage. However, supers who wear masks usually do so for a reason; namely, protecting their alter egos. Outside of their respective costumes, our characters know each other as roommates, and have no idea that either has powers or that they fight as superheroes on a regular basis.

I'm particularly fond of this story idea because of the many variations that can come from it. Our characters could just be starting out as roommates, or have been for a while; just meeting in both hero and civilian form at the same time. Or they could know each other in superhero form already, while just becoming roommates. I like the idea of romance in this story, but there doesn't have to be. One of the plot likes for this story is that my character eventually catches yours, only to find out who your character really is and saves them from having their powers removed. As a result, they're both on the run from the SDF and have to deal with other agents coming after them as well as the various villains and ne’er-do-wells that wish them harm. Lots of options, lots of details, very fun. :)

I think that might be all for now, but it's certainly not all that will be. Stay tuned for future updates, more plots and other sexy things! Thanks for stopping by!



The thief game sounds pretty interesting. If you're free, I'd like to give it a go. Shoot me a PM.



Updated with a major overhaul of new ideas and even better formating!