sweetangle21's rping ideals.

Started by sweetangel21, November 02, 2010, 10:15:26 PM

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okay im going to start with just one and add on. I do have a on and off page set up so please read it.                             Rivandale             okay this in a m/m that comes from lord of the rings. The charaters Arragon and Legolas find their friend ship to be much much more. As far as details we can pm about them or just go at it freely.               Pm me if you are interested.


i'm now interested in starting a new vampire story or modern light bondage and light abuse story line


I'm so excited about this new idea hat i could burst.                               
i would love to start a RP based on a modern time bikers in a bike club. I'm free to any idea's and in put. Its still raw but i think it could be fun. I'm more then willing to do this with fantasy based characters