Some Cravings

Started by DoctorGreen, November 01, 2010, 12:42:53 PM

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Hello everyone, just want to get a short post out there to see what everyone is interest in. It is hard to discourage me, so hardly anything turns me off. I am looking for a committed partner looking for a literate companion. Here are some stories that we can throw around.

•   Apocalypse
o   The world does not stop for anyone, or anything. But in December of 2012, the Earth is halted by a flesh eating virus that plagues parts of the world. The virus started in a small lab somewhere in Vermont underground. The doctors and scientists had no idea what biological weapon they were deal with when contamination began. Seen as a minimal threat, quarantine was too little too late. The virus had spread through the upper New York Area, heading through Pennsylvania.
   A small home, barricaded inside lays a motionless on a couch. With a twitch of his lip    came a pounding at the door. Desperate cries come from the other side. The man gets    up and goes to the door. Who is it, not infected? Maybe there is a chance of getting out    alive.

•   Death and Suspension
o   Jerry Harrison was a young man, with decent values and a stable home life. He has an established job at a local investment firm that keeps him going. Soon a case of mistaken identity kills Jerry’s entire family in the blink of an eye. At a family reunion a gang of pagans slaughter Jerry’s whole family. By mistake, the pagans leave a wounded pawn at the scene left for Jerry to integrate. Jerry takes him to his house and contains the wounded soldier and prepares his once normal basement, to a room of torture.

After getting the information needed after meticulous torture and integration techniques, Jerry becomes attached to his captive. Jerry keeps the pagan with him, trapped in his basement. Soon his captive becomes willing and participates in his sick, sadistic acts.

If you have any other ideas, we can talk on yahoo, or PM.

Looking forward to your replies!
Dr. G