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Started by Raphael, October 31, 2010, 08:46:23 AM

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A note: If you want to RP with me, allow me to read some of your previous stuff first and see for myself if we can work together. You can do the same - check out some of my role-plays (link is in my signature in my profile) to see if you like my writing, my post length, my posting frequency, etc. I want to RP - but I want to RP with somebody who meets my expectations. :-)

* Sword&Spell Fantasy Setting
- sexual content: Optional (Non-sexual/Consensual/NC)
- violence level: Optional (minimal/moderate/high)
- genre: Optional (romance/action/dark fantasy/high fantasy)

The Sentinels University of Arcania has a century-long tradition in training scholars, mages, warlords, adventurers and bards. The campus in the middle of a beautiful island off the coast near the city of Ivory Towers is the ground on which two students in different disciplines meet.

This is my basic idea of a fantasy college story revolving around two main characters in their late teens or early 20s close to graduation. This is just the basic setting. From there, any type of story could develop - romance, action and fighting, funny, scary - take your pick, I enjoy all equally. The story could develop within the University campus or outside of it after graduation, it could be a short story or a long one or even a sandbox one. The story could be non-adult or it can include sexual scenes (consensual or not) based on your interests. It could have swords, spells, meddling deities, dark rituals, demons, monsters, vampires and werewolves, orcs, elves, etc. etc. - the possibilities are endless, and again - up to you. Also, characters aren't limited to human - both your and mine can be whatever we agree upon.

If you're interested, you can PM me right away, or you can announce your interest here, or of course do both :-) and we'll work out some more details around our characters, content (violence, sex, etc.), genre and story and so on.

* Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Setting TAKEN
- sexual content: Optional (non-sexual/consensual/NC)
- violence level: Optional (moderate/high)
- genre: Optional (mystery/thriller/action/horror)

Into the future, humanity has spread throughout the universe, colonizing and terraforming planets and moons. Earth is almost depleted of resources and is considered the slums of the galaxy. In one of its major cities, a dangerous convict escapes - a deranged Bionic (a human with implants who can do a wide range of unnatural things, from plugging themselves into a computer or a network to conjuring up energy fields and electric bolts) is hiding in the really bad part of a major city. The corrupt and ineffective police can hardly be of assistance. So - assigned to hunt him down is a young woman, a renowned bounty hunter who teams up with an ex-convict with excellent knowledge of the area the Bionic is hiding in.

So, I'll be playing the ex-convict and possibly the insane Bionic for the most part, and I'm looking for a partner to take the role of the female bounty hunter. If you're interested, PM me and we'll work out the details - whether and what kind of sexual content the story has, if it's going to be more of a survival horror, criminal thriller, action, etc.