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Author Topic: ~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)  (Read 892 times)

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~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)
« on: October 26, 2010, 10:17:18 AM »
Hello all, I know some of you will be scrolling past this whole chuck of words and head for the stories straight. I can throw in the lyrics of a song, and probably some of you won't notice it. Twinkle twinkle little star. Kidding. I know I'm guilty of it, sometimes. This is just a short summary of what you are going to see in the thread, and I'll keep it short and straight-forward. I do have rules and guidelines I hope you can adhere to, which can be seen below. Other than that, feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of those stories listed below.

~ Please do NOT post on this thread. PM me if you are interested in any of the plots below ~
~ I welcome both male and female writers as long as you are good. But, males are preferred ~
~ I will be playing all the female characters in the stories, and you will be writing the male characters ~
~ My stories will focus on character & story development, so if you're looking for a quickie, click the little red x on top! ~
~ All partners must contribute at least two paragraphs or longer for each post. I make the effort to, why not you? ~
~ I will review your writing posts on Elliquiy to get a feel of your writing style, please don't be offended if I reject you ~
~ All partners must try to post at least twice every week, I would prefer those who can post more often ~
~ If the active story is left stagnant (waiting for your post) for more than 3 weeks, it will be opened to another interested player. Please at least inform me if you are unable to post instead of abandoning the story without any notice. ~
~ Feel free to share your ideas for storyline/plots for the below stories, they are just drafts. We will work together via PMs for the discussion ~
~ And finally, please no Godmodding. If you want to take control of the story and other people's characters, why don't you write it by yourself?

My O/Os can be found here! But it is not necessary to follow them!

Themes I'm focusing on: Romance, Tragedy, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy.

Angels Series
Angels were described to be asexual beings, but it is plausible that they are capable of taking on human form, even to the point of replicating human sexuality and even reproduction. So why don't they do this more often? It seems that God had imprisoned angels, the Fallen, who committed this evil sin, so that others would not follow their path.

Innocent Eyes (Imprisoned Fallen x Fallen's guard)
She went down just to have a glimpse of Earth, but fell in love with a mortal instead. Giving up her status, she joins him and lived a happy life as a mortal. When the time on Earth is up for both of them, she was caught and imprisoned. A guard was elected to stand watch outside her cell, to prevent her from escaping. She started sharing her love for the mortal to her guard. What happens when her guard starts developing human emotions?

No Boundaries (Archangel x Female human/female angel x male human)
An angel was sent to Earth, as spies for God. In the process, he/she falls in love with a mortal. Can he/she keep his/her true identity a secret while protecting his/her love from being involved in his world, and also prevent capture from Heaven's guards?

Supernatural Series

Soul Collectors (Life x Soul x Death)
A human has died, and the soul is in limbo. What if Life and Death had a competition? Would the soul be drawn to the pearly gates of Heaven, or be dragged down to Hell? The soul has to choose between the two.

Forbidden Love (vampire x werewolf / human x werewolf)
He had waited for the last eternity to find his mate. One day, he crosses her scent and follows her. He is shocked and somewhat disgusted when he finds out his long awaited mate is a vampire/human. But the fate of his pack lies on him and his mate, to continue the royal bloodline. And even though many trials await them, he is not going to let her get away now.
** A male werewolf is supposed to find a mate within their same community, mating to an outsider to their pack is considered taboo.

Till Death Do Us Part (Husband x Dead Wife)- Corpse Bride inspired
A man casts black magic on this dead wife/girlfriend/fiancée and brings her back to life. She looked exactly the same as she had been before death, and he truly believe she is back to normal again. But after a few days, she starts to rot. Will he still see her as she is, or murder her instead?

One of Us (Breeder x Breedmate)
Tess is a veterinarian, working late at her struggling animal health clinic.  When a man, seriously injured ends up crawling into Tess’s clinic for shelter,her first instinct is to help the wounded man. But her instinctive need to help is soon changed to terror when she finds out that the only thing he needs is her blood.
Unable to stop himself, he feeds from Tess.  When he regains his senses he is horrified to find that Tess bears the distinctive birthmark of a Breedmate (one of the rare human women compatible to his alien vampire DNA.)  By drinking from Tess, he had already completed half the bonding process and the last thing that he wants is a Breedmate.

My Love ( Demon Lord x human)

She had ran away from home and sought shelter within a church, unaware the members were a cult. She was 'brainwashed' to serve the church, and was selected to be the virgin bride as an offering to their 'God'. Laying naked on the altar, a man appeared before her and whisked her away to his realm. Under his spell, they consummated and when the act was over, the 'man' revealed his true identity. He was the King of the Underworld, a Demon Lord. She was now impregnated with his spawn. The Demon Lord decides to keep her and makes sure she delivers his child.
A/N: I'm willing to start from the night of sacrifice and we can go from here.
(Con, Non-con, rape, BDSM)

Blood Opera ( Vampire x human)

Currently no plots for this, but I'm dying to try out a scene from Anne Rice's An Interview with a Vampire, more specifically, the scene involving a coven of Vampires in Théâtre des Vampires. I'd love to write from the point where they kidnap a woman from the streets till they murder her onstage.

Fairytale/Fantasy Series

Beauty & the Beast (human x beast)

She was sent as a virgin offering to the beast, part-bull part-human creature (Asterion) that dwells in the labyrinth.  Instead of slaying the creature, like Theseus had promised ,would she be able to escape his clutches just because she believes that he would have a human-side in him left. (Based on Greek Mythology)
A/N: I'm interested to take this to a darker level involving probably non-consensual scenes, unlike the Disney version

Cinderella (Vampire x human)
Ella lives with her vampire-hunter stepmother and sisters; and was treated like a servant in the family. Rumors had it that the royal family was hiding a secret, that a vampire lives within the castle walls. Sending Ella as a bait, they forced her to wear glass slippers. Ella, the fairest of them all, was asked to dance with the Prince. At the stroke of midnight, she falls and cut her feet. Suddenly, she was facing a court full of ravenous vampires.
A/N: Might be a potential love story.

Snow White ( *insert fantasy creature* x human)
She was accused of being a witch, and was taken prisoner by the Inquisitors to be put on trial. On the way back, the carriage she was in was met with an accident which rendered the Inquisitors unconscious. She took the chance to escape, but the only way she could go...was into the forbidden forest.
(A/N: Who will she meet in the forest? I don't know! Perhaps a Fae?)

The Mirror ( human x human) - Credits to thymoit for the plot. I love it to bits and wish to do a story on it.
Orlando Testore stood before the Grand Mirror.  He had been looking forward to this day for many years.  He has used the Mirror many times before, training and honing his skill under the tutelage of his grandfather Antonio, Keeper of the Mirror.  He had passed his tests, summoned forth the objects and creatures of his desire many times.  That is the power that is his.  The power that belongs to his family, his line, the Testore, to search the Mirror and from its scattered images of what might be, bring forth the possible and make it real.  Today isn't special because he will be using the Mirror.  It is special because of how he will be using it.

Today he is finally judged old enough to select his first slave.

Stefano Testore, his father, the king, stopped to have a last word with him.  "It is an important thing, my son, your first slave.  In some ways she'll shape your life more than your best tutors.  We've talked about what is important.  Not too meek, you want a girl with some fire in her, one you'll have to tame to your desires."

Orlando smiled up at his father.  "I know, father, I know.  Spirited, basically human, sexual, but never having known a man's touch before, healthy, strong constitution and all that.  I know."

Stefano clapped his son on the back.  "Good lad.  We have the nets ready should they be needed and they probably will be.  She'll be wild at first and you'll have to keep her chained until you break her in.  Everything is set up in waiting in your bedroom.  So... go to it."

Orlando bowed to his father and approached the mirror.  Responding to the power that was his, the image in the mirror began to change, to morph as Orlando sought the girl of his dreams.  His first slave, first concubine, first conquest

A Pirate's Life For Me ( human x human)
A ship carrying the Princess back to the Capital was ambushed by pirates of the sea. All her ladies-in-waiting were sentenced to be slaves, and the men, to be slave laborers. All except the Princess herself. The Pirates decided to hold her as ransom, but the King refused to acknowledge it. She was now at the mercy of the Pirates. The captain of the Pirates respected her, but knew that she will present herself as his slave one day.  (No Pirate-talk please. If possible, I'd like to take this to a Gorean setting ).

Other Pairings
vampire x human
demon x human
mermaid x human
mermaid x merman
demon x demon-hunter
faerie/nymph x human
faerie/nymph x hunter


This thread will be updated when a new story pops up in my mind! In the meantime, look out for them!
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Re: ~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 08:53:04 PM »

1. Added/modified rules section
2. Deleted one plot
3. Added new character pairings

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Re: ~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2010, 08:44:51 AM »

1) New plots added
2) Changed rules

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Re: ~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2010, 04:42:32 AM »

Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, My Love

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Re: ~ Luella's Notebook ~ (Seeking good writers)
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2010, 09:05:40 AM »

1) Added new plots: Blood Opera, Snow White,The Mirror, A Pirate's Life For Me