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Author Topic: Thoughts from the, undoubtedly odd, mind of ScriptorFidelis!  (Read 879 times)

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Offline ScriptorFidelisTopic starter

Thoughts from the, undoubtedly odd, mind of ScriptorFidelis!
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:29:41 AM »
[Ons & Offs]. -- For other links, please refer to my signature.

Seeking Partners: No.  If interested in any of my ideas, please PM me and we can talk further about reservations or future possibilities of working together.

Quick Blurb

Please know that none of these plots are absolute!  This is going to be a creative process with you and me working together, so I sincerely want my RP partner's thoughts and inputs.  Every single one of these ideas are subject to modifications and I'm always up for listening to the plot ideas of others or coming up with something totally new with my potential RP partners.

At the moment I am only planning on playing heterosexual male characters.  While the sexual orientation may open up in the future, I’m doubtful that the gender will.  I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but I’ll say it again here: in the past, while I have tried playing female toons, I have had the most success, and fun, playing males. 

Any other details about my character's physical or mental traits, background, socioeconomic status, and/or any other such things I’m willing to work on with a potential partner.  Rarely will I have a character concept carved in stone, so please PM me with any ideas that you have regarding my character so we can make the RP more fun for us both.

My preference at this time would be a female player, playing a female character.  However, I will play with a male playing a female, if you do so well.  And as usual, if you have any questions or other ideas, please PM me, so we can discuss it.

As to your character, I’m reasonably open.  If I’m entering ‘your’ world, you may have something in mind and, in the alternative, if you’re entering ‘my’ world, then I may have something in mind.  Either way, let’s talk about it.  It may not make sense to have a sexy werewolf walking the decks of the HMS Trafalgar, but who knows?  Maybe we can make it work together.

Story Ideas

*Apocalyptic/Disaster - {Open}
Cliché, perhaps, but I'm a big fan of this type of story.  Be it natural or man-made, I'm a sucker for surviving the end of the world.

Me: Completely open.
You: Completely open.

*Cyberpunk - {Cyberpunk}
I'm new to this genre but would be interested in doing something with this genre.  I had a great time writing up my [writing sample], and would be interested in hammering something out with a creative (and patient) partner.

Me: Completely open.
You: Completely open.

*Space Opera - {Sci-Fi}
A boy and girl caught up with evil empires, genocidal alien invaders, catastrophic cosmic disasters, or anything else our twisted minds can come up with.

Me: Completely open.
You: Completely open.

My Universes

*The Ark - {hard(?) sci-fi}
The story of two people living in a multi-generational space ship.  This could take place mid-journey with the society evolving or mechanical breakdowns, or near the end of the journey with the excitement and changes that will bring.

Me: Completely open.
You: Completely open.

*The Watcher - {high fantasy} -- Reserved
This is a story idea which has been kicking around my head for about a decade.  It focuses on three Watchers who are the guardians of a special girl.  Each are tasked with a specific function (e.g. protection, guidance), but someone is after her and has killed the other two Watchers.  This leaves our third, and unprepared, Watcher with the task of helping the girl complete her vital role in life.  Obviously this one has a lot of loose threads, but working on it (for me) would be a labor of love!

Me: The last Watcher.
You: The special girl.

*World War III - {modern or sci-fi}
Nope, it hasn't happened yet, but I'd be interested in writing up this alternate history (or potential future) with someone.  Be it a gritty tale of trench combat, high seas battles, background politics, or the struggles of civilians caught in the middle, this is definitely something which I'd like to work on with someone.

Me: Completely open.
You: Completely open.

Other Peoples' Universes

*Robotech - {sci-fi} [Preferred]
Yup, I'm a nerd.  Sorry.  But I grew up with my imagination filled with transforming mechs and evil alien invaders, so I have to try this.

Me: Alternatively, the grizzled, combat veteran VT pilot or the young, brash rookie VT pilot.
You: The opposite, or maybe another rookie who's joining my newbie out on the dangerous journey back to Earth.

*Rifts RPG - {sci-fi, post-apoc} [Preferred]
See above regarding my being a nerd.  That being said, I'm a huge fan of playing the anti-hero, so I'd like this to be a Coalition-based story; so, be forewarned, there will be much prejudice and violence.

Me: Any Coalition soldier.
You: Completely open.

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Offline ScriptorFidelisTopic starter

Re: Thoughts from the, undoubtedly odd, mind of ScriptorFidelis!
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2010, 10:31:37 AM »
Story Ideas (Con't)

My Universes (con't)
*The Summoner - {high fantasy} [Preferred]
The story of a wizard-type who deals with demons.  Even in a world of magic, Summoners are often hated, but always feared.  They can wield amazing power with their demonic 'allies' but can unleash untold destruction should they lose the constant battle of wills.

Me: The Summoner.
You: Completely open.  Possibly the demon*, an apprentice, a scared villager, etc.

*My obvious, and perhaps cliched, preference here would be a succubus.  Fiery, wanton, and willful... and ever needing to be properly mastered.

*The CEO - {Contemporary/Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk/Open to Suggestions}
The story of a man who has it all.  Wealth, power, status, his every whim executed like the strictest commands.  This could take place pretty much anywhere and anytime, as I'm completely open to setting suggestions.

Me: The CEO/Despot.
You: Completely open.  (e.g. the submissive secretary bending to his every wish, the willful employee fighting for the rights of her fellows, the investigative report doing a story on this willful man, etc)
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Offline ScriptorFidelisTopic starter

Re: Thoughts from the, undoubtedly odd, mind of ScriptorFidelis!
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2011, 12:38:55 AM »
Story Ideas (Con't)

My Universes (con't)
*The Exiles - {high fantasy} [Preferred]
He is the sole survivor of a bloody coup.  Heir to a kingdom that he can no longer have, betrayed, and wounded, he meets her.  She is the sole occupant of a single cottage in the middle of the deep woods.  But what is she hiding or hiding from?

Me: The exiled noble.
You: The secluded woman (possibilities include, an elf/nymph exiled for a mysterious crime, a half-elf/nymph not accepted by either heritage, a powerful sorceress wanting to be left alone, a widowed recluse seeking to hide from her pain, etc).

*The Academy - {high fantasy/sci-fi} [Preferred]
Two friends from childhood are together at the great academy.  He a seemingly weak, scholarly type, she a strong-willed warrior.  They spar, they laugh, they experience life together, but when put to the fire, she will learn he is all she can depend on, and he will learn that he is more than what others have always thought him to be.

Me: The nerd.
You: The confident, brash brawler.
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Offline ScriptorFidelisTopic starter

Re: Thoughts from the, undoubtedly odd, mind of ScriptorFidelis!
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2011, 02:14:49 PM »