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Started by Parlabane, October 24, 2010, 10:26:53 AM

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These ideas are for things I'd like to explore and settings that I find interesting. A lot of them are somewhat vague on purpose as I like to be surprised about where things go and much plots with a lot of twists, turns and other unexpected diversions. These are all just bare bones, the fun comes in putting the flesh onto them! If you don't like any of the specific ideas I've  put here but you've got something that you think I would like then do please get in touch (PMs are much better for me than messages in this thread). I enjoy kicking around and developing story ideas in a collaboration, it's a great way to get inspiration.

Where I've described a character in a bit of detail, that's the role I'm interested in, and you can bring whatever you want to the other one. I'm quite happy to discuss ideas for a while before properly starting because it's interesting to see what happens to an idea when two people start batting it back and forth, so if any of these catch your fancy but you want to suggest changing something, or doing it differently, please get in touch.

For more about what might or might not interest me, take a look at my Ons and Offs and the RPs I'm currently in or have been in the past.

General settings without specific characters:

Walking The Worlds

I'm interested in a story about other worlds that are connected to ours by secret pathways or gateways. They could be completely different worlds, perhaps around other stars, or parallel/alternate versions of our own. I'm thinking of a story where two people (probably from different worlds) find themselves having to explore these worlds together. Perhaps they need to work together to travel between the worlds and others want to capture them to have that power, and/or maybe they're searching for something or someone lost on the worlds.
TAKEN - see The Hangman's Bastard but interested if you have a radically different take on it.

After The End

(I did a version of this asAfter The Sun Fell but interested in other suggestions)
Sometime after civilization ended. Two survivors meet and try to get to a place of safety while being threatened by marauders, cannibals, zombies or triffids. Or all four and rabid psychopathic sheep as well.

The Legion of Dynamic Discord vs the Illuminati

I'm envisaging something on the lines of Illuminatus! or the Principia Discordia, but with added craziness, head-scratching plot twists and possibly even more sex as well. One character recruits another into the the Legion of Dynamic Discord and then they get to work together thwarting bizarre Illuminati-inspired plots and conspiracies around the globe (and possibly even elsewhere). Could even be a group RP if there's interest. See this thread for an idea of the sort of thing I'm thinking of.

The Cult

I'm interested in the idea of a story that's set around some kind of cult. There are various forms it could take, from a light story of people just enjoying themselves in a sex cult to much darker ones of kidnapping, brainwashing, torture of unbelievers and who knows what else. Perhaps a one on one story where two people meet and fall for each other but one's a member of a cult - are they trying to cynically recruit the other? Perhaps meeting someone is the spur for them to try to escape from a controlling cult, or maybe they're just seducing people to be sacrifices in whatever sacred rituals they're performing.
(This one got started here but then my partner disappeared. Definitely interested in something on similar lines, particularly with an emphasis on the brainwashing/Stockholm Syndrome experience Lisa/Rebecca goes through there)

General plot ideas:

These are rough ideas for plots without specific characters attached, and I'd be interested in doing them as M/F or F/F stories. We can come up with characters together, or if you have an idea for one who'd fit in the story, I'm happy to come up with someone to match.

Political scandal

One character is a crusading politician, possibly the last honest politician left, using their position to challenge corrupt Government figures and dodgy corporations. Obviously, s/he can't be allowed to continue with this challenge to the status quo, so a plan is formed to bring them down. A paid agent is sent in to seduce them, with the intention of embroiling them into a sex scandal that the media will then blow up into an issue that discredits the politician. The agent's happy to go along with this - they're getting paid well for it - but after a while, they genuinely fall for him/her...but it's too late, as the scandal's now about to burst onto the front pages. How do the two of them try and rescue the situation - and their relationship?

Somewhere in the Roman Empire

I've been listening to a history of Rome recently and it's got me thinking about something around that. Only vague ideas as to what that might be, but they might chime with someone...
One plot idea could be something about a soldier amongst the barbarians, where he's been captured by a tribe, or perhaps found by them after being abandoned and left for dead and then -? I'm not sure... Romance with a barbarian queen? Introduction to magics and strange new realms? Revenge on those who abandoned him? All of those and more?
Another is something set in Rome itself, and that could be something with a very loose plot that's just all about the decadence, or perhaps something set during one of the crackdowns and prescriptions of those who've fallen foul of the current regime. What happens when someone formerly rich and powerful has to live off their wits, or rely on the protection of others?

Dylan and Caitlin

I never meant to believe in you,
It's so hard just surviving the truth,
Words don't cover the scars anymore,
The tears last longer than before.
Together the tenderness cries.

This would be something quite psychologically dark, a destructive love story based on this song about Dylan and Caitlin Thomas, though not the actual story of Dylan Thomas. I'm still vague on details, but I'd be interested in something that's about two people locked into a mutually destructive but highly emotional relationship. It's the sort of thing that could go to some dark place, though.

General F/F roleplays

Yes, I'm a man who likes F/F stories. I shall be paying the cliché tax as soon as it's introduced.

The age gap

I'm interested in doing something around the idea of an older and younger woman beginning a relationship - one late teens or early 20s, the other in her late 30s or early 40s - from the initial question of how they meet and get together and then how they might actually deal with a relationship together and get over the age gap. I'm open to ideas and suggestions for this, so if there's a particular setup you're interested in then let me know.

One idea for this is an older character who's dedicated herself to her career (that could be law, business, academia, somewhere that requires a lot of early dedication to get on) and never had time for a relationship. There've been occasional hookups and short-term things with other women, but she's told herself she doesn't have time for a relationship. Then she meets someone quite different from her usual 'type': young, relaxed, possibly artistic etc and there's real chemistry between them. The younger one wants to pursue a relationship, but the older doesn't know how to go about it and how to adapt her life to include someone like that in it.

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover

Inspired by this song. Two women - our main characters - were in some kind of relationship a few years ago (high school sweethearts? a college thing? holiday romance?) which ended even though neither were unhappy with it. Now, my character moves to a new town (or perhaps back to her old home town) for work and meets her old girlfriend again. The old spark and attraction is still there between them but unfortunately, the other woman's now in a relationship with someone else, and they're not someone who's going to quietly accept her running off with her old lover.

Can they get back together and get away from the dangerous partner? I'm being vague on the details here because there are many different ways this could go and would love to hear your ideas for who they are and how things go between them.

One Night More?

This starts with two women who have a no strings attached arrangement. They meet occasionally, have a good time together, then go their separate ways. It works fine, except both of them would secretly like more than that, but think the other isn't interested in anything more than the sex. Lots of different ways this could go, it could be anything from light and frothy rom-com fun to something deep and angsty, depending on the situation the two of them are in.
One permutation is one of the women is older, respectable, professional, closeted, and the other woman is someone who works at a hotel she stays in for conventions etc. Another where they're in the same field, or work for branches of the same company and see each other occasionally at corporate events.

D/s roleplays

With a lot of these, I'm more interested in the psychological aspects of dominance and submission than the technical details.

Down The Rabbit Hole (F/F)

Sarah Thomas is a lesbian college lecturer in her early 30s. She's just ended another disastrous relationship and decides to try the internet in the hope of finding someone stable and ends up talking to a younger woman - 19-20 or so - who's very interesting and attractive to her. After lengthy chats, Sarah finds herself falling for this woman, not knowing that while she is really the attractive girl she's seen in the photos, she's also a dominant who's decided to make Sarah into her next project, seeing how far she can make her go, how much control she'll surrender. Can Sarah resist the temptation, or is she discovering a side to herself she didn't know she'd enjoy so much?

Discovery (F/F)

A woman in her late 20s, who up to this point has thought of herself as straight, begins having vivid dreams and fantasies of becoming another woman's slave after she reads about the BDSM scene in an article. She tries to deny them and forget them, but they keep coming back stronger and stronger and soon she finds herself looking for a Mistress to train and finally accept her as her slave. I'd like to play the submissive woman in this, emphasising the psychological part to it as she slowly gives more and more control of her life to her Mistress.

The Experiment (F/F MC)

Dr Christina Martin is a psychological researcher in her 30s who's devoted her research to discovering all she can about human sexuality and how it can be controlled. She's turned many young female students into her lovers, but now she wants to put her theories and devices to the ultimate test. She wants to find a perfectly straight and vanilla girl, and turn her into a depraved lesbian slut who'll do whatever she's commanded.

I am interested in M/F D/S scenes, but don't have any specific plots for them at the moment, though am open for suggestions. Also interested in mind control stories, especially when its about a gradual change in how someone thinks and acts, not an instant thing. Would be interested in a mind control story of a man falling under the control of some kind of hypnotic/magical woman.

I don't mind NC scenes and plots, but I like them to be based around ideas like coercion and blackmail or some form of mind control rather than force and violence.


One idea that's been niggling at the back of my head for a while is a transformation plot, where I'd play a man who finds himself transformed into a woman and has to discover how to adapt to this new reality. I'm thinking of a plot where the transformation is a bit of a surprise, so it could be some bit of accidental magic or mad scientist thing, or perhaps some sort of mind switch/body swap with a woman.

One scenario idea: There are many different parallel and alternate universes where things can be wildly different or just minor changes have happened. In one of them, everything's the same as it is here, except his parents had a daughter rather than a son. Now, through some piece of cross-time weirdness, his mind is in her body in her universe, and hers has swapped over to here. So they're both looking for a way back...but what if one or both of them decides they prefer the new arrangement?

Other ideas

The above list is just suggestions, and ideas that have come to mind for specific plots. I'm always open to any ideas you might have if you think I might be interested. You can get an idea of some things I'm into from my ons and offs and current games.

I'd like to try something with an alternate history or SF setting, though I'm much more into SF as an exploration of ideas and society than playing with gadgets. I don't really care how the fancy new technology works, but I want to see what it does to people's lives. It's the same with alternate history - as long as it's vaguely plausible, I don't really care about how San Marino (or whoever) conquered the world, but I do want to see what it's like to live in a world ruled by them. If there are any other Ken MacLeod fans out there interested in doing something in the Fall Revolution or Engines of Light universes, then please get in touch.

I'd also be interested in something set in Charles Stross' Laundry universe (though I've not read The Annihilation Score yet, so no spoilers please!) though I'm more in the Bob school of seeing encroaching tentacles as something to be stopped at all costs rather than embraced.

Everything is subject to change, and I'll add to this list as inspiration strikes. There's lots more that interests me, so if you've seen something I've written or been involved in and think you've got something that would appeal to me, then get in touch. It's best to contact me by PM rather than by posting in this thread, as I'm much more likely to notice and respond to messages.


Film Noir  = I love this idea. The detective black and white movies type deal would play out amusing and quite different.


Updated and added some more characters to the stories - PM me if interested.


Some more updates and a couple of new story ideas - political scandal and older/younger women.


A little update, and added Snowed In as a new idea.


Id be interested in playing out something set in the world of the TV series Survivors. I watched it avidly and own the dvd series.

I even have my character planned out. Either a US Marshall in London with her partner to extradite a recently parolled prisoner, or the prisoner herself, a drug courier pilot who did her time in a London prison.

It can be set in London if you like, or in another city.


Hello there,

I seem to be interested in "Her first time out" and "Older women with younger women". If it's still available, I'd be happy to play. :)
Thank yu


Thanks for the response - am in discussions over a few new roleplays, so am not taking on any new requests right now. I'll reassess the position in the New Year.


Have updated the list with a few more ideas and cravings, and updated ones I'm currently doing. Should have time for a couple more games now.


Updated and tidied up. Open for suggestions of new games if anything catches your fancy.


After an inordinately long absence, I've returned and looking for people interested in starting something new. Still interested in all the ideas above, and open to suggestions too (see my O&Os). Will probably come up with some new ideas to add to this list too...


Added The Inheritance and Walking The Worlds to the list and a few more general thoughts too.


Your walking the worlds one interests me, sort of like the movie crossworlds, or the one.



Tidied up, some old and taken plots removed and The Way To Her added.


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Back from a break, so have done a bit of editing on the list and added some rough thoughts about transformation stories.


So...I'm back? A lot of those ideas still interest me, I've taken out some that don't, and might add others as they occur. Get in touch if they interest you.


Some new ideas (Roman Empire and One Night More) added, some old ones removed, a bit of clearing up and explanation in a few other parts.