Female RP Partners Wanted (fantasy/angel/comic-book plots)

Started by mahes666, October 21, 2010, 01:23:15 PM

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*PM me if you're interested in one of these plots, and share your ideas of where you would like them to go.

The Archangel and the Demon Prince
Light: Exotic Solos OR NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Jeriah was not born, she was made.  Sculpted in a joint effort of the Pantheon when the gods still lived.  When the demon king Dexipus began his conquest of their world, they made her as an insurance policy. They bestowed upon her many gifts.  Immortality, beauty, winged flight, mastery of combat, weapons and combat, control of the elements, the ability to communicate with any living creature, and a siren's voice to captivate and control men's hearts.  The Pantheon designed her so that she would remain in stone until their deaths.  If Dexipus should win and they should die, Jeriah would awaken to find the world's last hope. 

That day has come.

With the gods destroyed, there is only one that can destroy Dexipus, and that is the Demon King's mortal-born son, Ivan Crow.  Jeriah must find him before Dexipus does so that she can bring him to the side of the light.  However, he might be too much for even one such as her to handle. Ivan's demonic powers have begun to awaken, and so have his dark impulses. Can she temper the half-demon, or will he succomb to his birthright and join his father's demonic horde?

Need someone to play Jeriah. It has potential for a powerful love story or non-consensual situations or both.  Please let me know your preferences if you like the plot and want to give it a try. Let's discuss!

Magneto and his White Queen
Light: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Would love to pair up Magneto and the The White Queen somehow. Don't have a specific plot in mind, but let me know if you do. Let's discuss!

Poison Ivy's Prisoner
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Nightwing has been captured by Poison Ivy. She wanted to capture Batman, but this is the next best thing. Her plan is to take complete control over him until she can use him to kill Batman or be killed by Batman. Either way will be a victory to her. But is she capable of controlling this captive? What if he begins to mean something to her other than a pawn?

Need someone to play Poison Ivy. I would like it to begin as a sorta non-con of Poison Ivy using seduction and drugs to take control of Nightwing, but it would slowly evolve into a love story as Nightwing continues to resist her efforts and make her see the error of her ways. Let's discuss!

Angels Among Us
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos and/or Light: Exotic Solos OR

Teddy is a fallen angel. He rejected God, but instead of defecting to the other side, he chose to hide on Earth and have a whole lot of fun until Judgement Day. Carissa is a fallen angel as well, but she works for the devil directly. She's been on Teddy's trail for a few years. She's finally found him.

Need someone to play Carissa. She can either fall for him and they can run from heaven and hell's minions together, or she can be the primary huntress, creating a sexual tension cat-and-mouse style RP. Let's discuss!

Her Greatest Creation
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Melanthus is a powerful and immortal dark sorceress. She rose to power long ago in her kingdom, and has ruled it for a century. Her ultimate desire is to take the rest of the world as well, but the rival kingdoms have power and armies capable of repelling her might. Finally, she discovers the recipe to create a life-form of terrible power, a servant capable of destroying her most powerful enemies. But can she control her servant?

Need someone to play the sorceress. Either her creation can be a faithful servant who becomes obsessed with her (to the point of being dangerous), or she falls for her creation in some romantic way, or some other plot you can think of. Let's discuss!

I'm Not Supposed to Love You
Light: Exotic-Freeform Solos

This is an idea I'm just starting to develop. Would love to discuss with someone to figure out a way to make this unfold. It would be the story of an honor-bound samurai-type warrior who is on a quest to save a women who he is betrothed to. He does not love the woman, but he would sooner commit suicide than break his oath to her while she still lives, so he must do everything in his power to save her. The woman is being held by a rival clan, and he has to find where they are keeping her and take her by back by any means necessary. His enemies have magic at their command, so to aid in his search, he calls in a century old family debt from the fae. The fae honor their debt by granting him the aid of a fairy princess on his quest. I want a story where the fairy and the warrior fall for each other, but both fairy customs and his betrothal forbid any romantic association.


I'm really interested in your plots, and think that we could easily become good rp partners, as we seem to like the same ideas.
I'm interested in all but one- and thats only because I have no clue who the White Queen is!
I'll give you my thoughts on the female characters in the ones I like, and see which you'd rather do with me. :3

The Archangel and the Demon Prince
I image a very strong and level-headed character, without too much emotion as Jeriah. Clever, but not too experienced with the 'mortal' ways the half-demon is going to be more familiar with. I can see a bit of more timid nature if he was to try and do something to her, triggered mostly by confusion. Its a very interesting concept that I'd like to try out. Very stubborn to try and do what she feel she needs to do to save the mortal realm. If she is to turn Ivan Crow to the light she would assist him in taking on his demon father, but if not... She would be broken, unable to do what she was made to do, and knowing it was hopeless, fall to become nothing, possibly rising to be the half-demon princes queen.

Poison Ivy's Prisoner
I'm not going to lie, I don't know a ton about the DC universe, but Poison Ivy and Nightwing are definitely two of my favorites. I can see her trying so hard to break the spirit of Nightwing, irritated by her inability to take full control, but pleased with how stubborn and strong willed Nightwing is. She'd develop a true interest in Nightwing, stemming from his resistance to her, but evolving into more. Whether or not he could make her change her ways, she would definitely develop a soft spot for the hero.

Angels Among Us
This one would definitely be a lot of fun. At first, Carissa would definitely be the lead huntress, hell hounds in tow. Eventually, she would either capture him, or be tricked into one of her own traps, at his mercy. Either way, a very stubborn and aggressive nature would welcome him, only to turn into a more timid and submissive stance if- or when- he ever got the woman in his bed.

Her Greatest Creation
The character personality that comes to mind for the sorceress is a dark one, not really capable of something as simple and pure as love. She may have a fondness for her creation, but never think of him as much more than a pawn in her grand scheme. However, when he starts to act oddly, following her to her bedchamber or refusing to go where she ordered him and instead staying at her castle, she gets very irritated. She may threaten his life, or threaten banishment, but he manages to overpower her, lock her away instead in order to keep her safe from her enemies... Instead of he being her servant, he forces the sorceress to be his.
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