Romance Lost- Bella's Dilemma (interest check)

Started by lovelygirl, October 21, 2010, 11:50:24 AM

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Bella and Matt ( name can be changed) were inseparable. That was until he decided to enlist and go serve in the army. His father had served and he felt it was a duty to honor both his father and his country. Bella protested, she didn't want him to leave, they had plans, they were supposed to be together, but Matt had his mind made up. He broke her heart and broke up with her, going off to serve.

After a year, Bella's heart slowly mended when she met Alex ( again name can be changed). Alex brought love back in to her life, and slowly brought her around to live happy once again. She was with Alex a little over a year when there was a knock on her door- It was Matt, looking for her, wanting her back.

The RP would start with Matt's return.

I need two men and one woman ( to be Bella's best friend)

If interested let me know who you want to play and pop up a pic of your character. If I get a lot of interest I will chose the players, not a first come first served. Thanks
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