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Author Topic: My plots, cravings and ideas! [M and F needed]  (Read 1307 times)

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Offline HaipeabyssTopic starter

My plots, cravings and ideas! [M and F needed]
« on: October 21, 2010, 11:29:16 am »
Well, here is my plot list! I tend to write at least 2-3 paragraph each post, and hope my English is enough to satisfy the people that would play with me.
I'm looking for characters, so not necessary the gender of the player have to be the same of the character's one, and the same would be for me.
I prefer to RP over forum/PM/e-mails, since i connect almost daily to internet, but i'm not always up for instant messaging, so something slower is preferred ^^
If happens that i can't handle more RPs (quite improbably to get this level of response, but who knows!) i would probably write it here, so don't be offended if refused for this reason, i'll be the first to search you back when i can handle a new game again :D
Read my O/Os (but take them with plenty of salt, since i'm very switchy about them. Well, maybe it's better if you ignore them completely, my bigger ON is probably shaping myself on other player's ONs!

Better to obey

Boy/Girl (F needed)

Here's the settings: i would play as boy, 18-20 years old, quite knew, popular with girls, good in sports and school. I'm looking for someone to play the role of one of his schoolmates (university, or last age of college), an apparently shy girl, that he has tricked and joked (we could also rp this part) maybe because she was not so beautiful, she's flat chested, or because she wears strange clothes or similar. She find a way to threaten and blackmail him, turning him into her slave (sexually also), at the beginning just wanting to give him a sort of punishment, but then starting to find the thing attractive and wanting to go on with humiliation. This could grow from a soft start (having him go out with her to excuse) into sex and then into bigger problems (having him suddenly leave when he is with his girlfriend to go serve her new mistress) etc etc.

Survive and escape

(boy/girl) (one of the two needed, i would play the other one ^^)

Similar to above, here the settings is in an half destroyed megalopolis, maybe during a period of war, or just after. A young boy (17-18, probably orphan), trying to reach the walls of the city to escape, meets a girl of the same age and in the same situation. The two decides to cooperate and works together, to have better chance to survive. This will involve searching for water and food, surviving the cold outside, maybe encountering dangerous androids or people. Staying together the two will build up an unexpected attraction that will end in a sexual involvement, on the background of their escape.
I want them to be quite inexperienced about sex (not strictly virgins, but not used lovers) and discover it together.

Artic Nightmare

M/F (F needed)

So here's the Plot. A group of researcher is sent to an Artic base and lab to do some kinds of experiments and researches. I have thought about 5 or so people. Then, after a strange discover (maybe a frozen alien creature in his first status of growth, or similar) three of the researchers are mysteriously and bloody killed during the night, leaving just two of them (our characters) alive, trying to discover what has happened and to survive until the raging storm outside would end, allowing them to escape or call for help.
The two survived researcher would obviously develop a strong and sex-involving relationship, probably more for being blocked alone and having to face together the dangers and harshness than for a real compatibility.

Wizards's Apprentice 

M or F apprentice/F or M wizard (read the end of plot for needing)

Just because there are not enough plots about magic and strange things here ^^
The RP will involve an intelligent and good looking boy or girl(18-20) that has been accepted as apprentice by a powerful and known wizard, in a fantasy settings. While learning magic in all it forms, from the basis to the combat spells, the apprentice would also experiment on himself the sexual magic, performed with the help of his master. This will cause transformations, body alterations, funny situations, and sex between the two.
I would rely this RP heavily on the teachings at the student, including RolePlay magical duels and so on. It's also intended to be a funny setting, not an "heavy" one like some of the RP above.

I would RP as a Male master, needing for a F apprentice, or as a male apprentice, if there's any Female Master that wants to teach me. I have to confess that for this one i would strongly prefer to being the master, since i have a quite detailed plan in mind on how this will go on, but if you feel very confident would be fine to be the apprentice ^^.
Playing as a male Master, i could also accept a male apprentice, but you have to be prepared to be transformed and filled of temporary female features a lot XD

A Taste of Extreme  ***

M/F (F needed)

Only for strong stomach
Not sure about how to build this plot, so i'm looking to discuss it with you. What i know is that i want it to be extreme. This will probably includes (but not limited to) menses (highly craved), watersport, lot of cum, foods and drinking involved in sexual acts, living and slimy creatures like worms, etc etc...
For the plot, it could be around a young and very nasty couple that loves this sort of things, maybe to make that kind of amatory and extreme movies, but we can work on this, maybe adding some sort of twists to keep the story up.

Quick scenes ideas for one-shot RPs:

F or M Alien Creature/Male or Female Human
Rape in the park

Some pics I would love to see used as inspiration for a PR with me. If someone finds them interesting, just contact me, i'm sure we would find a good idea :D

Frozen Ideas
These are RP ideas that i'm not interest in RP at the moment, but maybe i would pick them up again in the future.

Creatures Haunting in a Fantasy World

Adventurer/Monster Creatures (futa/monsters needed, look the description)   

Built around a futa adventurer, in a fantasy setting, that ends involved in all the casual (or not ^^) encounters typical of a fantasy games. Obviously the encounters will end in some sort of sex, and this one would be very vary and switching in it's concept. Maybe the adventurer will have sex with defeated monster-girls, instead of killing them, but the next time can be brutally raped by a stronger creature, or a succubus, or something similar. The plot is intended to continue, focusing on the various encounters and then to the next one, and so on.
I could play both the adventurer or the creatures, or would even be fun to maybe switch roles at times, or to make 2 different adventurers having the scene jumping to the other one after each ended encounter, and maybe makes them to meet at certain point of the story (we could build a much deep background story, with a quest or something similar).

My Life with master

Master/Creature  (F needed)

The name would immediately tell something to who has already played the fantastic narrative game that i have took as inspiration for this plot. To summarize, the setting is an unspecified Central European country in the early 19th century. I would play as a Master, think about something along Dr. Frankenstein, Hannibal lecter or Dracula, a strong dominant figure. The other character would be one of my minions, a female creations, maybe just created and that needs to be "trained" and controlled, making her to end doing horrible things to satisfy her master's needing, and she would be obviously used also as sexual distraction. Probably the creature would develop a self consciousness of the evil that she was doing, making her struggle between her loyal ship and her sense of rightness.
The RP might involve physical punishments, and also very strong and evil acts, such as stealing, killing, hurt and being hurt, if these are Off's for you, then this is not a good plot for you :D

A strange roommate       

M/F (female wanted)

A young, timid guy (a painter, or a songwriter, maybe), has recently transferred to another city to live alone  trying to earn by himself his moneys. But the situation quickly ended in having him forced to publish an advertise to find a roommate that helps him sharing the rent of his apartment.
Luckily (or not, it depends on point of views XD) the request is answered by the frivolous and eccentric daughter of a rich businessman, willing as him to leave home and lives away.
And what could happen when a fun-loving and a bit wild girl laking modesty and an introvert artist lives together? Let's find it!

This is intended to be a light and funny RP, and i'm very willing to discuss how the story will develop with anyone interested in this, since for truth i don't have too many ideas about it...

Always WIP and under Update!

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Offline HaipeabyssTopic starter

Re: My plots, cravings and ideas! [M and F needed]
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2010, 07:30:24 am »
Added some inspiring pics!

Removed the previous update message to keep this clean!

Offline Aerona

Re: My plots, cravings and ideas! [M and F needed]
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2010, 07:31:14 pm »
I'd be interested in The Interrogation, playing the female character, if it's not taken.

Offline Sonya

Re: My plots, cravings and ideas! [M and F needed]
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2010, 12:38:36 pm »
My life with master and Wizard's apprentice both seem very interesting to me. Oh yeah, both as a female apprentice and newly turned female as well ^^