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Started by kaz, October 14, 2010, 09:25:29 AM

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kNights in Bondage

Back in the late 80's early 90's a band stormed the Heavy Metal circuit called kNights in Bondage.  They were a band that people took notice of.  Dressed in black leather, they didn't need make up, they were themselves, 4 men, sometimes a 5th joined them.  They played music that held messages for those who knew and understood. 

Then the disappeared, leaving a trail of Broken Hearted Bondage Fans.  Of course a  lot of the teenagers had no idea about the lyrics they sang.  But the true followers knew.  As the years passed those teenagers grew, some thought about the Band, others forgot.

Until now.  kNights in Bondage are back.  Bigger, meaner than ever.  And they have put out the call for their fans.  Who can take the challenge?

One fan, who was 16 back in the day had researched the words.  Now she is 39, a single mum, who knows her place.  She had a Master, but he died ten years ago.  Since then its only been Maris and her daughter, who is almost 21. 

When she heard kNights where back she felt a familiar ache in her heart.  A desire in her loins she hadn't felt since her Master passed.  A competition caught her eyes, a chance to spend a weekend with the band.  It was only run by the official fan club, and only for those over 18.  The prize was quite something.  A concert, VIP passes then a chance to stay with the Band as they escape to the Country retreat the lead singer set up.  The question was simple, explain the meaning for you of one of their songs.

Maris starred in disbelief at the letter.  She had won.  She held in her hand the tickets to the weekend.  She starred at them, she had won.  She looked at her daughter.  Could she take her?  Would she understand just what this band meant to her?

Would anyone?  Would they know, understand?  She would soon find out.

I'm looking for some folks who actually know BDSM and about D/s to join me in this game.

I need guys to play the band members.  Women playing guys could work as well, we could even have a female band member but she needs to be a very strong Domme.  I might introduce other characters, but for now, just want the band and a security guy.


Lead singer


Interested let me know.  This will be in NC and include heavy bondage, BDSM, some violence, incest, group and threesomes.  M/f, F/f


I want this to be a journey of discovery for the women.  One the mother has been a slave and she hasn't allowed any man near her in those years.  The daughter is new to this but has tendencies like her mother.

I want character development.  There will be no sex until they arrive at the Retreat.  The concert and the after party will be about building relationships, and seeing how the chemistry flows.  I don't even mind if 2 guys wanna play two characters each.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...