The Ambrose Girls - Men needed [EX, Incest, NC]

Started by kaz, October 13, 2010, 11:49:03 AM

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Ambrose Girls

Set in the Victorian Era.

The Ambrose family are a well known family in High Society circles.  They are friendly and charming, often seen in the City attending balls.  They have a lovely house in the middle of the countryside, a large ancestral home with 24 bedrooms, stables and a kennel of hunting dogs.

The house is well furnished.  It even has underfloor heating and piped hot water to the bathrooms on the first floor.  The family tend to be very secluded during the winter months, the house cut off by the weather. 

It is during this time that the real work takes place in the House.  The Ambrose family are renown for turning out the best companions money can buy.  Ambrose girls are intelligent, bright, sexy and can be seen next to some very prominent men and women.  They are often taken on by couples.  These girls are well trained slaves.  They are trained in all aspects of pleasing their Masters and Mistresses.

The average Ambrose girl takes 5 months to train and then at the end of the training time a grand ball is held where any one who is any one in society is invited.  The girls are the stars of the balls and they are given an amazing time.  They mix and chat to the guests.  The next day the auctions begin and the girls are sold to the highest bidder.  But these people are vetted.  They do not allow the girls to go where they might be abused or hurt. IN fact only the very best of the guests are allowed to bid.

These girls are taken from the streets.  They are the girls who have no other options.  They are spotted and offered this chance, but they have to behave.  They are told what is expected of them by the scouts who roam the streets looking for them.  Once at the House they are assigned a room, this is theirs.  Their home whilst here.  They are given clothes, food, baths, taught how to look after themselves and they receive an education.  The girls are taught manners, how to act in high society. They are given a good education.  But then there is the other side of things.

The girls are trained in all areas of sexual pleasures.  They are not forced into sex.  But they are punished if they refuse.  They can lose their rooms, finding themselves in the dungeons, naked.  They will be whipped and then all Ambrose girls are branded as a mark of their training.  They learn how to please men and women, they are introduced to pain, but they are never humiliated.  Unless it is needed.

Part of their training involved animals.  Lord Ambrose enjoys seeing the girls with his animals.  He enjoys watching them stretched by large cocks.  The girls are cared for by the House keeper, their tutor, the Ambrose family and the staff of the house.  8 girls at a time are trained at the Manor.  Some might be offered the chance to remain with them, serving, but most are sold on for vast amounts of money.

1.   A maximum of 2 characters per player.  1 slave, 1 staff/family member.  If you have any problems please PM me.
2.   I will not tolerate hogging of threads.
3.   All characters must be approved before being posted in the character thread
4.   This is not a game about raping or forcing the girls to comply.  It is a game about training them, giving them hope. Building a future for them
5.   All characters will be expected to write with the other members of the game.
6.   No bad mouthing in the OOC.  If you have a problem bring it to the GM.
7.   Threads only to be made by a GM
8.   Be respectful at all times
9.   If you have any problems come to a GM
10.  All girls want to be here.  There will be no fighting upon arrival.  But they may fight with what is asked of them.
11.  This is a literal game aI ask all posts to be a minimum of 6 sentences.  Give others something to work off.


NC/FORCE – not to a new girl.  But all girls will experience some NC rape/force whilst in training
BESTIALITY – All girls will be introduced to the animals
INCEST – they are a very close family.
BDSM – the girls will learn all about this
D/s – the girls will be trained to please their Masters/Mistresses
BRANDING/PIERCING – all girls will be branded as a mark of being an Ambrose Girl

Please note:
Slave girls are assumed to consent to have any of the above done to them by any member of staff or family. If you have a problem with this please PM me and we'll work it out.

NO Nos

If you are unsure ask.





1. Kaz
2. Christa
3. Sashira


Main communial Thread
Josephine's Room
Hawkin's Room
His Lordship's Study
The Green bedroom

If you are interested please PM me.  Or post a character in the OOC
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