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Author Topic: Dragon story (contains gender and racial transformation)  (Read 800 times)

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Dragon story (contains gender and racial transformation)
« on: October 12, 2010, 09:26:24 AM »
This is a short story I wrote not that long ago when I got a wild urge to write something it is set it the Forgotten Realms universe of D&D copyright Hasbro but all the characters are of my own design. I do not write often and am not overly confident of my works but any criticism will be viewed constructively.

Caleb sat down on a log his gaze going out over the town that he had spent his entire life in. The tall youth's green eyes reflected the light back off the snow as he rubbed his hands together to keep them warm. He absently ran a hand through his dark brown hair as he tried patiently to wait for his foster brother to meet him here. He closed his eyes and began to think back to last night trying his best to remember the events clearly despite all the mead he had drank. The scene started coming together in his mind as he saw the tavern front room and his crazy brother Tanis playing a flute while dancing with two of the town girls at the same time. The sixteen year old lad moved with dexterous grace and a charming smile on his lips as he danced. With short raven black hair and beautiful hazel eyes Tanis was a fairly attractive young man, but the whole town knew that it wasn't his looks that usually got him whatever he was after at the time it was his overpowering charisma and silver tongue that could charm birds right out of their nest. Tanis finished up the dance and bowed gracefully to the two girls then sauntered on over to sit down beside his brother Caleb. While not related by blood the two were as close as any real siblings having been raised there whole lives together by Tanis's father. Caleb took another swig from his mug and playfully scowled at his brother, one of these days that golden tongue of yours is going to get you into trouble and I plan to be there to laugh. Tanis smiled with a very mischievous look in his eye "My charm has never failed me and shant any time soon." I can successfully tell a lie to any being in Faerun and walk out smiling. Caleb laughed and snorted I think you have had just a little too much mead my friend. The mischievous look still in his eye Tanis looked at his brother and said “Oh yeah well how about I prove it then." He smiled even wider as he calmly stated “Tomorrow I will go convince Alegrastael of a lie and walk out of her cave smiling and you will be there to watch." Caleb laughed for a moment thinking his brother had made a fine joke but then seeing the serious expression on his brother’s face and the crazy look in his eye spluttered some of his mead back into his mug coughing. You've gone absolutely mad all that talking and you must have finally charmed yourself to propose a crazy daft plan like that. Tanis just smiled and said “I’ll do your share of the chores for a whole year around the house if I lose." Caleb thought about it a moment but then figuring his brother would never have the nerve to fully go through with it and having his good sense well muddled with alcohol smiled back you’re on. His thoughts were firmly brought back to the present as he heard footsteps crunch in the snow and looked up to see a pair of cocky hazel eyes looking at him. Tanis smiled as he thought to himself looking at his brother Caleb hope you have fun doing my share of the chores. For he knew something that his brother didn't a secret imparted unto him by his father long ago. His family's charm and good fortune were not merely based off a high degree of natural talent but rather a special power. Many generations ago his ancestor an adventurer had a made a deal after coming to the aid of a wild and powerful fey and received a potent gift. A trait he had passed down his bloodline after hanging up his sword and becoming a very successful merchant. Like all hereditary magic the power waxed and waned in strength with different individuals of the family bloodline and in the last few generations had fallen a lot in power thus causing the family to fall to much more meager standards. His own father barely possessed the gift at all. However in young Tanis the gift had come back, manifesting itself very strongly. He smiled even more as he thought back to the second part of story. Once every four years on the anniversary of his ancestors deal with the fey for one day The gift was immensely strengthened in all of its users and that day was today.
   Caleb looked up into Tanis's smiling face and laughed are you ready to go running back to home with your tail between your legs. Tanis just smiled all the brighter and started walking in the direction of the cave. Alegrastael was an Ancient silver dragon whose lair had been near the town since long before it was built. Now everyone knows Silver's are good Dragons and Alegrastael maintained a good relationship with the town protecting them from enemy raids and she even came out every generation or so to interact with the town's people. Everyone also knows in the world of Toril that you never lightly interact with a dragon and to not ever anger them. Caleb began to get more and more nervous as they got closer and closer to the lair and Tanis didn't stop. Finally they reached the lair and Tanis just walked right in. Caleb was scared stiff and had finally realized that his brother fully intended to go through with the insane plan stopped for a moment and gave serious thought to turning back and heading home right now as fast as he could, but then as is often the folly of men his stubborn male pride came up and he realized that his brother would never let him live it down and he didn't want to be thought of as a coward and a wimp by the whole town he set his shoulders and walked inside. Tanis was calmly waiting on him just inside the entrance "Decided not to chicken out huh." He proceeded walking again and went around the corner and stopped suddenly his breath taken away at the sight before him. Piles upon piles of gold and jewels and magnificent weapons and armor sprawled across the cavern floor in huge mounds easily twice to three times the height of a human. Far more magnificent though was the creature laid out atop the gold before him. 75 feet from head to tail tip with shimmering silver scales that looked like liquid moonlight made manifest. His brain panicked for a moment as doubt rushed in "What the hell was he doing here and why on earth did he ever think he could get the better of this overpowering being." His resolve almost broke then and there and he almost turned to run but then his extreme self confidence and nature kicked in and he once again believing in his own invincibility was in control of himself. Caleb coming behind was standing similarly awestruck. The dragon lifted its long serpentine neck up off the gold and stared at the two humans through metallic blue eyes with a bemused expression on her face. Why have you two humans come to my lair she said in interest? Her voice at once powerful echoing off every cave fall but still beautifully feminine with the grace of a practiced singer. Tanis gave a low bow and a smile "Humans oh no great lady dragon merely one human and one poor unfortunate soul." I come before you representing my mistress the silver dragon Valenateravenal." Tanis congratulated himself on reading of the name of a known silver dragon that resided far to the south around the lands of Calimport, as he turned to looks at Caleb. Alegrastael turned to look at Caleb with a raised eye ridge. Caleb was frozen stiff rooted to the floor like a statue as his brain just went around in circles like a hamster on a wheel "I can't believe he is doing this, ... I can't believe he is bringing me into his story as well... If I get out of this alive IM GOING TO KILL HIM! "I merely see a small human male not a silver dragon." Caleb lifted his finger to the ceiling and cried out Cursed!!! Into that poor form by a powerful evil wizard who raided her lair. Never again to feel the sky on her wings as she soared through the air or the icy breath flow out from her mouth to freeze an orc tribe.  Please oh great Alegrastael we have heard of your magnificence all the way in the far south and come to you seeking aid to undo the wrong that was done. Alegrastael still very skeptical looked at Tanis very well then mortal tell me your tale. With that Tanis launched into an epic tale with a flare that would have made the greatest court bard in Waterdeep look untalented. When he finished quite a while later there was a tear in the eye of the great silver Dragoness and even Caleb half doubted his own humanity and gender for a brief second. Alegrastael turned and looked at Caleb with sympathy in her eyes you poor thing the magic used on you must have been quite powerful indeed for I do not even sense it give me a moment to see what I can do. She turned around and began going through her horde. Caleb just turned and looked at his brother with wide eyed amazement just to taken away to even say anything with the sheer audacity of the story and its actual success. After a bit Alegrastael turned back around with several components in her hands and began drawing a complex circle on the floor around Caleb. Caleb realizing they were in far too deep to back out now just stood there and hoped she wouldn't take too long to kill him afterwards when nothing happened  also resolving himself to throttle Tanis very thoroughly in the afterlife. Alegrastael finished her preparations and cast her spell with lots of shimmering lights and magic flowing through the air the spell hit its completion and died out leaving behind still a very scared male human teenager. Alegrastael weary from the effort of the spell slumped back down onto her horde "I am truly sorry it seems that it wasn't within my power to help you Valenateravenal you will need to try a different source  of magic but don't give up hope. Tanis quickly hopped up off the rock he was sitting on "Oh thank you great  Alegrastael for all your help and effort you are truly a kind being and my mistress shall never forget your efforts on her behalf." Should we ever find a way to reverse this horrible curse we will be sure to visit you again to let you know of our success. "I’m afraid my poor mistress is to depressed at yet another failure to offer you her thanks at the moment but later I shall remind her to send you a gift and now I can see the casting has tired you and we shall make our leave." He bowed as low as he could grabbed Caleb by the arm and nearly pulled him out of the lair as Alegrastael closed her eyes to rest. Once they were out of the cave and safely out of earshot even for a Dragon Caleb exploded into action lunging for his brother. Tanis having expected the reaction nimbly danced out of the way laughing. Caleb fell to the floor then his heart beating 90mile an hour in his chest I can't believe you we are oh my god I want to hurt you right now you crazy bastard. Tanis just laughed all the louder "God I am so good what a rush my heart still hasn't stopped beating that was that greatest experience ever and the look on your face was just priceless." "Best of all you lost the bet." Caleb just looked up "Just don't ever do something like that again we could have been killed or worse." Tanis danced over and put his arm around his brothers shoulder but we didn't get killed and we are alive don't you see the beauty of it we just did something worthy of legend, outsmarted a creature a millennia old." Tanis finally thought about it and laughed "Yea I guess we did." The two brothers laughed in high spirits and started to walk back to the town. As they were walking Caleb's hand kept itching as he absently reached down to scratch the back of it several times. When suddenly Tanis stopped with a strange look on his face. Caleb confused turned around and looked at his brother questioningly who was looking at him. "What is it Tanis?" "Um Caleb look at your hand." Caleb slowly turned to look down at his right hand and froze in surprise as he saw a small patch of silver in the middle of the back of his hand. "What the he.." Suddenly the small patch of silver what could now be properly identified as small scales started quickly spreading up Caleb's right arm and was lost to sight under his tunic. Caleb started fumbling frantically with his coat trying to undo the ties. He finally managed to drop his coat to the ground and pull off his shirt. The patch of silver scales had run entirely up his right arm and was now coating most of his back and was even as they watched making its way around to his abs and down his left arm. Caleb looked up from the scales to stare at Tanis and Tanis was again taken aback as his brothers normally emerald green eyes were now deep sky blue. The scales had now covered his entire back and arms and were making their way across his midsection and down toward his pelvis and legs. Caleb twisted and reached both arms back and began to furiously start trying to scratch his shoulder blades as they had begun to itch intolerably. As Tanis watched for once completely at a loss for words his brother cried out in pain and a pair of leathery wings burst forth from his back simultaneously. The scales had now covered most of Caleb's legs and were working their way up his cheekbones. A loud Crack came from his hips as Caleb fell forward onto his hands and a tail ripped its way through the back of his breeches. His pinky and rings fingers began to fuse together and his thumb started moving around to the back of his palm as the bones in his hands began to crack and shift. At his feet a similar transformation was occurring at the same time. By this time the silver scales had overtaken his dark brown hair and was causing it to be covered up. Caleb's jaw started to bring him tremendous pain as his face pushed out into a muzzle and his teeth grew long and sharp. He felt his tongue split and fork and his neck grew long and snake like. Finally Caleb's body started to grow and the last of his clothing was completely shredded as he grew to a length of 25 feet from snout to tail. Tanis sat starring wide eyed at the huge silver dragon in front of him that was his brother only a few minutes before. Caleb craned his head around unconsciously taking in his form "Oh my fucking god I am a dragon what the hell did YOU DO!" Caleb's voice was much stronger then before but also had very feminine qualities to it now. "and I think I am a girl." He snaked his head back around in front of Tanis with blue eyes brightly glaring in anger. Tanis only ever daunted for a moment and always thinking quickly on his feet finally recovered "calm down bro don't go doing anything drastic like eating me just take a breath well aim the other way when you do." "Ok let’s think about this for a moment dragons are natural shape shifters right so all we need to do is have you calm down a sec and concentrate on your human form." Caleb still looked for a moment like he was debating eating his own brother but then the words sank in and he sat back and calmed himself. "Alright but this had better work." He closed his eyes and brought up an image of himself working in the fields’ dark brown hair waving in the wind." Ever so slowly at first and then with growing speed he could feel his body start to shrink and change much less painfully this time until he was standing and could feel the wetness of the snow on his fleshy toes. He sighed mentally to himself relieved and opened his eyes. He looked up at Tanis and realized something was wrong as Tanis had a strange look of horror, amazement, curiosity and well arousal on his face. Tanis had indeed watched his brother shift back to human but instead of his younger but larger brother what stood before him now was a beautiful slim young woman with ice blue eyes long blond hair and a silver gown that showed off her curves nicely and accentuated her well proportioned but ample firm breast. Caleb slowly lifted a delicate hand in front of his face and stared in absolute horror then promptly fainted as his brain could no longer process the overload. Tanis watched his brother faint and had various thought and emotions running rampant across his mind on one hand here before him was his adopted brother who he had grown up as a child with and new everything about, but that definitely did not match up with the vision of beauty lying before him now. Her skin was a creamy white and flawless. She was slender but still had perfect curves and a tight ample ass. Delicate looking hands that looked like they had never seen a day in the fields. High arching cheekbones that gave her a very elvish appearance and full rosy lips that just begged to be kissed. He shook himself visibly and snapped himself out the very disturbing thoughts that were flowing through his head reminding himself that this was still his brother. He walked over and grabbed her by the shoulders shaking her a bit to bring her around.  Caleb's eyes snapped open almost glowing with rage and far quicker than his brother could even begin to react he was on his feet with both his hands firmly around Tanis's jacket he easily picked Tanis off his feet and swung him around into a nearby try hard enough to make it shake. Tanis felt the impact keenly and wondered if a few of his ribs had just broken from the unnatural strength Caleb now possessed. Caleb's eyes were glowing with rage and he was nearly on the verge of hysteria. "I am not a girl, I am not a girl, I am a guy dammit and you are going to fix this somehow or I'm going to fucking kill you." Tanis looked into his brothers eyes and briefly did see his own death there. Then Caleb's shoulders slumped and he dropped Tanis onto a root and walked over to the other side of the clearing. He put his head into his hands and started to cry. Tanis slowly picked himself up and felt his ribs yep one was defiantly cracked.  He walked over to Caleb "Maybe we can go to a wizard or something he offered tentatively.  Caleb with his head still down said "we need to go back to the dragon." Tanis winced "I'm not sure that is such a good idea." He had barely finished the sentence when Caleb's head whipped up her eyes dancing with rage again for a moment. Tanis took a step back "Okay Okay we will go back and see the dragon just uh stop crying already." Caleb dried her tears and stood up your going to explain everything and apologize and ask her to fix this. She stood up and her body shifted again returning to its full form. She snaked her head around to look Tanis right in the eye "and we are going right now". "You will tell her the full truth". Tanis winced and began to object when Caleb as if to emphasize her point swung her head in the opposite direction and let lose a cloud of killing frost at a nearby tree. Tanis swallowed a lump in his throat whatever you say bro. They made their way back quickly to Alegrastael's lair with Caleb easily clearing a path through the snow and walked in. Alegrastael opened an eye and raised her neck at their entrance her mouth cut into a big toothy smile. " Valenateravenal I am so happy for you I see the spell worked after all." she then paused and looked at Caleb for a second "What is this you are not Valenateravenal she is far older than a young one such as you." Tanis stood up" Oh great Alegrastael I regret to inform you that we were not entirely honest with you. "She snaked her head back in Tanis's direction and in a very careful tone said " Explain." Tanis told her the entire tail of the bet and who they really were and what had happened. "He finished up and sheepishly said you see just all in good fun right." Alegrastael didn't say a word for a minute her eyes dancing dangerously then she opened her mouth and yelled in anger her voice booming off the cavern walls causing both lads to cringe and the cave to slightly shake.  "You stupid ignorant foolish mortals, how dare you deceive me." "You don't even begin to know what you have done." That spell is very powerful ancient magic and cannot be undone, and you caused me to use several powerful extremely rare components. Whether you or I or anyone likes it or not (she turns her head to look square at Caleb) you are now a silver dragon and no longer human. Her voice drops to a dangerous growl now before you cause any more trouble and before I forget my alignment you will leave my cave now. Caleb and Tanis both opened there mouths to say something and Alegrastael's voice set the whole cave shaking "NOW!!!!!" Both Tanis and Caleb got out of the cave faster than they knew they possibly could move their hearts near to breaking with terror and as soon as they left the lair a shimmering wall passed over the cave entrance and then there was only a solid cliff face before them. After a moment, when they both caught their breaths. Tanis turned and looked at his brother "Um so now (she sat there eyeing him icily) I guess we should go home and tell dad." "You're going to need to shift back to human form when we get close to the town." Caleb sat there eyeballing Tanis for a moment longer like a cat eyes a mouse not saying a word making Tanis squirm then she shifted back down to her human form and started walking toward the village." As she walked past her brother she looked him squarely in the eyes I still might eat you yet.