Looking for a RP Partner...first time doing adult RP (Edited on 10/11/2010)

Started by Hiddenhart, October 08, 2010, 07:05:23 PM

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Salutations to all!

I am seeking a male or female partner to RP with, either is fine. I don't have a ton of ideas (except the one below) but I am interested though in almost anything and am willing to RP anything.

My best genres are Fantasy, Action, Romance, etc. I am very easygoing and don't mind much. Only thing is, I'm not much of a dominant person and though I can RP dominant roles, I'm not really too comfortable RPing them.

If you're interested, please MM me or leave a post here!
Edit: 10/11/2010

I would desperately like to do a  kidnapping RP (me getting kidnapped) with any scenario or gender. I know it sounds odd but it's something I really want to try. If interested, please MM or leave a post here