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Author Topic: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Modern, and Greek Myths, Oh My!  (Read 551 times)

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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Modern, and Greek Myths, Oh My!
« on: October 07, 2010, 06:04:40 PM »
What I Look for in a Partner

* A literate writer; someone who has experienced writing.   I will be looking into your writing if you show an interest, just as I will assume that you've looked into mine.

* Someone who is not a flake.  If for whatever reason, that you are not interested in continuing or something pops up, PM me.  Don't just stop posting and leave it up to me to know that you're not interested.  I'm sure everyone is guilty of this at one point, myself included, but I decided to stop doing that and I expect the same of anyone who RPs with me.  No hard feelings, just be polite and respectful.

* Someone open minded.  If you look in my ons and offs, you'll see that I'm open to a lot of things.  My red line is torture, scat play, or water sports.  Though I am open to enemas. 

* Dominate.  I always play a submissive character as a rule.  I tried being dominate, but that has no appeal for me and I am lousy at it.  So I prefer to play with someone willing to portray a dominate character.  Now a dominate character doesn't have to be a bondage master or a dominatrix wearing leather and sporting a cane, ( though that would be delicious ).  A dominate person is someone with a dominate personality, not afraid to over power someone to get their way and/or just dangerous.

* Stay within the roles decided upon.  A few times, I have RPed with someone who tried to turn me into the dominate and made themselves the submissive.  They would bend or break the boundaries of the story to make it fit their idea.  Now, I am all for new ideas being introduced into the story, as long as they make sense.  For EX. a King is not going to allow a slave girl to dominate him.  Not gonna happen, I don't see it happening.  Also, don't try to change the story into a vanilla or light romance. 

* Play multiple characters; now this isn't always the case in each of the games, but it's something I would prefer.  If need be, I can also play multiple characters.

Characters I Play

* Submissive; I always play a submissive player as I said earlier.

* Age; I tend to prefer to portray young girls, 16 at the youngest as dictated by E's rules.  Though if you are not comfortable with that age, then I am willing to age my character to 30 if wanted.

* Innocent, but not naive.  I'm sorry, I don't know what area you live in or what idea you might have of what young girls know of, but I'm pretty certain that the majority of 16 year old girls know exactly what a penis is and what sex is.  Being a virgin doesn't mean you are ignorant of sex. 

* Older women:  As I said earlier, I can play a woman of 30 years old, though I prefer them to be more experienced in sex.  Sorry, no 30 year old virgins.

* Sex preference: I tend to lean toward F/M, however, I am open to F/F or M/M

* Male character; if I play a male character, again, he is submissive and I will only portray him as a young 16 year old.  Sorry, I cannot portray an older man.

What I want in a Game

* A game that has BDSM in it.  Or S/M play as well is worth it to me. 

* List of Settings

- Fantasy : I don't do this too often, but I like the setting nonetheless, however, I prefer to play a human character, but I will also play a sprite, an elf, or even a nymph.  Example: Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Xena Warrior Princess

- Sci-fi : Now this is a personal favorite of mine.  I love science fiction with space travel, alien life, and machines/robots.  I prefer to play a human again, though I am willing to play an off-shoot of a human.  Example: Mass Effect, Portal, Transformers

- Greek Myth : I got into this one time with someone who left before the story finished.  I can play a mortal woman or a young goddess such as Persephone.  Example:  God of War, Xena Warrior Princess

- Modern :  Now this is something done more often.  I am comfortable with this setting, but I like it to have a little flair.  Example:  Smallville, Wildfire, Mcleod's Daughters

- Victorian Age/Steampunk : I consider this setting interesting.  I love the idea of a having a prime and proper image while their is debauchery behind closed doors.  Though I don't mind a little fantasy or sci-fi flair like modern.  Examples: Sadly, not many that I can think of.

- Supernatural/Horror : This is something I haven't done before, but would be interested in doing so.  Vampires, demonic masters, fallen angels, and even Lovecraft horrors is fine.  Example:  Dracula, H P Lovecraft stories,

* One Shot or Long Story.  I am cool with either.  One shot to me is like a fantasy that can be carried out 1 to 5 days through posts or through one play through on IM.  A long story is something that takes a lot longer.  For me to take part in a long story, it would have to be interesting and that's something for us to discuss through PMs.

* Darker the better.  I love dark gritty stories where most of the characters do not come unscathed.  EX: Sin City, Star Wars, Watchmen

* Posts.  Some posts of longer or shorter than others.  If there is a lot of ground to cover, I write a lot more.  If there isn't a lot my character can do or see, then my posts tend to be shorter, but then they tend to match what I am given.  If you write a long post, I'll try to match it.  But if you give me short posts which are lacking, or just something you threw together under one minute,  then don't expect that much from me.   

My Writing

* I'm always trying to improve my writing, and I write from example. 

* I try long posts, or of equal length to the post of my partner.  Though there are times when the post is pretty straight forward, so there isn't that much to write.  So I try to include my character's thoughts, feelings, and memories to add more meat and depth to each post.

* I mostly write in the 3rd person, but recently, I discovered that writing in 1st person made my writing better and allowed me to write more for each post.  However, depending on the story, it might be better to write in 3rd person and not 1st person. 

* I am always open to critical comments, or advice on improving my writing.  Any insults or rudeness will be ignored or reported and I will not want to game with you.

Science Fiction

*Alien Slave*

* This has always been a personal desire of mine.  A human girl or woman who becomes a slave to alien masters who desire to use her to sate their own animal lusts.

Story A

Hundreds of years into the future, where humanity has moved beyond its own solar system and had become part of a much larger galactic community, a plague spreads infecting the human race and killing them by the thousands.  Within a small decade, humanity is wiped out without the knowledge of where the disease came from.

Another century passes, and scavenger crew finds the derelict remains of a human vessel and on board, lock in frozen cryo is the last human in the universe.  A human girl, Hope, had been frozen to protect her from the plague and reawaken when there is a cure or treatment for it.  She awakens to something far worse than the plague, the slave circuit. 

Humans were always valued as slaves.  They were adaptable, able to live in most climates and able to perform most tasks given to them.  But they are truly valued for their sexual exploits.  They are compatible with most aliens and their breeding cycle last from a young age well to the day they died whereas most alien races had breeding cycles or certain times in their life with they can have sex.  Being that Hope is the last human, that makes her a very valued commodity indeed. 


Me: Hope, human girl who had hoped to awaken when the plague has been cured or is no more, but then finds herself as a highly valued slave forced to perform sexual acts that may drive her insane.

You:  Several choices, alien master or a slave trainer.  MUST be alien, and also, it would be preferable if you can play several characters.  Like different masters or trainers.

Sex:  BDSM, definitely

Story B

Government intrigue and lust.  Starts off similar to Story A.

Far far away, in a Galaxy that is ruled by a long standing monarchy, a small ship from far far away is found.  Within is a little alien girl which appears to be a human child. 

Being a unique breed, she is presented to the Empress as a gift.  The empress, a matron woman of many years took the girl in as a servant.  Raising her in her duties and giving her an education and privileges beyond the dream of any Imperial slave.  The girl, named Lena by the Empress, was also the playmate of the Empire's children.

Many years passed, and the little girl grew up to become a lovely young woman as right hand of the elderly Empress.  However, tragedy comes and the Emperor passes away, whether its of old age or by some political maneuvering, he passes.  And soon after, the Empress follows.

The Emperor's heir and son, becomes the new Emperor and everything his parents owned, becomes his, including Lena. 


Me: Lena, the slave loyal to the Empress who was her mistress and also her mother figure.

You:  The new Emperor who knew Lena since childhood.  Doesn't mean they are childhood sweet hearts.  Lusted after Lena for a long time since puberty but was not able to make her his due to his Mother.

Sex:  BDSM

Greek Myth

Persephone and Hades

The old story of how the god of the Underworld kidnapped the young Goddess Persephone to become his bride.  I like Persephone, she was the Goddess of Innocence and Spring.  She seems to be the most innocent of the Greek Gods who were full of lust, debauchery, and jealousy. 

You must be familiar with Greek myth and I would like for Persephone to be lust after by Zeus also.  That is if you don't mind father/daughter sex. 

The story, the Gods of Olympus are celebrating the anniversary of their defeat of the Titans.  And the newcomer to the feast is Persephone, a newly born goddess, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. 

She is the image of innocence and purity among the elder gods and goddesses who tangle in petty arguments and feuds.  Such a untouched morsel doesn't go unnoticed by Zeus, king of the Gods known for his lustful pursuits. 

Another person takes notice of her innocence, Hades, the dark god of the Underworld.  Never knowing such purity and innocence could exist, much less as an immortal becomes captivated and decides that in order to protect her, he must take her away from the realm of the living.


Me:  Persephone, Goddess of Innocence and Spring

You:  Hades and/or Zeus

Sex:  Bondage, S/M, Non-Con


I think I am int he mood for something along the lines of romance.  Nothing sappy like love at first sight or anything out of a romance comedy.  I'm thinking something passionate, possessive, obsession, and sexual.  And it screams forbidden romance.  It can be between between two people who are suppose to be enemies or socially awkward.

The recent one I participated in was between a average law abiding woman and a blood thirsty outlaw who is partly insane. 

I don't have a scenario in mind, but I'm open to proposals.  Just keep my ons and offs in mind please.



Sorry, sorry, but I have so many contacts on my Yahoo IM from people who just added me without asking and then get mad when I removed them from my contact list.  If we are not RPing, then I don't want you on my contact's list. 
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Re: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Modern, and Greek Myths, Oh My!
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I updated with a new request.  Romance.