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May 26, 2018, 10:23:01 PM

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Author Topic: The Night  (Read 565 times)

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The Night
« on: October 05, 2010, 01:22:06 AM »
This was kinda of brain poop. I needed to clear my head and this is what I came out with. Let me know what you guys think. thanks :P

He stood eyes closed, feeling the wind caressing his cheek as a mother would her child. And why should it not? He was a child of the sky. The large angelic wings at his back were proof enough of that. He opened his eyes slowly, golden orbs taking in the city painted by the shadow of night. It was soothing, being here atop the old factory, above the humans that slept below yet amongst them. It was one of the few joys he could afford himself and one that he had indulged in for centuries.

He turns his eyes towards the sound of laughter, smiling as a young couple walked down the railroad tracks. the female trying in earnest to keep her balance on the narrow beam whilst her companion teased with innocence. She stumbled, her shoe slipping on the rail and he moved to catch her, kissing her forehead and helping her back on the metal bar.

Many of his kind believed that humanity was wrought with hatred, but seeing couples like these made him glad that they existed. Humans were capable of things that his kind could but dream of. They're lives were short, but they did so much in the little time they had. He turns his eyes from them and spread his wings. he had tarried too long and soon his master would be searching for him. Taking one final breath he dove from his perch, his great wings catching wind and carrying him high into the sky, far from the humans that roamed the earth.


She watched him, as she did every night. Her angel she called him. Beautiful and perfect. Not like her at all. She stood, cutting on her bedroom light and looking at herself in the mirror. Dark bronze skin, short brown hair and brown eyes.. To her she was plain. Simple. He would never see her like she saw him. Not that it mattered. He didn't even know that she watched him at night.

"Tomorrow...tomorrow I' will be waiting for him." She promised herself. It was the same thing she said every night. Yet she never did. However tomorrow would be different. It had to be.


Again he found himself standing on the edge of the roof of this factory, tonight rain drenching is skin. he sighed heavily, holding out his palm to let the water drip onto his hand. He'd been so busy the last few days, so busy he could not afford time to come to his secret spot, though he could see someone else had visited in his absence. Probably another young couple looking for a place to get away. He would have to keep an eye out least someone came upon him.

As if an immediate reprisal was given for his carelessness, her heard light foot prints sounding behind him. He turned, his eyes scanning the darkness, resting on the door to the roof. It was a human female,,, and she was alone. He knew he should leave, making direct contact with the human women was strictly forbidden by his master, but he didn't. he remained standing, his eyes on the door as the handle turned slowly and the old metal door was pushed open.

His gaze was met but a young woman, her eyes resting in awe on his face, his wings, drinking him in.

"You're really here... I thought...I thought you weren't coming back." She whispered after a moment, steeping forward as though in a trance. He cocked his head to the side, arching his eyebrow.

"What are you talking about human?" He asked, watching her freeze as he addressed her directly.

"I...I....." She stuttered, dropping her head and looking at the ground. He smiled them, laughing and walking forward. Her embarrassment was... cute. He circled her examining her out of curiosity. He'd never been up close to a human female. Only the males of her kind.

It was a drastic difference. The female was more curved, not unlike his own kind, but their smell was different, as was the emotion that came from them. He stopped in front of her, reaching put and cupping her chin in his hand. He lifted her face up to look into her eyes, wide with embarrassment from such close scrutiny. Brown eyes, darker than her skin but so deep and swirling with a mixture of mismatched feelings.

"Well, why are you here human?" He asked her, still holding her and forcing her to look at him. He watched as her cheeks darkened, and her eyes darted to the side, avoiding staring into his.

"I...wanted to know...if you were real." She whispered the last part, keeping her eyes averted even as he stepped closer, a mer inch from touching her.

"Am I real?" He said thinking a moment before taking her hand and placing it on his cheek. She looked back at him, her fingers trembling as they rested against the warmth of his skin a small tear trickling down her cheek. "Yes, I am real." He whispered before disappearing and reappearing at the edge of the building. "I am as real as you are." With that he lept from the side, spreading his wings to coast off into the night.