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Started by Wailing Willow, October 04, 2010, 04:22:35 AM

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Wailing Willow

Hello, It's been a while since i've posted a wanted ad so I thought I might see if I can get something going.

I have been finding myself dreaming alot about being sold off, or kidnapped by soldiers to be given to their king. Various things that involve me being taken out of my comfort zone and thrown into a submissive role, like giving in to the kings wishes to become his bride or face the stocks.

I am not sure how interested people are in being a forceful king / slave owner. I am however willing to discuss other storylines that fit my desires.

I just like giving a generalized storyline to base something around rather than build and play the whole thing out in my head which would basically force my would be partner to follow what I wanted to do.

I have a strange fetish with wearing a corset, having something constricting and binding me like that just does something for me. So for one of the first storylines..

**** Story 1, Fantasy. Male Needed 

This would take place in a fantasy type setting, women would still be seen as little more than property to be bought and sold by their fathers to another man. The man could either be a long time love interest or perhaps a rich noble whom sees a single rose in a bush full of thorns and picks her out.

While this storyline is not exclusively non-con or con, it is rather open to anything besides extreme or furry, if you're unsure just ask the worst i'll say is no. (Although I will not be so blunt about it, i'll give a reason and suggestion if possible) Ages and privilege can be ironed out, as they are not super important, however my character would be between the ages of 18(for reasons of the rules as girls in the middle ages were often married as soon as they 'blossomed' into womanhood) and 23 (generally women older than this were not considered as desirable to bear children.) The age of your character however matters not.

****Story 2

This story is a bit more modern and the ages are not as strict in the above story.

I am new to the town/school/college/office and seem to not be getting the hang of things too quickly. I always seem to be screwing something up and getting in trouble somehow. People are starting to refer to me as the 'ditsy blond' even though I am a brunette which just infuriates me to no end. Today is particularly bad, and I am showing my disheartened mood, the way I walk and talk just reeks of self loathing.

The particular direction you would like to take with this is rather open ended. While some light bondage play is always welcomed I just can't get into the whole hardcore bondage thing, it just doesn't work for me... odd yes I know..

Anywho, if you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea you have that is not one of mine feel free to drop me a PM. I would be happy to discuss some ideas you might have.

Thanks for reading,