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Author Topic: The Six Guardains  (Read 1036 times)

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The Six Guardains
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:35:45 PM »
The Six Guardains
Chapter one: Eagle

A young boy looking 5 years old has green hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a light green shirt with light brown jean shorts and is not wearing any shoes comes running up to an old man sitting on the porch with tears coming down his face and something in his hand. Once he got to the old man he sat on his knees still crying his eyes out as he waited to be speak to.
“Why are you crying young one?” The old man asked.
“He’s not moving papa, he’s dead papa!” The boy cried to him.
“Slow down young one who’s dead?”
“Mr. Rat is papa, see?”
The boy opened his hands to show a dead rat in his hands.
“Oh and how did Mr. Rat die young one?”
“I was running around and then I tripped next thing I know I’m laying on Mr. Rat I never meant to hurt him papa! I killed him!”
The old man sighed and brought the crying boy into his lap.
“I know you never meant to hurt him young one, but you know he’s not dead right?”
“What do you mean papa? Mr. Rat isn’t moving and he’s not breathing. How can he be alive?”
“That’s easy I can show you just hand me Mr. Rat alright?”
The boy nodded and gives him the limp dead rat.
“Now let’s see if he wants to wake from his sleep...”
The old man gently pats the rat’s fur down then the rat wakes and moves to the boy.
“Mr. Rat’s moving, he’s alive! How did you do that papa?”
The old man shoke his head before saying: “I did not do anything young one...He was already wake and alive. You just knocked him out that’s all young one.”
“But papa he wasn’t breathing...Can you really be able to be alive and not be able to breathe?”
“Yes it happens when you do something to your body that forces it not to be able to breathe, but in time you will die if someone or something doesn’t get you breathing again.”
“How long would that be for someone like Mr. Rat?”
“I don’t really know young one. I only know that answer to humans and wolves...”
“How long would it take me to run out of breathe, papa?”
He laughed and rubbed the young one’s hair before answering with: “You have many questions young one, but I can not answer them with a 100% correct answer and many you don’t have to worry about alright?”
“Your right papa, but don’t worry one day I would know the answer. Thanks for fixing up Mr. Rat papa. Sorry, but I gotta go now see ya around papa,” the by said as he got up and almost started off when his papa stopped him by grabbing his hand, “What’s wrong papa?”
“Where you off to at this time of day, young one?” The old man asked.
“I’m just going to put Mr. Rat back and go see Mr. Rabbit, today is his birthday.”
“Very well young one go have fun, but stay close.”
“I will papa, there’s nothing to worry about.”
He let the young boy run off happy as ever to put the rat back and give a rabbit a birthday party.
“Jim, how’s Yin doing?” A male’s voice seemed to ask from with-in his head.
“Yin has been growing faster in the healing area more then in the seeing far area lately, but I’m sure that it would even out in the end. Besides that Yin has been doing fine, but he dose seem to keep crying when he even hurts something just a little. Do you think we should do something about that?” Jim asked back to the voice.
“Yes, we do not need him to be crying over little things like that...Just don’t be to hard on the little one...”
“I understand...Is there anything else, sir?”
“Yes, help him out in his lacking of seeing. That’s all for today I’ll report to you again soon...”
“I understand, sir...I’ll get on it right away...”
Jim looks to Yin playing with his animals friends. Have fun while you can Yin...Soon you will not be able to see them...Forgive me Yin. Jim thought as Yin laughed at his friends running all around him and playing games with him, Very soon....Why do I have to be the one to do this to him? Why me...why....

*To be continued*
Chapter Two: The Wolf
Soon To Come

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2010, 05:36:24 PM »
Chapter Two: The Wolf

A young boy looking 5 years old has light brown hair, golden eyes, and is wearing a dark lime green shirt with blue jean shorts and is also not wearing any shoes is sitting on a hill holding onto his knees as he looked up into the sky. An old man sat down be-sided him and he looked to him, looking as if he had a 100 questions. The old man looked to him and rubbed his head letting him crawl into his lap.
“Papa?” The boy asked.
“What is it, Rain?” The old man asked back.
“How come I’m the only one here who can read the stars?” Rain asked and got a sigh as a reply, “I know we been through this before, but I don’t want to be the only one papa...The stars say they been lonely. I don’t want them to be lonely anymore papa. I just want to know why no one else can hear them cry like me...”
“It’s one of your many powers, Rain. You have been chosen to hear he stories, the cries, and much more of the stars...It is true however that they have been longing for someone to come, but what they don’t know is that they are not lonely anymore.”
“What do you mean papa?”
“They have you to talk to don’t they?”
“Yes, but they still cry about being lonely...It gets annoying.”
“I bet it dose little one, but in time they would get use to the idea of not being alone. Just give them some time, Rain. They aren’t use to it yet.”
“How long would it take for they to get use to it, papa?”
“When you’re most likely eight or nine that is when they might start getting use to you.”
“I don’t want to wait that long papa...everyone’s making fun of me and never listen to me, but then it happens. They don’t even listen after that, papa...”
“I know little one, but good things come to those who wait.”
Rain got up and looked angry at him, then yelled, “Well maybe I don’t want to wait anymore!” Before running off to a near by lake.
“Rain, wait!” He yelled after him, but decided to leave him alone for the time being.
“How is Rain, Ben?” Asked a voice from with-in his head that sound like the one that talked to Jim.
“He’s staring to hate his power, I’ve decided to give him time to think it over,” Ben answered the voice as he watched Rain to make sure nothing happened to him.
“That dose not mode well...I’ll have to think about what to do to fix that in the mean time you can tell me if anything else is wrong.”
“From what I can tell the only other thing wrong is the kids at school. They seem to be the reason why he thinks this way. Other then that everything else is alright.”
“I see, very well then. Go to him and teach him how important his powers are, also get him out of that school and find somewhere or someone else to teach him.”
“I understand, is there anything else?”
“No that should be it for now I’ll be in touch.”
Ben got up and made his way to Rain thinking, Man this is going to be hard trying to make him understand what he is....
He got next to him and fond that Rain is still mad at him, but he sits down next to him anyways.
“Rain we need to talk.”
“Let me guess your going to talk about how my powers are important?”
“How did you know that?”
“The stars told me that you were going to do it, but you couldn’t without permission. Yet this time is different because you got it, am I wrong?”
“Not at all, in fact you’re right on dot. Tell me did they tell you why you were born or why you have power or even why in the world you can hear the stars speak?”
“No, they said that you would tell me in time and it would be better if you told me and not them.”
“Every well, where shall I start? I know, how about from the start?”
“That sounds like a good spot to start in this kind of thing...”
“Well you see you were born into this world different from other people...”
“What do you mean by different, how different?”
“You weren’t born from a woman like most kids are...”
“I see, but why papa?
“Because of the reason of why you’re here in the first place.”
“And what reason would that be papa?”
“That’s very simple, Rain. You see your here because...”

*To be continued*
(Tehe you don’t get to know why, yet.)
Chapter Three: The White Tiger

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2010, 05:37:09 PM »
Chapter Three: The White Tiger

A young girl looking 5 years old has black hair, cat eyes, and is wearing a dark green shirt with light blue over alls takes down a full grown man as an old man came to her.
“Ah, I see I have come to late to watch you fight this time. You’re getting faster every time this old one comes to watch you fight, Kitty,” he calmly said to her.
“How come they get easier and easier to defeat them, papa?” Kitty asked back.
“It’s your power, Kitty. In other words it’s something you would need for the future.”
“I still want someone who at least makes it fun and long for a little while.”
“I know Kitty, but you’ll have to wait until you get older for five people like that.”
“You mean the six guardians besides myself?”
“Yes, Kitty, they should at least be as powerful as you and you to them. Also don’t forget about your future enemy...”
“Why can I just meet me enemy now and get it all over with, papa?”
“Because you’re not fast enough or strong enough to be able to defeat them on your own and you’ll never be fast enough or strong enough to defeat them that is why the other five guardians were made.”
“I want to meet them then...”
“Not until you’re older, Kitty, sorry.”
Kitty just walks away angrily past him not really wanting to wait to fight this foe.
“Ken, how’s Kitty doing?” Asked a voice from with-in his head which sounds like the one that talked to the other two (Jim and Ben).
“She doesn’t understand why she has to wait to fight her foe like always. I don’t think anything will ever change her mind about that,” Ken answered.
“I know she’s stubborn I’ll tell you that much...So let me put the question this way: anything else besides her being stubborn wrong?”
“Yes she’s getting stronger and faster then any of my men, soon she’ll be faster then anyone one my team and no one to bring her farther into her powers.”
“I see, how every interesting...I’ll send R over to bring her into her full power, if you think it’s not to harsh for her...”
“I think R is going a bit over board, but at least it might get her out of her stubbornness.”
“That’s not very nice to say about a guardian Ken.”
“I know, I know...I’ll get this place ready for R shall I?”
“No need he’s already there.”
Ken runs as fast as he could to the front gate to see the young boy they call R the cold blooded killer standing there talking with Kitty and laughing! He walks up to them and what they were talking about stopped so that they could hear what he had to say to them.
“Hello R I have heard so much about you, but I was told that you do not laugh. Tell me are you already taking a liking to our little Kitty here?” Ken kindly asked.
“No she was just telling me about you and I couldn’t help, but laugh at the things she said,” R simply replied.
“Ah, I see. Let me guess she told you everything about the mistake?”
“Yes everything about that and more. She also said things that even I would not dare to say about my senice.”
“Uhh, I’m not her senice...”
“You’re not her senice? Then what are you?”
“I’m Kitty’s papa or in other words her care taker.”
“What do you mean by her care taker?”
“Oh that’s right you don’t have anyone like that. Let’s see a care taker is like a mother and daughter or father and son kind of thing, understand?”
“Yes I understand now. Anyways Kitty I hear that your looking for someone who can whip your butt, is this true?”
“Yes, but it’s not like you would even beat me. I mean I take down masters all the time. A kid like you should be no problem for one like me,” Kitty replied.
“We’ll see whose the kid after our fight shall we?”
“Yes we shall, R.”
They draw their swords and prepared to fight at the sound of: Go. R looked over to Ken and asked: “Can you count down so that no one cheats?”
“Of course, one, two, GO!” Ken said as loud as he could without yelling.
They charged and attacked each other making a flash of light appear and not letting you see the winner.

*To be continued*
Chapter Four: The Snake

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2010, 05:37:52 PM »
Chapter Four: The Snake

A young boy looking 5 years old has red hair, snake eyes, and is wearing a light tan shirt with gray shorts sitting in a chair drawing on a paper in a room with nothing in it, but a window, desk, chair, and a door. The door opened to show an old man with a younger man in his teens and they walk in closing the door behind them then went to the boy.
“Vipper, this is Gorge he wants to ask you some questions if you do not mind,” the old man said kindly.
“I do not mind, just get him a seat, I think he would like to not stand around while he questions me, papa,” Vipper simply answered.
“Very well then...I’ll go get one.”
The old man walked over to the door opened left and came back with a chair then set it on the other side of Vipper then left closing the door behind him, letting Gorge sit on the chair.
“Which language do you wish to speak first, Vipper?” Gorge asked plainly.
“Any that you wish, Gorge,” Vipper replied as he still drew on the paper.
“Alright first question: What are you drawing?” Gorge asked in Spanish.
“Nothing for you to worry about. It’s not like it’s for you or anything?” Vipper answered back in Spanish.
“Very well then...How about who is it for?”
“It’s for my papa, he’s been very kind to me so I’m drawing him a thank you thing....”
“I see so you’re not going to tell me no madder what I do are you?”
“May I see it then?”
“Yes you can, but just don’t mess it up.”
“Very well then. I won’t mess it up.”
Vipper stops drawing and hands Gorge the drawing he was making to show an ark of some kind having anaimals coming out of it, two of each.
“What is this?” Gorge asked in French.
“I told you I was only going to show it to you, nothing more.” Vipper replied back in French.
“Yes, but how can I apreachate the drawing if I do not know of what it is?”
“It’s just a drawing of an ark papa once told me of, nothing more...”
“I have not heard of such anark from him. Do you believe it is a real ark?”
“No I do not believe that it is real. Why do you?”
“Why not I mean look at it, it dose explaine alot.”
“There is no way in heck that this boat could of done this.”
Gorge got up and slapped him across the face forceing him to the foor.
“How dare you call me dumb, you are not as smart as you may think you know!” Gorge yelled in Japanze.
“I only told you what I know as fact...” Vipper replied in Japanze.
Gorge was about to hit him again, but the old man slamed the door open.
“Dare hit him again and you’ll reget it Gorge!” He yelled at him makeing him leave.
He went over to Vipper and looked and the mark that the man make on his little face.
“What did you say to him to make him mad at you, Vipper?” He clamily asked in Enlish.
“I put fact agenst his believes, nothing more,” Vipper replied in Enlish and reseved another hit, but from his papa this time.
“How dare you go agrenst my word, Vipper?”
“Forgive me papa, but he’s the one who questioned me frist. I did not mean for it to go so far...”
“Stupid child, I see no more reason why I should keep you. You are definily not the guardian snake.”
He force him up then drag him to another door then opened it and through Vipper outside.
“Don’t you ever think about coming back Vipper,” He angrily said to him then closed the door.
Vipper got up from the floor and ran for it with guards hot on his trail. He turned a coner hopeing to find something, anything, but there was nothing useful there and the guards are getting closer. He fell down with his foot stuck in a dug out in the road. The guards surround him with wooden stickes ready to hit him when a young man with dirty brown hair, green eyes, and is wearing a dark blue shirt, black pants, and a black cape lands infront of Vipper (aka: where his feet are or neer them).
“Leave him be,” he ordered.
“Master, what are you doing here?” One of them asked.
“I’m here for Vipper you can tell Vin to watch his back becaus eonce I have brought Vipper into a safer place I will be after him,” Master replied to him.
“Yes of course Master,” another said and they were off.
The Master bent down and freed Vipper from the dig out then caried him off.
“Don’t worry I’ll take care of you, Vipper,” Master kindily said.
*To be continued*
Chapter Five: The Leopard
Soon To Come

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2010, 05:38:43 PM »
Chapter Five: The Leopard
A young girl looking 5 years old has orange hair, black eyes, and is wearing a red shirt with gray short is sitting infront of a No-dachi (it’s a sword look it up) and was about to take it, but an old hand stopped her by grabing her wrist.
“No, Xella, it is not time for you to have that sword yet. You must wait until it is time,” he kindly said to her as she looked to him then he sat down next to her.
“I understand that papa, but I do not understand why I can not at least see how heavy it is,” Xella said as she looked back at the sword.
“Xella, it’s not that you can’t it’s just a better idea not to right now until the master has said other wize.”
“It’s always master’s word over mine. I hate it when can I do something I want to do?”
Xella angrily gets up and leaves leaving her papa worried about her.
“Man she’s a stuck up...”
“Now, now, Steve it’s not like you to talk about the young guardian in such a way,” the master’s voice said from with in his head.
“I know, but what can I say she likes it her way and her way alone.”
“Now Steve it’s your fult you know. Making he feel like she dosen’t madder.”
“Now that’s harsh master. So what ya want? You have new orders or something?”
“Nope just looks like it.”
Steve laughed at this before asking: “So what’s you order?”
“Hey, hey, you know that’s not how it works Steve. You frist tell me how’s Xella is doing then I give you orders.”
“What cn I say she’s doing how she’s always doing, just fine.”
“You know if I could I would hit right about now...You know I mean in her powers, Steve.”
“I don’t know she dosen’t like me following her around asking her how she’s doing in her powers...”
“That’s not good will then cheak up on her.”
“Is that all, Swan?”
“Don’t call me Swan and for now that is all.”
Steve got up and went out to find Xella.
Xella run down to a lake then turn to run to a tree where under it laid a young sleeping man looking 18 years old has dark brown hair and is wear warrior clothes. She stops next to him and looked to his opening gold eyes.
“Hey there Xella, is something wrong?” He asked her as he sat up and leaned agenst the tree letting Xella sit in his lap.
“I want to be stronger Ungle GG,” Xella replied as she leaned her head agenst his chest.
“Why Xella? You’re already strong that you are.”
“I’m not strong enouph yet Ungle GG...”
He put his arms around her to keep her warm in the colds inds from the lake as he said: “What makjes you think such a thing?”
“I can’t have my sword yet that’s why I’m not storng enouph yet.”
“Very well then I will teach you what I know about your powers and how to use them.”
He fix her so that her back is agenst his chest then Steve showed up, but staied out of site.
“Now, Xella, do what you know so far frist,” GG kindily said to her.
“Alright Ungle GG,” She playfully replied as she closed her eyes and started to glow.
“That a good girl, now do which ever spell you want and I’ll tell you how to make it more stronger.”
Xella started wisspearing words under her breath then a light ball formed in her left hand then looked to GG.
“Like this Ungle GG?”
“Yes that’s the way.”
“Sir, she doing grate in her powers more then I asumed. The thing is it seem as though she any wants to share it with our young warrior GG,” Steve said.
“I see then we have no choice, but to teach her to use her powers infront of other people...I hate to say this, but you have to use GG to get her use to this new order,” Swan ordered.
“What will you have me do if he dose not agree with this new order, master?”
“Then you’ll eather have to beat him until he agrees to take the order or kick him out, but I do not belive that our young warrior will give you any trouble.”
“Very well I understand....”
*To be continued*
Chapter Six: The Fox
Soon To Come

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2010, 05:39:11 PM »
Chapter Six: The Fox
A young girl looking 5 years old has reddish-orange hair, red eyes, and is wearing a white shirt with light blue jean shorts waits by the lake. A young boy looking 6 years old has dark brown (almost as if it’s black, but not), green eyes, and is wearing ninja clothes runs up to her.
“Hey Sara, sorry that I’m late and all,” he said as he catched his breath.
“It’s alright Adam it only makes you it frist,” Sara replied playfully.
“That’s no fair Sara,” Adam wined.
“I see why your to slow and I’m to fast there is no way you could ever tag me.”
Adam taged her and ran off before Sara knew what had happened.
“That’s no fair Adam I wasn’t ready!” Sara angrily yelled at him.
“Then be ready next time,” Adam replied as he tick his tong out at her.
“I’ll get you for that!”
Sara ran after him, but couldn’t tag him because of all his doging quick moves.
“Come on now that’s no fair your useing your ninja moves,” Sara cried.
“Fine I’ll stop if you stop useing your guardian runs, deal?” Adam asked as he got taged.
“Alright, but your it now.”
Sara ran off with Adam hot on her trail.
“You seeky little fox, I’ll make you pay for that!”
“Just try, Adam.”
They started running down a hill, but Sara tripped making Adam trip to and they rolled down landing with Adam on top kissing Sara. Adam sat up quickly and said: “Sorry Sara, I didn’t mean...” Sara stopped him with a kiss and brought him down again into their kiss.
An old man started looking aroung the house calling out for Sara thinking, Where can she be?
He decided that she was deffeny not in the house so he set out for the lake which was not far at all from the house and saw the two young lovers making out.
“Sara! Adam! What in god’s name do you think your doing?!” He yelled at them.
Adam stopped making out with Sara to look up and sees the old man so he quicky get off of Sara and bows to him as Sara sat up. The old man came down and kicked Adam to his side for doing such a thing.
“Sara how could you let him kiss you like that?” He asked as he picked Adam up by the collar.
“Papa, I let him because I have a crash on him...” Sara said as she blushed.
“Sara...” Adam wisspeared as he to blushed.
“Very well then, follow me Sara,” He said as he started caring Adam to the house and she followed him.
Once they reached the house they went inside to a room Sara has never seen before and the old man closed the door behind her.
“Sara do you know what happens to ninja who disaby orders?” He asked her with a sad voice.
“No papa, what happens?” Sara questioned with hopes of it being good.
“They have to be beaten....”
“What? No papa you can’t!”
He beat Adam right infront of her eyes no madder what she said to stop him he just keept beating him until Adam was covered in blood and open wounds then left.
“Adam,” Sara cried as she went to him laying his head on her lap.
“It’s alright Sara I’m alright...” Adam tried to say more, but his body wouldn’t let him.
“Don’t try to talk Adam come we’re going to run away from this place,” Sara said as she healed him. Once Adam had got healed, but not all the way through, it was already dark outside the prefect time to made their get away.
Sare helped him walk out of the room he clinch in pain as she tried to turn fast to to main road.
“Sorry Adam we are in a bit of a hury,” Sara wisspeared as she tried going faster without hurting him to much.
“Just leave me Sara I’m slowing you down and I don’t want to be the reason you get hurt,” Adam breath out as he tried to keep up with Sara who is still helping him run away.
“I won’t leave you behind and I need you Adam you are the only one who ever was there for me.”
“Hey don’t worry about it.”
They font an abaned hut neer by and used that to take a rest and finish healing up Adam....**6 years later** Adam wakes up to Sara laying on his bear chest with their clothes on the floor and just falls asleep in confored.
*To be continued*
Chapter Seven: The Meeting
Soon To Come

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Re: The Six Guardains
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2010, 05:39:41 PM »
Chapter Seven: The Meeting: Part One
Sara wakes up and looks up to the still sleeping Adam and carefully got up making sure not to wake him then put on her clothes. She looked to him and sees him shaver Sara knew Adam gets cold very easily when she’s not there to warm him up so she gets him dressed then headed to the kichen. In the kichen stoud a young man in his 20s no dout with a letter in his right hand.
“Who are you and how’d you get into my house?” Sara angrily asked as she picked up a neer by dagger.
“Please do not be alarm Miss Sara I am only here on the master’s request,” he kindly said as he slightly bowed to her, “My name is Rin I hope I did not mean to scare you any Miss Sara.”
“Alright Rin if your from master then how did you know where I was and how to get into my house?”
“That is a very easy question to answer. You see the master has keeped tappes on Adam which has fallen in love with you we at the time did not know that in the future that would happen, but we placed a traking spell on him so that we could always find him. He was just a baby then and by now you must of seen his birth mark on his chest of a seal which is the reason we put the spell on him in the frist place just in case tht birth mark ment something. That’s all there is to it.”
“You still haven’t told me how you got in.”
“Oh yea that’s easy the back door was unlocked.”
“Alright so is that letter for me or Adam?”
“It is for you and if I was you I would not let Adam see that there is no reason for him to have to get invold.”
Rin handed it to her and was about to leave, but Sara stopped him.
“What is this about, Rin?” Sara question.
“It’s about your future and the future of this world that’s all I can tell you about it, sorry.” Rin sadly replied then dissapeared.
Sara opened the letter and read:
Dear Sara Starlight,
I hope that will forgive what your papa has done to Adam and I would like you to know that I did not give any order to hurt Adam if he ever done anything wrong, the fact is that I ordered them to keep their hands off him and you. With that said here’s what I really contacted you for...
The world has finially got into aline you future is for you to decided and I know which ever future you pick will be the right one my Sara. I know that you will not leave your beloved Adam, but at least think about what to do before you choice what to do. Just give it a few days or at least give it a few seconds before you make up your mind. If you wish to hear me out come to: Stredy streat in Hot Mill town then go into the bulling with Swan writen on it. Me, your brothers, and your sister should hopefully be there if they all decided to come.
Master Swan
PS: Sara I know it is late in saying this, but I know who your ture father is me Sara I’m your father, but don’t let this interfere with your decicen my daughter. I love you my little Sara, I always have and always will. I have told you this in hopes that you will forgive me for sending you to that monster, but I had to my little girl I did not have what it toke to teach you what you needed to know so I sent you to someone who could....please forgive me my little Sara...please.
Sara could not belive it, Master Swan her father? It could not be all this time she had thought that he was a no good person, but now what was to belive? There was nothing, but his words and her belifes angest him...the thing is which one to believe, which one is the turth? She felt arms go around her torso and hold her tight agenst it’s body then a head rested on her’s.
“I see your awake Adam,” Sara said forgetting all about the letter.
“Hey don’t start I got up early this time, but you wheren’t wke yet so I went back to sleep thinking that it was still night time senice you were asleep so there. Hey what’s this?” Adam question as he toke the letter and strted reading it.
“Hey Adam give that letter back right now.”
“Not until I’m done with it.”
“Sometimes you are so mean now give it.”
Sara tried to jump and get it, but she is stuck in the tight grab of Adam’s right arm and it wasn’t like she could reach up and get it...Adam’s left hand is holding it up to high.
“Now that’s no fair Adam,” Sara wined.
Adam looked away from the letter and starte kissing her neak and as he did so he manged to ask: “What’s so unfair?”
“You are you silly goose.”
Adam chicked as he move to her font and begain kissing her ears and neak from the front.
“I just love it when you call me unfair.”
“I know that yu do...”
Adam stopped himself from this love madness of there’s before saing: “What are you going to do about this meeting your father wants you to go to?”
“I don’t want to go so far without you Adam...I don’t want to leave you where I have no clue if your alive or not, but I also want to see my family.”
“If you wish to see your family then I will go with you it’s not to much trouble.”
“Really?” She asks and he gives a nodd letting her finish her sentece, “Alright to Hot Mill it is then!”
Sara runs off into the house perparing to leave and Adam makes sure the house is in order then returns to th kichen and leaves with Sara helpping carry the few things she packed for the trip.
“This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see my family I’ve been waiting for so long.”
“I know you have Sara am so glad that you get to see your family and I’ll get a chance to ask your fater for your hand...”
“What was that?”
“Oh nothing just me talking to myself nothing to worry about...”
*To be continued*
Chapter Eight: The Meeting: Part Two
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Chapter Eight: The Meeting: Part Two

Xella is sitting on her Ungle GG’s lap with his white wings around her and him looking as he always did a sweet young man under his tree by the lake.
“Ungle GG, may I ask you a question?” Xella asked as he hold her closer to him.
“When was there ever a time when you couldn’t ask a question to me, Xella?”
“When it was about your wings when I was little...”
“Wait, don’t tell me your going ask me the same question, Xella.”
“No it’s not the same question it dose however deal with you though...”
“Every well your old enough to know the turth by now, so ask away.”
“How come you ever seem to age Ungle GG?”
“Well you see I’m not human I’m what you call an angle, but sadly I was forced down from the heavens to make sure the six guardians of the Earth would not die when they are young. I will have to leave soon to where I belong and that is also way I have white wings Xella....”
“Ungle GG aren’t angle useily summon from the heavens if they ever hope to get to Earth?”
“Yes, Xella, and that means I was summon to this Earth. I bet you know who did it, Xella, all you have to do is think about it.”
“It was Master Swan wasn’t it?”
“That was quite fast, but you are right it was indeed Swan who had summon me to take care of you and the others. The thing that runed his plans is that you guys had to learn different powers and go to people who could help you learn them. Senice I only know about your powers he sent me with you to help bring your powers further then the old man could ever bring them senioce I am a healing angle. Now is that all you silly goose?”
“Do you know who my father is?”
“Yes I do he’s very kind and loves you very much in fact every day your gone is another day off his reason of life or that’s what he saies it feels like with all his children...”
“His children, do I have brothers and sisters, Ungle GG?”
“Yes you have five brothers and four sisters.”
“Mother give birth to six children?”
“Yup and you all were born at the same time same date and everything.”
“But how in the world did mom be able to do that.”
“It’s easy for a...I mean I have no clue.”
“Come on Ungle GG tell me who my parents are.”
“I can not do such a thing your father wishes to tell you himself with your brothers and sisters in a meeting that he’s haveing in fact there should be a letter coming soon for you Xella.”
“Ungle GG will mther be there atthis meeting?”
“That I do not know of for sure litttle Xella, but I do know for a fact that your father, brothers, and sisters will be there hopefully he is giving all his children a choice to come or not.”
“I see, then do you know where the meeting is being hold Ungle GG?”
“That would be a no big time, ‘ey GG?” A male voice to their side asked.
They turn their heads to see Rin (from ch. 7) standing there with a letter in his right hand.
“Oh hey Rin, long time no see. Let me guess Swan also summon you to Earth for the six guardians?” GG questioned back.
“Now that’s not every nice GG you know that I can’t tell what I am to this girl and you weren’t suppose to eather you snicky angle.”
“Yea, yea, I know. Anyways let me guess your here to get her awy from me.”
“Wow GG you do know everything,” he laughed with GG before hitting then finished his sentence, “You know I’m here to give Xella the meeting letter.”
“That letter came pretty fast,” Xella confusily said.
“Oh, Swan made them when you young ones where born and reworte some of them when you all turned 16.”
“Oh I see, then can I have the letter?”
“Nope just looks like you can.”
Rin chickled and handed her the letter then she read:
Dear Xella Starlight,
Frist off I would like to say that I hope that you have not goten to use to GG he will have to leave you after our meeting and go back to where he frist came from. I hope that you have not fallen for him ether he is not the same race as you my little girl. With that said here’s what I contacted you for...
The world has finially got into aline you future is for you to decided and I know which ever future you pick will be the right one my Xella. I know that you will not leave GG behind, but at least think about what to do before you choice what to do. Just give it a few days or at least give it a few seconds before you make up your mind. If you wish to hear me out come to: Stredy streat in Hot Mill town then go into the building with Swan writen on it. Me, your brothers, and your sister should hopefully be there if they all decided to come.
Master Swan
PS: Xella I know it is late in saying this, but I know who your ture father is me Xella I’m your father, but don’t let this interfere with your decicen my daughter. I love you my little Xella, I always have and always will. I have told you this in hopes that you will forgive me for sending you to that man, but I had to my little girl I did not have what it toke to teach you what you needed to know so I sent you to someone who could....please forgive me my little Xella...please.
After Xella had read it she looked to GG for answers senice he had read it with her, but he jut looked away.
“Is Master Swan my father Ungle GG?” Xella questioned.
“Xella, I think I do not my place to tell you what you think about Master Swan. But he is your father Xella,” GG replied tring not to look at her in dissapointment with himself.
“Then I want to go, but I want to go with you Ungle GG. Just incase something attacks me.”
He looks to her and nodds then gets up with Xella walking one way and letting Rin run off his way...
*To be continued*
Chapter Nine: The Meeting: Part Three

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Chapter Nine: The Meeting: Part Three

Vipper walked back and forth on what seems like a porch with a book in his right hand and mubbering to himself the worlds as he read the book.
“Vipper what are you doing?” A male’s voice as the door opened showing Master Swan.
Vipper looked up from his book and stopped walking back and forth to look at Master Swan.
“Just trying to figger out what all this non-senice means in this book. Why has something happened, father?” Vipper worrily asked.
“Nothing has happened yet I was just wondering senice you have been at it all day. What is in that book that dosen’t make senice?”
“Well frist off it’s the words in that this wirter uses is like none I have ever seen befor so I have no clue what it mean and the things I do make out can ever make senice no madder what you put as the other words in Enlish.”
Vipper sits down on the porch and Swansat next to him looking at the book he was fused all over about.
“Silly those are non-senice words, that book you picked up is the book I made when I was about five years old. Thought I could make up a lanage without any trouble, you know. I had it all down and knew everything there was about my lanage so I made that book to remember everything just incase. Then one day I lost it and with it went everything I knew about that lanage. Where did you find it anyways?”
“I fond it a case marked: Don’t let Swan find these. I looked inside to see this book on top of some old clothes and pictures. You know how much I love books so before I knew it I got stuck in it tring to find out it’s secrects.”
“Just like you Vipper, but sadly that book’s secrects is in the back in head and on’t want to come out any time soon.”
“I doupt that I need you to figger this book out maybe if I find out what it is based on I can work from there and find out it’s secrects.”
“Well that’s the problem Vipper it wasn’t based on anything I just put down the frist words that came to mind and find a word to match it up with.”
“I thought you forgot everything to deal with this book and it’s lanage, father.”
“Well yea, but I remember that because I worte it right there.”
Swan points to a scrips to the top of the page and it was just a note of where he got it.
“I was wondering what that note was for. It’s on every page, but why do that?”
“Just incase I forgot where it I came up with it and I could find out no madder what by just opening the book. You see I was way smarter back then because I had all the time in the world to think it over and now I have zip to zero time to think things through. Big change don’t you think?”
“Yea I hate to see what would happen to our land if you had more time to think it over then the time you do have though...”
“Now that was just plain harsh Vipper.”
“Say, father?”
“I hear your planing a meeting and had made a letter for me, but you burn it. Is this ture?”
“Yes it is, why?”
“Just what to know why you changed your mind about giveing the letter for the meeting, did you just not want me to come any more?”
“No not at all my boy. I just thought why give you a letter when I can just go into the next room and ask you? See at frist I didn’t plan on having you home like you are so I made a letter, but then it got useless so I burned it, see?”
“I see so what is the meeting about?”
“It’s about our family and why you all were born even how you children were born at the same time.”
“How did that happen anyways?”
“Now, now, Vipper that’s why I holding the meeting. If I tell you now then that would rune the meeting now wouldn’t it?”
“I guess your right...Then tell me where is this meeting going to take place?”
“Stredy streat in Hot Mill town and in the building marked Swan.”
“But that’s so far father. How am I going to get there on time?”
“There’s nothing to worry about my son. If you wish you can travel with me when I leave, but it’s up to you if you wish to come.”
“Of course I want to come father I want to see my brothers and sisters.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Are we going to walk there or something?”
“We can go there by any means you like if you wish to walk then we’ll walk, but we do have horses if you do not wish to walk all the way there my son.”
“What kind of horses are they father?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I know they must have an asume type of horse if you have them.”
“You know me to well Vipper, but they’re just plan old horses.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes really, but they can talk and they like to wine alot. That’s it in the non-normal side though...”
“I knew it, race ya there father.”
Vipper stands up quickly puts the book in his shirt pocket then starts running to the stables with his father right behind him.
“I’m going to beat you,” Vipper joked.
“Hey no fair you got a heads start Vipper.”
Vipper chickled then said: “Isn’t that the whole point.” And got a chickle as a reply from his father.
“Now no useing my own words agenst me,” Swan chicled out.
“To late,” Vipper teased.
Vipper got to the stables and stopped letting his father catch up before celeibreting his win.
“Yes I win!” Vipper chreed.
“Yes you did, well done my boy,” Swan congresalted.
“Come father.”
They both got on hoses and road off to Hot mill town hoping to be on time...
*To be continued*
Chapter Ten: The Meeting: Part Four
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Chapter Ten: The Meeting: Part Four

Kitty locked swords with R wearing a cape this time and tried to over power him with her stranth, but is felling.
“Kitty your useing to much musle again you’ll hurt yourself if you push yourself to far,” R clamly said.
“I thought we were fighting not teaching,” Kitty angrily said.
“I was only tring to help Kitty.”
R swing his sword nocking the sword out of her hands then brought his sword neer her neck.
“Face it, Kitty, you can ever defete me the way you are now. Don’t you want to win?” R asked her in a cocky way.
“How dare you!” Kitty angrily answered and was going to slap him, but he cought her wrist right before it could with his other hand.
“Now, now, Kitty don’t you think that your going a bit to far?”
R dropped his sword then kissed her before she could made out what was happening then backed up a little.
“That’s what you always what isn’t it? That’s why you can’t defete me you have a crash on me, don’t you?” R questioned her still holding her wrist.
“ did you know?” Kitty questioned as a reply.
“I could tell after the frist time I beat you your eyes were sparkling.”
They charged and attacked each other making a flash of light appears then dissappears showing Kitty falling in defete. R goes over and helps her up.
“I hope I didn’t harm you any Kitty,” R clamly said.
“Not at all, but how did you dfete me? Your only a child,” Kitty asked.
“I’m no child on the inside Kitty, but on the outside I am that’s how...”
“What dose that mean?”
“Don’t worry about it Kitty there’s nothing to worry about. When you grow up to be 16 you will understand.”
“Then I’ll ask you then.”
“If you remember, that is.”
“Fine then if I ask you then that will cont as a lose for you, understand?”
“Very well then, but let me warn you Kitty, I don’t ever lose.”
Kitty’s eyes sparkled as she chickled at his remark then he laughed to making them become quick friends...
**End of flash-back**
“You saw that?” Kitty question nervesly.
“Do not worry Kitty. I’ve been tring to hold myself back because I know it’s not ment to be, but I can’t help it Kitty. I love you, Kitty,” R answered then started making out with her not wanting to stay away anymore.
R moved his cape to make her warmer then kissed the top of her head.
“R?” Kitty asked.
“What is it Kitty?” R asked as he pulled her closer to him.
“Will we ever be able to do that again?”
“That would be a no, Kitty,” said a male’s voice right next to them.
Kitty and R look to Rin who’s just standing there with a letter in his right hand. Rin walked over the clothes that are on the floor then kneed down and held out the letter to Kitty. Kitty toke it then said: “Thank you, you can leave now.”
“Very well and R don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” Rin said as he walked of letting them get dressed.
“How did he know your name R?” Kitty curiosly asked.
“Me and him are angles who serve the same goddess and god,” R replied as he put his cape back on.
“What’s his nae and why did he give me this letter?”
“He’s Rin and he give you that letter because it must be time for the meeting where everything will be explained.”
“A meeting where everything will be explained...where will it be held?”
“Stredy streat in Hot Mill town and in the building marked Swan. Oh crab you were suppose to read about that in the letter, sorry...”
“It’s alright, R.”
“Guess there’s no reason for you to read the letter now unless you want to find out what your father wrote you.”
“My father wrote this?”
“Yea didn’t you know that Master Swan’s your father?”
“Master Swan’s my father?”
“Yup he is I’m very surpiced that you didn’t know that.”
“Will he be there at this meetng?”
“Yes he will be at the meeting along with your brothers and sisters. Are you going to go to the meeting, Kitty?”
“I belive that I will I men I do want to meet my family.”
“Very well then let’s get going.”
R stands up then helps Kitty up then heads off to Hot Mill town...
*To be continued*
Chapter Eleven: The Meeting: Part Five
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Chapter Eleven: The Meeting: Part Five

Rain opened his eyes to the night sky from where he laid on top of the old hill by the lake from his childhood. An old gost shape appeared beside him and dissapeared when he looked to it.
“Papa...” Rain wisspeared as tears fell down his face, “I’m so sorry papa...why did you leave me? I need you papa...”
Rain roll to his side not really wanting to deal with the stars right now.
“Rain don’t cry so much your papa didn’t mean to leave you,” a female voice kindly said as a female appeared in his arms leting his head go to her chest.
“I know that Sera it’s just that we never got over our fight and I just fell so bad about it...He’ll never forgive me, not ever...” Rain replied as he pulled her closer.
Rain is getting ready to go to school when his papa walks into the room.
“What is it papa?” Rain curiosily asked.
“Put your things back from where you got them Rain. You will not be going back to that shcool ever again,” Ben said as kindly as he could.
“But why papa? Have I done something wrong?”
“It’s not you Rain it’s that school they are giving you the wrong ideas about your powers.”
“They’re not papa, please don’t do this all my friends are there. I want to play with my friends and I want to learn what the other kids are learning.”
“Why is that Rain it’s not like your like them!”
“That’s just it papa I’m different and I know that I’ll never be like them, but I want to have fun I’m still only a child! I just want to have fun, dosen’t that madder to you or is my powers to important for that to!”
“Rain that is not what I am saying and you know that. Now stop putting words in my mouth and unpack your stuff, right now.”
“No I’m going and there’s nothing you can do about it!”
Rain picked up his stuff and ran out the door before his papa could say anything.
Rain came back home ready for more crab from his papa, but when he opened the door he found that his papa was not waiting for him like he always did after one of their fights.
Have I done something to get kicked out? Rain thought sadly as he looked for his papa and started to get a bit worried to he didn’t want to get kicked out of the house.
“Papa, where are you. Papa?” Rain cried out into the house starting to feeling worst by the hour.
Rain was about to give up, but then he remember that the last place that he saw papa was in the living room. So he went off to go to the living room, but he couldn’t get in the front way to the living room so he made his away outside to the other way and entered that way to find his ‘‘papa’’ laying there dead.
“Papa?” Rain said as he went to his side crying, “Papa I’m so sorry, I should of staied. Please forgive me papa...”
**End of flash-back**
Sera brushed his hair with her figger as she said: “Your papa forgives you Rain. He just can’t be here to forgive you.”
Sera looks to him and sees that he’s still sad and looks like he’s about to cry again.
“Rain I have something to tell you,” She kindly said as his head looked up to her eyes.
“What is it Sera?” Rain sadly asked still thinking about his papa.
“Your papa as you called him isn’t your father Rain.”
“Then who is my father Sera?”
“It’s Master Swan who’s your father, Rain,” Said the playful voice of Rin as he appeared kneed down looking down at them.
“I thought you weren’t allow to use your magic Rin,” Sera gigled out.
“Well Rain knows what I am so why waste the time of walking up to someone who knows about your powers?” Rin gigily answered.
“Rin, what are you doing here anways?” Rain asked.
“Oh that’s right the stupid Rain give up on the stars after ‘‘papa’’ died,” Rin replied in his own little way.
“That’s not every nice, you know that I hated myself for not ever getting that fight fix up...”
“That don’t mean you should not working on your powers Rain the world needs you more then you think.”
“Fine your here to tell me about a meeting that I mostly will learn from the stars so in other words your here to get me back into my powers, am I wrong?”
“No not at all Rain, but sadly I can not be the one to re-tune you to your powers. I’ll be to busy getting everything wrong so if it dosen’t brother you to much I’ll ask Sera here to re-tune you as you travel to the meeting.”
“I don’t mind if Sera wants to come to the meeting that is and if she wishes to re-contect me with my powers then I see nothing wrong with it.”
“I would love to re-contect you with your powers and I would love to see your family to.”
“Very well then it’s settled you two will be going to Hot Mill town then to Stredy streat then find a building marked Swan and go into it for the meeting. On the way there you will get re-contected with your powers, sonds about right. Don’t you think?”
“Sound like a plan for me...”
Rain got up then helpped Sera up as she said: “It shouldn’t be to hard, right?”
“When is it ever easy?” Both Rain and Rin said at the same time.
“When you both talk at once,” she teasily said.
“You guys do know which way Hot Mill town is, right?” Rin asked.
“I’ve never heard of that town so that just leaves Sera,” Rain replied.
“Don’t look at me I’ve never heard of it ether, is it a new town or something?” Sera asked back.
“It’s kind of is new, but not really,” Rin replied.
“Then where is it?” Rain questioned.
“Here I’ll quickly make you a map,” Rin replied as he got out a piece of paper and a pen then started drawing then after a few hours Rin give the paper to Rain with a picture of the towns and what not on it then he put the pen away, “There now I have to leave, see ya around.”
Rin ran off letting Rain and Sera start off to Hot Mill town...
*To be continued*
Chapter Twelve: The Meeting: Part Six
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Chapter Twelve: The Meeting: Part Six

Yin sits down where his ‘‘papa’’ used to sit when he was young and looked out to the stars in the night sky thinking about what will happen to him now that ‘‘papa’’ is dead.
“Yin, are you alright?” A squeaky male voice next to him asked.
Yin look next to him then down to see Mr. Rat there then Mr. Rat runs up into his hand.
“I’m fine Mr. Rat I just don’t know what is going to happen to me now that papa is not alive...I mean there’s nothing around here to do,” Yin answered.
“What about your services to the town with your healing powers, Yin?” A clam male voice asked him from his other side.
Yin looked to his other side and down to see Mr. Rabbit there then he goes into Yin’s lap.
“I know that this town needs my healing powers, but I can’t help it...I feel like I’m not suppose to be here, that I belong somewhere else. What do you think guys?” Yin asked back.
“Yin, if you hadn’t notice I’m only a rat. How in the world am I supposed to know where you belong or where you think you belong?” Mr. Rat answered.
“And I’m only a rabbit. You are just looking at the wrong animals for your answers, Yin,” Mr. Rabbit calmly answered.
“They’re right you know Yin and it’s good to see that your powers haven’t declined since you didn’t have anyone to teach you your powers after your ‘‘papa’’ died,” Rin’s clam voice said as he walked up to him getting Yin’s attachen.
“Who are you sir? How do you know about my powers and how come you know my name?” Yin question curiously.
“My name is Rin, I work for Master Swan and I know your name and powers through him if you really think about it,” Rin replied happily.
“What doses Master Swan want from me?”
“It’s not really that he wants anything from you he just want you, your sisters, and your brothers to come to this meeting for the true meaning for why all of you were born, who your mother is, and much more. Even why your one of the rare being with powers that you all don’t know the meaning of.”
“My whole family will be at this meeting?”
“Well, I don’t know if your mother will be able to come to this meeting, but she might be able to at least make an appearance. Other then that all your family should be at this meeting.”
“When can we get going, Rin?”
“Well if you wish I can show you the way to the meeting since that is the way that I will be heading next anyways, sound like a plain to you?”
“First I want to know how far it is.”
“It’s only in Hot Mill town...”
“That’s not far at all. Oh, will Mr. Rat and Mr. Rabbit be able to come along to?”
“Yin, I don’t think that will be a every good idea. I mean you weren’t allowed to keep being friends when you were young remember?”
Yin is playing with his animal friends when his papa comes over to him. Yin looked up to his sad face.
“What’s the madder, papa?” Yin asked.
“I’m sorry Yin, but you can’t play with them anymore,” Jim sadly said as he knelt down next to him.
“But why, papa? Have I’ve done something wrong?”
“It is not you who did something wrong little one they just seem to be keeping you away from one of your powers young one.”
“I’ll work on it more, please papa don’t take them away. i won’t let that power lack, me promises.”
He looked to his animal friends remembering how happy they always made him then he looked back to Yin and said: “You do know this is an order from master don’t you?”
“Yup, but I still want to be with my friends, please papa? We don’t have to tell anyone that you let me keep them.”
*sigh* “Oh, alright I mean what harm could happen if you keep them and no one finds out about it?”
“Thank you papa and don’t worry I’ll make sure to work really hard on the power I’m lacking in,” Yin giggled out as he hugged his papa.
**End of flash-back**
“How did you find out that I was not able to keep my animal friends, Rin?” Yin asked in a very surprised voice.
“That’s an easy one, I was in the room when Master Swan gave the order and I know you disobeyed it because they are still by your side,” Rin teased him.
“I see...then lets get going and keep this a secret, please...”
“No problem there and anyways I live to protake you.”
Yin gets up and follows Rin hoping that this in character is on his side...
*To be continued*