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May 24, 2018, 10:37:22 PM

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Author Topic: A Writing Sample  (Read 790 times)

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Offline Lillith KestrelTopic starter

A Writing Sample
« on: September 29, 2010, 09:57:57 AM »
Well - I hope this suits the guidelines for my first post!  I was pretty careful about reading the informative guides clarifying the difference between this forum and the roleplaying one :) -

This is a sample of my writing style.  It is part of a roleplay on a scrolling chat I participate in (a teaser if you will!)

She entered the common room from the area of the building designated for guests.  All vestiges of illness and headache had faded away during her night's rest, and she was fully geared from head to toe in her form-fitting, well-oiled (and mended) leather armor.  Reflexively, she checked the constraints on her thigh-sheathes; they were tight and solid, the corded stitching intact with no sign of fraying.  She'd taken some time to even groom her short-cropped hair a bit, and re-braid that one length of hair that seemed oddly significant, but for reasons only she could know.  She glanced around surreptitiously, then boldly made her way to the bar.  She didn't like sitting amongst the main group of any establishment, but she dearly loved the local mead, and she was willing to put her discomforts aside to enjoy it that much sooner.

She took a seat at the bar and caught the attention of the 'tender. Her hands rested, lightly cupped and relaxed, on the polished counter, and she adopted an outward appearance of pure relaxation. Though, she will certainly never be one to let her guard down over a good meal and drink again.

She was young yet, and hadn't been properly raised. It left a lot for wanting, and even more to be learned. Yet, the potential opportunities were boundless, as a result. Positive ever-balanced the negative. -- Her musing ended as a full flagon of that delicious mead was slopped in front of her. She paid the tender from her belt-bound pack, and then took up the flagon while turning on the seat so her back was to the bar.

Her dark, rum-gold eyes flitted disinterestedly over most of the patrons in the common room. However, she happened to catch a gunslinger-type at a table that seemed a bit more crowded than average, and he was eyeing her blades. Her left eyebrow twitched, and a smirk curved her lips so that her stunted tusks were a slight bit more evident. She took a large swig from her flagon, and then slid off of her seat to saunter in his direction. Something had changed in her behavior; in the very chemical reactions of her brain which controlled her behavior. Time enough to muse on it later. She was rather enjoying this odd bold streak of hers. She approached the table and a low, husky voice came purrling out as she sought his full attention. "See something y'like, yea?"

Mind you, this is not a piece of writing that is meant to be edited, but feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated!  <3