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Author Topic: Bordeaux Boutique - [VAN/BON/CON]  (Read 580 times)

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Bordeaux Boutique - [VAN/BON/CON]
« on: September 26, 2010, 09:56:31 PM »
This is a variation on the popular all girl disciplinary school. Things I hope are original enough to draw some interest. Perhaps you've not tried a story like this and are interested, perhaps the other role plays are full or never got off the ground. If so maybe this is for you.

What makes this one a bit different is the time period. It will be set around 1964-65. This won't come into play too heavily, but period profile photos should be selected and character backgrounds might also reflect the time period.

Emphasis will be on punishments, spanking and lingerie, rather than bondage. Ms. Bordeaux will be the dominant female, and there will be three subs. It would be helpful, and interesting though if one was a switch, and later in the story turns on one of the other subs.

Below I lay out some background. Feel free to post your interest or PM me. All characters will be female, but men playing female characters are certainly welcome. Either which way please post as consistently as you can (note the word consistent, not necessarily frequently), and be attentive to grammar, spelling and composition. Thank you.

Ms. Bordeaux - Zamdrist
Sub1 - Angzyn
Sub2 - khrysania
Sub3 -

No more than four people will play. I reserve the right to accept or decline submissions.

Bordeaux Boutique & School for Wayward Young Ladies

The three storied, handsome brownstone found in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, New York, was otherwise seemingly unremarkable to those around it. Broad steps lined with potted flowers would lead a visitor to the front door. A side entrance, over which hung a sign titled: Bordeaux Boutique, could be found in an airy cobblestone alley. Its proprietor of imported French lingerie, was Ms. Marguerite Bordeaux. She was an immigrant from France, an actress of modest repute and a participant in the French Resistance during the World War II. To her close circle of friends however, she was far more than entrepreneurial business woman. She, along with the help of like-minded ladies schooled the daughters and nieces of wealthy acquaintances. Lessons went far beyond those of dressing and acting like a proper lady, ones delivered by way of a paddle or bare hand, and other more amorous teachings of the bedroom behind closed doors. By word of mouth, most who dropped off their troublesome young ladies knew very well what lie in store for them, while others had no inkling. Whether or not the new students knew the truth of it, was of little consequence. They soon learned.

Few young woman failed to wilt under the tall and commanding presence of Ms. Bordeaux. Her lineage afforded her a more youthful complexion and figure than her years may have told. Arched and carefully manicured eyebrows rested above almond shaped violet eyes that were both striking and beautiful. Her sweeping hour glass figure and full bosom drew the stares of even the most demure. Her stylish brunette hair typically was up off her neck and often adorned with a hairpin. Her demeanor could swing from kind and lighthearted to demanding and firm. She rarely lost her temper, nor found reason to raise her voice overly much. The business end of a paddle or the firm sweep of her hand to a bottom spoke more loudly than any verbal admonishments.

The brownstone's first floor served in part as a dinning area along with a kitchen. The back half of the first floor was dedicated to a finely appointed sitting room, as well as a space to store display the various items of lingerie sold by Marguerite. Lightly stained hardwood floors, covered liberally with Persian rugs and runners were found throughout the home. Fine pieces of French artists as well as more avant-garde local artists hung about the paneled walls. The second and third floors were various bedrooms and washrooms, including Marguerite's own. Stout cherry wood banisters led up to each floor with select antique pieces sitting at each stairwell. Potted ivies and jade plants sat all about the house, dutifully watered and cared for by the students. Each of the guest rooms, of which there were three, contained a credenza, vanity, closet and a double oak sleigh bed. Only a few select women and students had seen the inside of Marguerite's bedroom, but those who did spoke wistfully of its beautiful appointments and fondly of its comforts. A servant was on hire to cook all meals, a handyman could be called on for any repairs, but all other household chores were doled out to the students. Beware the hasty young woman who misses a shelf requiring dusting or the careless chit who topples over a fine vase. Punishments will be dealt out swiftly and eagerly.
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Re: Bordeaux Boutique - [VAN/BON/CON]
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2010, 05:21:10 PM »
One slot left for a submissive. If you can get me a character and photo posted, you're in.

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